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He’s an outsider. Born and bred. He accepted that when he was eleven years old. School sucked, he didn’t fit in, and he didn’t know how to fit in. He tried, he figured he could be the class clown, but eventually he’d always say something stupid to the wrong person and end up with a bloody nose in an empty hallway where the teachers couldn’t hear him crying. He remembered going into the bathroom to wash his face and he looked at himself for a long time in that mirror. A trail of blood ran from his right nostril down his lips and his chin. His eyes were red and puffy from crying. This isn’t him. No, this is him. He’s the punching bag. The puzzle piece that fits with nothing. The one who will never belong.

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This story is based on my experience working in a rehab for juveniles. The entire story is fictional, but it is based on things I experienced there.

This story is not for the faint of heart. It is a difficult story. Please be warned this story is based on teens using drugs, and therefore many other difficult situations involved, such as abuse and using drugs. I don't write this for shock factor, but simply to tell the truth of the situation which is so heartbreaking for many families and young people around the world.
Thank you for your time.
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