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A Perfect Night

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Some families have secrets they must keep hidden for generations. Fran Tarantino has felt her mother’s spirit by her side since the woman died tragically when she was ten years old.  Whenever Fran has felt lonely or afraid, her mother sends beautiful ladybugs to land on her dress. The little red and orange jewels always bring a smile to the girl’s face. And on those occasions when Fran misbehaves, her mother disciplines her. When the girl falls in love for the first time, she discovers just how severe her mother’s punishments can be. The woman will not tolerate indecent behavior from Fran anymore than she tolerates disobedience.  And when someone tries to harm Fran, they discover she is protected by an unseen force more dangerous than they could ever understand. The first story of the Haunted Women series follows the life of an extraordinary girl who discovers her unique destiny is as unavoidable as becoming a woman. **WARNING: Contains scenes of sexual violence and abuse.**

Drama / Horror
Joseph Stone
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This novel has been published as of June 17, 2022. While I will leave this working version up for Inkitt readers, the full, professionally edited novel is available to read on Amazon Unlimited, Audible, and Barnes & Noble. Enjoy! - Joseph Stone

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