Book One The Mafia - The Accidental Insemination

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"What I am pregnant," said Davina. Her boyfriend stared at her with confused eyes.'' I thought you said you wouldn't have sex before marriage'' Her boyfriend said. "Doctor, there has to be something wrong with this and I haven't had sex since high school," Davina said. And that's how things changed of this poor girl's life. She was in collage and unmarried with a baby and little does she know this is just the start.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1- The Shoes

Our story begins with a 22-year-old girl, Davina, who lives in Las Angeles with her new boyfriend Zac.Her dream was to be a singer and her major was music. However, everyone wants her to study medicine.Not everyone she had her boyfriend Zac cheering her on even when she told him she didn’t want to have sex before marriage.By the way Davina only had her mother and grandmother in her life. Her grandfather died of caner and father was unknown to her just that he was a jerk from her mother.

In Davina's Room

″Mom where is my special shoes of work I know that you took them .″ Davina said Davina’s mom (Sofia) came to Davina’s room. ’Don’t get mad hon, but i lost it.″ Sofia said. ″You what, I truly do not have time to argue with you and I am never giving you any of my things again or leaving them out so you can take them.""”″ Davina said. And she cleared out the room. Sofia took after Davina and said″I am so sorry , but you send so much time at Zac’so, I thought you wouldn’t mind.“″ Davina ignored Her mother and got her things prepared. ″Mom, look for those shoes I have a long day nowadays and do not want to be late″ Davina said and blast the entryway.

In the Car

“Zac, I am telling you she does what ever she needs and doesn’t care about the individuals around her.“″ Davina said. ″Babe i am sure that she needed it and didn’t think she would lose it. You’re planning to purchase another match anyway,″ Zac said. ″Do you know how much it costs?” You want to purchase a shoe that costs $95.00 dollars. “What kind of shoe cost? $95.00,″Zac said. ″I do not know ask my cash insane boss who said we all need them,″ Davina said. ″Okay well you’ve got to have a conversation with your mom she is the only parent you have got in your life.″Zac said ″ Yes, I will, but not today I am so active besides what is happening with that movie on-screen character deal.″ Davina said. ‴ I have not got a call back however, I might not make it. I am telling you, darling there were more people there than at six flags,on opening day″ Zac said. ″Well they don't stand a chance to my man.'' ''Davina said.″Well i got to go and great luck with the shoes″ Zac said. ″Okay bye Babe.″ Davina said and hung up the call. She then got out of the car and strolled into her working environment at Hershey. Her employments were to twist the chocolate within the bar. What are the shoes for you will ask? Well her boss Mick says that the shoes allow off great vitality, which everybody knew wasn’t true, he just needed them to waste their cash and some of the time he offers them and gets the money. ″There you’re , Davina, I was seeking out for you.″ Mick said. Hold up what Mick was trying to, find Davina, what’s she in inconvenience? "Well, okay here, I am why were you searching for me?" Davina said. ″Well you guarantee you’ll offer assistance to me clean with my hair the back of my hair.″ Mick said. At that point Davina recalls that she did the week some time recently

Flashback ″Someone anybody i will deliver you $300 dollars to anyone who helps me clean my back hair.″ Mick said out loud

Back to Present ″Oh no.″ Davina said in her mind of course. ″So you’re still doing it,″ Mick said. ’Are you going to pay me my money?″ Davina said. ″Yeahh $200 dollars right Davina,″ Mick said. ″No way you said $300 dollars."″ Davina said. ″Come on help to a brother out. ″ Mick said. ″Fine but i get a free day.″ Davina said.

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