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Chapter 2

Alex and Syll, despite trying to get out of it, had club meetings to go to. I had to go to the doctor alone. I stopped the car five times to keep myself from throwing up from sheer nerves. When I finally made it and I had been called to see the doctor, I had calmed down. I waited for about ten minutes which brought the nervousness right back. The doctor walked in while checking his clipboard.

"Well, you seem fine aside from throwing up and...," he squinted at the papers. "...feeling like you're a balloon of emotions releasing too many at the wrong moments."

He placed the clipboard down on the table and sat down before looking at me. He leaned forward, placing his elbows on his knees.

"I have a few questions for you. They will be awkward but I need you to answer truthfully. Can you do that?"

I nodded, "Yeah. Sure."

"Okay. When was your last menstrual cycle? Have you been sexually active in the last six months?"

I sat on the exam table with my head down as I did my best to avoid thinking of that night. And I couldn't even remember when my last period had been. I took a deep breath for the umpteenth time and looked at the doctor.

"I took a pregnancy test and it said negative. My parents don't know. My brother does. Could I have a blood test done?"

My hands were shaking when I asked the question. It seemed terrifying now that I was basically admitting that I had done something to put me in an unwanted situation. The doctor seemed to be thinking of the best way to respond. After adjusting his glasses, he answered me.

"I think that can be arranged. As I'm your physician, and not your parents', this falls under patient confidentiality as long as they do not ask anything specific about this visit. In approximately half a year, they will have no legal rights to know about any of your visits here. Your current cell phone number is still in our system from your last check-up. We'll contact you when the results come in. Follow me and we'll take your blood."

After that, things were a blur. I barely noticed the prick of the needle or the nurse telling me I could go. I just remember getting in my car and driving to the town cemetery.

I walked to the worn grave covered in leaves and surrounded by weeds. It read Harrison Daniels, Loving Father and Husband, 1976-2006. I did my best to clear off the leaves and yank out the weeds before sitting down to talk.

"Hey, Daddy. I miss you. It's been hard lately. Mom went to take care of Aunt Jean and took the girls and Jacob with her. Aunt Jean was okay, apparently. It was just a virus. They had a mini-vacation while they were up there. Alex and I were left at home, again. They didn't even ask this time if we wanted to go. We wouldn't have been able to because of school, but still..."

"Syll's been more motherly than usual. It's a little annoying, if I'm being honest, but I know she means well. It's probably because of how I've been acting. I probably remind her of how Michael acted towards the end. I think I'll get better, though, and so will she. Remember what I told you about that night? Seems like I may be pregnant. You might be a grandpa! I know I'm young, but I would never be able to get rid of a baby or kill it. It's unthinkable for me.

"Alex and Syll know I may be pregnant. They're helping me find out. I went to the doctor today and they drew blood for a blood test. I know it's not completely accurate, but the test said negative and I just have a feeling that it's wrong. I'll find out the results by next week, hopefully. You'll be the first one I'll tell! I'll see you next week, Daddy. I have to get home. Syll's coming over tonight and so is Xavier."

I stood up and drove back home. When my dad was alive, he fixed everything. He was my hero. He was never harsh or rude to anyone. He would help anyone who needed it. The day he was in a car crash broke my heart. I was only seven and didn't know what to do without daddy.That was when Mom tried to take me to therapy. It didn't work because I refused to talk to them. After five therapists, Mom took me to my dad's grave and I spoke all afternoon to his headstone. Eventually, I started going there when I needed to talk without someone judging me or interrupting me. He was my secret keeper.

I pulled up to our driveway and saw Syll's car. Its silver coat stood out amongst the blacks and blues of ours. The front door opened and my stepfather walked out and got into his car. He must've been working nights again.

I got out once he drove away. As soon as I entered the house, I could smell lavender. Syll baked again. I ran into the kitchen to find my female best friend taking out a batch of purple macaroons. Alex was sitting on the counter eating his favorite ice cream, raspberry swirl.

"Hey, your hair's tied back! It looks good, Alex. Syll, the apron ridiculous. Where's the mint chip?"

Alex pointed his spoon at the freezer.

"In there. We bought two tubs. And yeah, thanks. I'm trying it out. It's just long enough that I can tie it back without it really looking like a ponytail."

"Get out my peanut butter ice cream while you're at it. I know the apron looks ridiculous but I wore my best pair of jeans today," Syll continued to add fillings to the macaroons without even glancing up.

True to her word, she was wearing her favorite black jeans. The yellow shirt went well with it and her dark brown hair, but the neon pink and green apron with dancing fruit made it look strange.

I took out my ice cream and Syll's. I grabbed two spoons while Alex and I waited for her to finish the cookies. After about ten minutes, the kitchen was clean and the cookies were ready. We grabbed as much as we could carry before hightailing it for upstairs.

Xavier was stretched out on my bed and the movies we were going to watch were beside him. I put my snacks and drinks on my desk before approaching him.

"Hey, Xavier. Thanks for keeping my room safe," I pet his gray fur as I spoke gently. He meowed back so softly I almost didn't hear it.

We moved him and crawled onto my bed to watch the first movie and talk about the visit to the doctor. We decided that if I was pregnant, they would help me tell my mom.

That was the last peaceful weekend I would have for a long time. We watched movies, played video games, talked about both nonsensical and important things, and danced around. We fell asleep well after midnight, one on top of the other. It was comforting.

School was normal that week. Wednesday saw the end of my nausea. I could finally eat lunch! The only problem was that nothing really tasted good. I thought about just skipping lunch, but then I thought about what may or may not have been growing inside of me. I decided to start bringing a lunch, even if it was just leftovers. It was definitely better than eating school lunches.

I was in study hall on Friday sitting with Syll and Alex when my phone rang. My best friends immediately perked up from their slouched positions. I grabbed my phone with shaky hands and answered.

"Hello," my voice came out sounding very high pitched. I cleared my throat and started over.

"Hello. Are you calling about the results of the test?"

An official sounding voice responded, "Yes, I'm calling about the blood test for Reina Daniels. Is this her?"

I nodded before realizing she wouldn't be able to see me, "Yes, this is her- me!"

"Well, Ms. Daniels," I heard paper fluttering and being flipped. "I'm calling to inform you that your results are in. Would you like to come pick up the paperwork and read the results yourself or would you like me to tell you now? If I tell you now, you can get the paperwork later."

Without hesitating, I told her my answer.

"Please. Please, tell me now."

"Alright, Ms. Daniels, you are pregnant. You will need to see someone for your prenatal care and your first check-up. Have a nice day."

"Thanks," I breathed out the word and hung up.

Well, Daddy, your baby girl is pregnant with her own baby. How's she supposed to get through it?

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