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Chapter 5

I started my morning by dry heaving. Yes, that was a great way to start my day. Mom, thankfully, was downstairs with the twins making breakfast. She wouldn't be able to hear me and it gave me more time to hide everything. Syll had left late last night so it was up to me to think of where my mom wouldn't dig and look.

After about ten minutes, I managed to try and get ready for school. My bump was just barely there, but I still had to hide it. It was startling yet sweet. It was the beginning of a long road that I hadn't planned on going down until much later in life.

"Hurry up! We're running late," Alex shouted through the door.

There was a crash and I peeked out my door to find him on the floor groaning about his head. I giggled. Typical Alex. Whenever he would be in a rush, he would always trip over something. Syll's gracefulness matched well with his clumsiness. I was less graceful than Syll but not near as clumsy as Alex.

He bounced up and looked at me before running down the stairs.

"We're late! Again! We have a senior meeting today!"

Oh, crap. I had forgotten about the meeting. My stomach turned. I threw up all over my mother's imported Persian carpet. I was dead. Well, if I would have made a list for all the reasons I would be dead, throwing up on my mother's thousand dollar carpet would be second. Having a baby as a senior in high school would be first. Yeah, I was so dead.

"Honey, Alex is calling you again. You need to get to- WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY CARPET?"

Yup, I was dead. Six-feet down in the ground dead. My mother stared in disbelief at her carpet and then looked up at me. She seemed disappointed (Of course she was- the carpet was expensive and wouldn't be easy to clean.) but somewhat sympathetic.

She sighed, "Stay home. You're already late. You can ask Alex to get all of your stuff. I have to take the twins to the babysitter and go to work. Your father has several meetings. We'll be gone most of the day. Medicine should be in the cabinet. Don't touch any of the good food in the fridge. Eat noodles or something."

She walked off with a huff towards the bathroom to get cleaning supplies so she didn't hear my grumbles that Jacob wasn't my father. She cleaned up quickly, not very well, though, and ushered me back to my room.

I stayed in bed most of the morning. I texted Alex and Syll periodically. School was boring and the senior meeting took up most of the day. There was a lot to go over and vote on. I missed all of it. They decided on everything for graduation and I decided what to name my baby.

I read the first few chapters in What to Expect When You're Expecting, looked at the Cherubs' catalog, and ate some noodles like Mom suggested. That was a bad idea because they came back up. And to think that I thought I would have a good day.

Well, it was alright, just dull. But I had my baby, so I wasn't completely alone.

Alex had to stay late for something and Syll was helping her mom out for the day. Basically, I had the house to myself. I used the later half of my day to stash the baby stuff away better and figure out which clothes I could wear for a while. The pile was small. Very small. Maybe two weeks' worth of clothes that I could wear to school.

Everyone came home late and Alex looked as sick as I felt that morning. Mom made me stay in my room and eat more noodles. Stupid noodles. I don't think that was the kind of food my doctor would want me eating while pregnant. Alex ate quickly and brought a notebook to my room. He looked like a kicked puppy.
"What's wrong? Oh, and what's our senior stuff? Did you decide on everything today or only on some stuff?"
He took a deep breath, his pale face even paler.
"Reina, we voted on everything but that's not important right now."
"Well, what is? Tell me!"
I was snappy after being alone all day. Alex pulled out his phone and pulled up a picture. It was of us leaving Cherubs. He showed me his notebook. He'd wrote down what people had said in the meeting...about me.
I was screwed. People were speculating about why we were in there. Several of them were right. Leslie Cartwright had took the picture because she had went with her aunt to a nearby store. The teachers were already talking about talking to the principal and my parents. I was so screwed.
Alex put his stuff away guiltily and wrapped me in a hug.
"I'm so sorry, Reina. We told them it was for a relative of Syll's but no one seemed to believe us. They thought it was us at first, but then they kept going and...I'm so sorry."
I cried for a while and then told him to leave. I cuddled into my pillows and cried more before just lying there. I would have to face the music eventually. Might as well get it over with.
Our song was We Are Young by F.U.N. It seemed a little unfair to have such a song for our graduation when I think something about terrible high school experiences would have been better.
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