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The girl who has insecure

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There was a girl who has a insecure to other girls and she has a best friends who’s always telling her an advice and one day her best friend moved to the other country.

Drama / Children
Sabel Sanglay
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The girl who has insecure.

One day there was a girl who has insecure to other girls. She has addiction to social media. Whenever she sees a pretty girl, she began’s to be emotional. Every night she is crying until she fell asleep. Then, she has a best friend that gives her an advice and advice until she found herself already. The girl realize that she doesn’t have to compare herself to other girls because she realize that she’s worth it. She realize that she has her own beauty, beauty that no one will understand. And the girl said, if she doesn’t met her best friend who always saying advice to the her, she will not found herself in such a way of she doesn’t have to compare herself to other pretty girls.
1 Year Later
She is living a happy life without insecure. But she becomes sad when she remember the day that she has a insecure to the other girls. Then one day, the girl’s best friend moved to the other country. When the girl found out that her best friend was about to leave, she cried all night. She cried because they have known each other since a very long time. But when it takes longer, she realized that if her best friend will leave the country, her best friend will fulfill her dreams. Until the girl accept that her best friend will leave and go to the other country and support her what she wants.
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