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When Our Future Is On The Balance

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In a world of human-werewolf integration, Omega is rare and even rarer now that they are susceptible to a mysterious illness called the O-fever. Yet, the unborn son of the Alpha might be the cure.

Drama / Fantasy
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The sudden blare of the alarm jolts Jensen awake from his deep slumber. His hand reaches out blindly toward the bedside table to snap the offending sound off. The clock clatters for few seconds before his fingers finally find the right button and silence returns, to their comfort. Jensen frowns slightly because it feels odd for him to be woken up by alarm clock in the morning. Not because he usually wakes up earlier but because Jared is the one who wakes him up every morning. Ever since they entered mateship and lived together for a year he never, not even once, heard the alarm. He even forgets that he still has it. Jared always wakes up early to shut off the alarm button before waking him up in the more pleasurable way. The fact that Jared misses this morning ritual uneases his stomach a little, especially considering his condition.

Jensen turns around from his earlier position facing the door to the other side of the bed where he finds his mate curls up on his left side under the blanket with half his face buried into the pillow. His longish hair obscures the rest of his face. Jensen takes a moment to enjoy the sight, to soak in the blissful moment that is their life. He brings his face close to Jared’s and whispers in what Jared always says as his mellow voice.

“Baby, wake up.”

When Jared does not stir he tucks Jared’s hair behind his ear and rubs his thumb on Jared’s right eyebrow tenderly.

“Jared, come one wake up. You need to do your morning walk, remember?”

This time Jared stirs. He scrunches up his nose and lets out a sigh into the pillow, making Jensen think of himself as a pervert because that sigh and that adorable scrunched up nose are the most sexy things in the morning. It kind of turns him on, honestly. But Jensen is an honourable mate and Alpha. He thinks about the wellbeing of his mate before succumbing to his own urges, no matter how painful it is. Several months ago he might not think twice on jumping Jared’s bones. He might even knot him right away when he had the slightest urge but now with Jared’s delicate condition there are many things at stakes here that Jensen must be careful with his action.

Jared blinks sleepily, focusing his eyes at Jensen’s face which is now sporting the goofiest grin Jared ever saw.

“Morning goofy,” mutters Jared.

“Morning grumpy.”

Jensen sneaks a hand down Jared’s stomach and rubs the swell down there while saying, “How’s my son today?” still with the wide happy smile sticking on his face.

“Your son is still sleeping and he wants his mommy to sleep too,” answers Jared, eyes already closed.

“Now, don’t be like that. You’re always a morning person.” Jensen then frowns a little. He lifts his head off the pillow to lean over Jared’s form. “What’s going on Jared? Are you feeling alright?”

Jared opens his eyes again to see Jensen’s face cloudy with worry. He pulls his right hand out of the blanket and plants his palm on Jensen’s left cheek.

“It’s ok, Jen. No need to worry. I’m fine. Just tired’s all,” says Jared with a reassuring smile on his lips that does nothing to Jensen’s already concerned mind.

Jensen holds Jared’s hand on his cheek and kisses his palm while he scans his mate’s face, noting his pale complexion and droopy eyes. He touches the back of his hand on Jared’s forehead, feeling his higher than normal temperature. Emma says it is normal for an omega to have higher body temperature when pregnant. It is the low temp that should be worried about. So, there is nothing wrong with Jared’s temperature but, still, the lack of color on Jared’s skin worries Jensen.

“You should probably rest today,” says Jensen.

“That’s the idea. Glad you’re finally on board.” Jared retrieves his hand and hides it again under the blanket to keep warm.

“Alright, I’ll call Misha to cancel today’s meeting.” Jensen reaches out his hand to get his phone on his bedside table but he frowns when he finds it is not there. Then he remembers leaving his phone on his office desk downstairs. He scoots off the bed, leaving Jared under the cocoon of the warm blanket.

“Jensen wait,” Jared snatches Jensen’s wrist to stop him from moving off the bed, “You don’t have to do that. Today’s meeting is important, you can’t cancel it. I’ll be fine after resting, no need to worry.”

Jensen scoots back to the middle of the bed to rub at Jared’s arm. “You’re more important. I’m not risking having anything bad happen to you while I’m not here.” He leans over to kiss Jared’s forehead before saying, “I’ll be right back.”

Jared closes his eyes, feeling Jensen’s cold lips touch his warm skin. Jensen slips out of bed before Jared can stop him so he settles back under the blanket in order to gather more energy. He hopes he can get rid some of the weakness and convinces Jensen to go to the office. He hates to be the reason behind Jensen staying out of his Alpha duty. He knows no one will blame him but Jared will still feel guilty anyway.

One minute later Jensen returns to their bedroom to find Jared dozing off. He lets him sleep and go down to the kitchen to make breakfast. He opens the top right cabinet to bring down eggs, bread, a jar of jelly and a bottle of honey. Then he brings out lemon from the frigs. Emma has written down Jared’s diet in detail and Jensen always stock up on it in their kitchen cabinet.

Jensen makes scrambled eggs without cheese, mixes some parsley and garlic in it before setting it down on a plate. Then he spreads jelly on two pieces of toast. Last, he makes warm lemon juice with two spoonful of honey. He lays them out on a serving tray then treks back up the stairs to his mate.

He strolls in to Jared’s side of the bed, sits on the edge to put the tray on the bedside table. He peels the blankets off Jared’s body revealing his protruding belly. Jensen rubs his bump, leaning over to kiss his shoulder.

“Jay, wake up,” he calls softly, “breakfast’s here.”

Jared seems to be only in a light sleep because he wakes up instantly, stretching up his long limbs and turning over. He eyes the tray on the bedside table with a content smile on his lips. “Hmmm… breakfast in bed, lucky me.”

“We both are,” Jensen corrects him. “Now, d’you know what’ll make it better?” Jensen helps Jared up and props the pillows behind his back, “is for you to finish this awesome and healthy breakfast then you can go back to your rest.”

After securing the blanket around Jared’s legs up to his thigh and covering half of his stomach, Jensen picks up the egg plate and puts it on Jared’s upper thigh before handing him the fork. Next he puts the toast plate on his mate’s lower thigh near his knees. He watches Jared eats the eggs and nibbles on the toast with his right hand propped over Jared’s legs. It’s not like he does not trust Jared to eat all his breakfast, after all he knows that Jared will not do anything that can jeopardize their pup, it is seriously unheard of but Jensen wants to make sure that Jared is alright. Ever since Jared became pregnant there is always this uneasiness that quietly nags at him. He pushes it far away at the back of his mind and concentrates on the well being of his mate instead. There are already enough deaths among Omegas. Jensen will not let it happen to his own. He has promised to himself that what happen to his mother and sister will not happen to Jared.

“You don’t have to stay with me all day,” Jared starts, “I’ll be fine after eating. I promise.”

’It’s alright. I’ve called Misha to get the meeting rescheduled to later in the afternoon. I want to see you better.” Jensen strokes the back of his fingers to Jared’s cheek and says, “You’re still too pale.”

“I’m probably just tired. You worry too much,” Jared says offhandedly, scooping the last egg off the plate into his mouth along with the last bite of the toast.

“There’s no too much worrying when you’re dealing with a pregnant Omega. You know what condition our society is in right now,” says Jensen, looking right into Jared’s eyes, driving his point through. But Jared just takes his hand in his and says in a soft, yet confident voice, “and we’ll be better, thanks to you, Alpha.”

It never fails to lift up Jensen’s spirit whenever he hears Jared’s conviction and trust in him. As the sole Alpha of their pack, Jensen bears a daunting task of bringing their society of Wolf Clan to its recovery road. Sometimes the burden is so unbearable, having no living example to follow, no teachings to guide him except from few history books and old, fading manuscripts, that Jensen feels hopeless. He almost wishes he did not touch that Alpha Rod ten years back. Only when he looks at Jared’s assuring smile and the astounding amount of confidence and love shine in his eyes that Jensen finds again his purpose. At least if not for the pack, he is doing it for Jared because there is nothing more that Jensen wishes than to see Jared lives a long, healthy and happy life.

Jensen reaches for the lemon juice plus honey and giving it to Jared, then piles up his plates together and put them on the empty tray. He waits until Jared finishes up his juice before takes the glass and piles that too on the tray. He helps Jared laying back down, fluffing his pillow, fusses over his blanket a bit and kisses his forehead and lips several times.

“Beside, Emma said it’s normal for me to feel weak and tired easily.”

“You haven’t felt any weaknesses before except for those first few weeks of pregnancy.”

“Yes, I’ve been doing my exercise regularly, meditating every full moon, basically doing everything written on Amber’s ancient scroll, the ones that can be read at least. So, maybe my body just needs a down time.” Then Jared smirks teasingly, “maybe your son is just lazy.”

“Yeah, well, then we know who he takes it from,” Jensen counters back.

Jared gaps in a mock outrage. “Are you calling me lazy, Alpha?” He pinches Jensen’s stomach playfully.

“I didn’t even say that word.” Jensen adopts an innocent look with only the teasing glints on his eyes betray him.

“Right, keep doing it.”

A wide smile stretches Jensen’s lips when it descends to plant a long and thorough kiss on Jared’s. He follows it with small bites and licks, entices a moan out of his mate which then spikes his own arousal. He caught himself soon, though. No need to risk Jared’s already delicate state of health.

“Seriously, though, you should rest.” Jensen leans back up, rubbing Jared’s belly. “I’ll be at the office downstairs, ok?”

“Ok,” Jared nods, eyes already dropping again.

Jensen gets up from the bed, kisses Jared’s cheek and then walks around the bed to the door.

“Wake me up when you go to the courthouse for the meeting,” Jared calls out half asleep.

“Will do. Now, just relax and sleep.”

Jared is already sleeping when Jensen walks out of their bedroom. He closes the door quietly and goes down to his home office. He has a few calls to make.

Later, that day…

Jensen decides to hold the meeting by conference video call from his home office. He has called Emma, Jared’s Obs, two hours ago and told her about Jared’s condition. The young midwife assured Jensen that it is not unusual for a pregnant Omega or even a pregnant woman to feel tired and weak from time to time. It’s because their body have to compensate with supporting another life other than their own but she promised to come and do another check up. She was out of town the night before to do a routine check up on her heavily eight months pregnant cousin so she needs more time to reach Jensen’s house.

As an Obs for the pack Alpha’s Omega, Emma should not leave town until Jared gives birth but Jared insists that she should continue doing check up for her cousin since the other Omega is further along than him anyway and she lives not that far away. After all, Jared will feel bad if he has to selfishly hoard Emma’s time when her service is also needed elsewhere. He knows being the pack Alpha’s Omega comes with privileges like that, even Jensen insists on it, but Jared is never one for taking advantage of others. Instead, he wants to help the society as much as he can. The future of their clan is on the balance. He cannot just sit down and be pampered, having an Obs at his beck and call while Omegas have been dying left and right.

“More and more wolves trying to cross the border to plead allegiance to you,” says a tiny voice from the flat LED monitor in front of Jensen. “While we don’t see this as a problem to us but the human government does.”

“Since most of them refuse to return to their hometown I can see why the government is concerned,” a woman in her late forty with blond hair tied in a bun, Mandy Steward, one of the two female betas on Jensen’s council chimes in.

“The governor called the other day regarding this issue and I think we need to consider another law for this,” another guy in Jensen’s council suggests.

A man who sits at the end of the semi circular table scoffs at the suggestion. “Come now, the government is just being a fussy little cub. Our pack is growing and with the condition nowadays no wonder they want to come to us. We need as much unity as we can get.”

Jensen has been listening to his council members argue for the last ten minutes since he started the meeting. Sitting behind his desk, twirling his pen on his fingers, with half his mind on the meeting and half on his Omega, Jensen sighs restlessly. He has been checking on Jared quite regularly every thirty minutes and his mate stays sleeping. Color has returned on Jared’s cheek but not much. Jensen has half a mind to end the meeting an hour ago but he knows he cannot do that. He usually sets up regular meeting every Monday to discuss all things that may or may not become a problem to the pack. There is another meeting every month that invites all representatives off all wolves around Texas. In the old days, the representatives as well as council members are all Alphas but regarding recent situation Jensen has to make adjustments. Other than him, Jeff and Steven, the other members are all Betas.

“So, what’s behind this mass migration?” asks Jensen.

“I’ve been gathering info from the interviews that we’ve been doing these past weeks. Most of them just want to see you,” Misha says, gesturing to a pile of papers that sits quietly in front of him since the start of the meeting.

“To see me?” Jensen does not get it, “surely they’ve seen me, right? What’s with the media frenzy we get the past few years?”

“Not only you but … YOU Jensen. All forms of you.”

The sun has climbed high on the horizon when Jared wakes up alone, sneaking its warm lights between the cracks of the floor to ceiling curtain. He slowly takes inventory on his own body while his mind is rebooting. The weakness seems to evaporates somewhat, although, he still feels a little bit queasy. He rubs his belly while recalling past checkups, trying to remember about what to expect when his pregnancy reaches the fifth month.

Fifth month is an important period for pup gestation. Unlike their human’s counterpart, the wolves only have two periods of gestation during eight months of pregnancy. The first four months gestation focus on the physical development which then determines whether the pup is an Alpha, Beta or Omega. The father’s involvement is highly required during this period; sex is advised although knotting should be kept to minimum.

Then, when the pregnancy reaches the second four months period the sex should be stopped altogether. According to Amber’s ancient manuscript, the old Clan would hold a holy ceremony for pregnant Omegas, females and males, to bless the pup. It is an important period because during the fifth month the shwaha will enter the womb. When it happens, the mother will be able to communicate with the pup. The pup will start to move around actively, character will be developed and the mother’s hormones will be fluctuating. It is possible, even very advisable to start teaching the pup.

“So, what do you wanna do today,” Jared rubs his belly lovingly when a rush of feeling comes at him making him missing Jensen so bad. “We’ve been with daddy all night and this morning. Daddy’s probably working right now.” The rush of wants and longing intensifies and Jared rolls his eyes. “Why do you wanna see your daddy Jensen so bad? Don’t you miss me? I’m your daddy too you know?”

Ok, it is kind of silly for demanding his son’s attention considering the pup is still inside his body but Jared thinks he is entitled to be unreasonable due to the fluctuating hormones.

“... yes, yes, I’m your mommy and your daddy. How cool’s that?” Jared smirks towards his belly. There’s a sharp jab on his right side that makes him wince, “ouch! Ok, ok … mommy’s going.”

Jared huffs exasperatedly. His son can be very stubborn sometimes. He sits up and swings his swollen legs over the side of the bed, puts on his cotton robe before tidying up the bed. Next, he opens the curtains and the double door to the balcony to let the sunlight in and circulates the air inside the bedroom. Outdoor air is very good for the pup, especially fresh morning air. Jared has been doing walks every morning since he got pregnant. Not very far, just around the house compound for about an hour.

Jared stands between the open sliding glass doors, eyes closed and head tilts upward, both hands on the sill holding them wide open. Although, it is already late morning but the winds that sweeps from the woods surrounding the compound still feels fresh on Jared’s heated skin. After taking a couple of deep breath Jared leaves the balcony with the doors wide open to look for Jensen.

The house is quiet when Jared walks down the hall but his hearing catches vague sounds from somewhere in the house. He stands near the rail that runs along the hallway of the second floor and leans over it a bit to listen to the subdued voices that seems to come from the first floor. Jared thinks he hears people’s voices that he wonders if Jensen receives guests in his office since the voices look like coming from that area of the house. He steps away from the railing to go downstairs but only after three steps he feels the floor starts to tilt sideways.

Jared hurriedly reaches out his hands to grab something. His hand gets a hold of a totem sculpture, a gift from Chad after his excursion to Africa last year, that sits on a half round table by the wall. He grabs hold of the statue tightly while taking deep breaths. His pup is moving restlessly inside his womb.

“Calm down, baby,” Jared says to his son, soothing the agitated little pup. A thought forms on Jared’s mind; it screams daddy. Jared knows his son means Jensen because until now he still thinks of Jared as his mother. Well, Jared technically is his mother, all Omegas are mothers regardless of their gender but he is also teaching his son to call him daddy since he is a guy. Trying is the better word because his son never seems to understand the concept of a male Omega. He hopes he will have better chance in explaining once the pup is outside of his body.

The wooziness is gone after a couple of minutes so Jared chalks it up to his fluctuating hormones and an overactive pup. “Alright, I’ll go downstairs to see your daddy only if you calm down.” When he feels the pup settles on the left side of his womb, Jared slowly lets go of the sculpture one hand at a time.

“Good boy,” Jared rubs his belly with a relieved smile on his lips. He turns around to go when his knees suddenly buckles, hands reaches back in reflect, scrambles over the table behind him to find purchase, knocking over the totem statue and sending it rolling on the floor with a loud thud.

Jensen was in a heated discussion with his council when he hears a loud sound from outside his office. He intentionally lets the door to his office half open in case Jared needs him and calls. He perks up and concentrates on his heightened hearing to catch a sound of repeating thuds on the floor. Like something hitting the wooden floor over and over.

“Alright everyone hold that thought, please.” When his council ceases their discussion or arguments more like, he addresses Misha to take over the table. “Can you take over just a minute?”

Misha nodded at him and the other council members looks at him with understanding. He has explained to them at the beginning of the meeting and he is sure that Misha has filled on them about the reason why the meeting is being held by video conference. They immediately voiced their concern when Jensen told them that Jared does not feel well. Omegas well being is the highest concern in the Wolf Clan society nowadays. It is the main reason why Jensen rebuilds the pack, to save Omegas because without Omegas the Wolf Clan will die out.

“Hasn’t Emma come, yet?” asked a very concerned Misha.

“She should’ve been by now. Just carry on everyone!”

Jensen stands up, snatches his phone off the table and strides over to the door. He leaves his office’s door open before stepping into the hallway to the living room. When he nearly reaches the stair he finds the totem statue laying down at the bottom of the stairs. He lifts it up before climbing the stairs, calling Jared’s name.

“Jared, I found this ugly statue down the stairs. Do you-…”

Jensen’s heart leaps out of his throat when halfway up the stairs he saw Jared struggling to hold his body up on his wobbly legs with both hands holding on tightly on the side of the half round table near the wall. The totem rolls back down the stairs with its loud thuds overlapping the sound of Jensen’s feet slapping the floor in his desperation to reach Jared’s side.

“No, no, no, no, no, no,… Jared…” Jensen catches Jared’s body in his arms and his mate instantly goes limp.

“It’s … alright Jen, … just feeling woo…oozy ’lil bit,” Jared mutters over Jensen’s shirt where he was pressing his face on. Oh, how have Jensen heard that words before. First time he heard it just before his mother fell down in her own kitchen. Before his family rushed her over to the hospital and she never came back home.

Jensen drops down on the floor with Jared’s body held tightly in his arms, propped over his folded knees. He keeps calling his mate’s name trying to keep him awake. “Jared, please stay awake, please… Jay…”

“Imma ….wake…” mumbled the pregnant Omega drowsily. Cold sweat beads his forehead and neck. His temperature is dropping down and he is struggling to stay awake.

“I’m going to bring you to the hospital, ok? Just stay with me, please,” Jensen pleaded in a heart wrenching voice. He heaves Jared’s limp body more securely in his arms before standing up with him and goes down the stairs when the front door opens with Emma’s voice tinkling merrily into the house.

“Hello! I’m so sorry I’m a little bit late. Got held up for thirty minutes on the highway…” Emma trails off when she sees Jensen runs towards her with Jared hanging limply in his arms. “Oh my God! What happened?!”

“Come with me to the hospital now, Emma!” Jensen growled menacingly making the poor girl was visibly cower. Her fair complexion goes paler as she runs quietly behind her Alpha, opens her car’s door for them before getting behind the wheel to drive them to the Omega Centre downtown.

Emma drives as fast as she can knowing that time is of the essence and the one that determines the life and death of the pack Alpha’s Omega. One thing that she really hates when driving is traffic. Duh, don’t we all? But more than that is panic driving during traffic hour. Emma is a typical Texas girl with laid back attitude and an easygoing personality. Her mother always calls her too lazy and nags at her to find a mate or a husband if desperation calls for it but she has no desire to marry a human. She longs for a strong and dominant Beta to fulfill all of her needs in life.

When she was a little cub she used to dream to mate with a powerful Alpha. She and her Alpha would live happily in a cave, spend the day mating and the night running through the wild forest because that is what it is said on the story book. Her mother always laughs and calls her silly whenever she tells her that. When Emma asks her mother what an Alpha is and does and if her mother ever met one, her mother tells her to ask her father. Her father only has a vague idea of what an Alpha is. The only thing that he knows is that the Alpha line has died out many, many years ago ever since the wolves integrated into human society right after the War of the Fangs three hundred years ago. Wolves left their heritage in favor of human’s acceptance, to be able to live among them and throughout the years, Alpha has become an abstract concept.

Intermarriage between humans and wolves are common in the last century at least but since Jensen declared himself as Alpha and asserted his dominance among the wolf society six years ago, more and more wolves who plead allegiance to him return to the old way of life of the Wolf Clan. Few are still wary, including Emma’s parents although they too heard The Howl ten years ago. Emma was too young to understand what it means at the time but once he knew about Jensen, she was one of the first Omegas who volunteered at the Omega Centre. She took obstetrics as her main course of study for the sole purpose of helping her fellow Omegas.

Omega Centre is the only hospital facility in the state that caters to Wolves. It was founded by the pack three years ago after the passing of Mackenzie Ackles, the Alpha’s sister, during her first heat. It originally took place within the Ackles compound with the main purpose to teach Omegas of the pack the way of Old. But since Jensen’s compound is located at the outskirts of the town near the woods, six months ago, he decided to move it to the hospital building at the centre of the town for easier access.

The car skids to a halt right in front of the hospital’s front door. Jensen strides in with Jared wrapped tightly in his arms. His presence is immediately commands the entire room. Everyone inside stops whatever they are doing and focus their attention to their Alpha. Gasps and whispers of Jensen’s name are echoing around the room and spreading throughout the building. Emma sees a couple of men grab the gurney for Jared while the receptionist and nurses alert the emergency room and call for doctors.

“Someone get me Amber, now!” shouts Jensen to the room.

Emma does not have any shred of doubt that the Alpha’s demand will be carried out and she is right. Three minutes later a young woman in white scrubs comes running from the second floor stairs toward them while they are wheeling Jared to the emergency room.

Emma notices that the Omega’s complexion is getting paler every second goes by and the Alpha’s features are getting tense with worry. She has been watching them from the rearview mirror during the drive to the hospital and from the years that she knows him she never saw the Alpha ever show fear. Jensen is never afraid of anything. He stood in front of a full court with incarceration and death sentence hanging over his head with no fear. He accepted challenges from Alpha Jeff and Alpha Steven with no sweat, even stood proudly over them with blood and scars marring his brilliant coat. However, that half hour journey between the Ackles compound and the hospital has shown Emma the other side of her Alpha; the caring and loving side of him. She noticed how Jensen continuously whispered sweet nothings to his mate, pleaded him to stay awake, always asked him about their pup, always touched him and kissed him anywhere he could reach. She noticed, for the first time, a glimpse of fear swimming inside his eyes every time Jared stayed quiet for more than thirty seconds.

She should have known. She should have understood what Amber has been telling her, what Amber has been teaching the Omega volunteers at the Omega Centre about what is written in the ancient scroll of the old shaman. Alphas are all about balance. While Betas are born warriors, Alphas are born leaders and within leaders there must be balance. Jensen brings order to their society. The society that has been tilting dangerously off its axis and ready to topple down to the ground.

“Talk to me, people!” the young woman in white scrub commands in a firm authoritative voice over Jared’s sweaty head, engaging stats from the nurses and other doctors. Amber Benson, Beta extraordinary, is one of the toughest Female Betas of the Wolf Clan society, head of the Omega Centre and an unofficial member of Jensen’s trusted council.

“Temperature dropping fast, doctor, we’re losing him…” cried one of the two doctors who ran beside the gurney.

Emma hears a low growl from in front of her, knows that the Alpha is agitated and the bad news will spur him more into a frantic fury that she shouts, “we’re not losing him!”

Amber and the other doctors and nurses look at her startled but she refuses to dip her head and lower her gaze as her Omega instinct dictates her. Instead she looks into each of their eyes and lets them know how scared she feels for Jared and how much confidence she has that Jared will survive. He’s the pack Alpha’s mated Omega. His loss will be a major blow to their barely recovering society not to mention how it will affect Jensen. During the whole scene Jensen never looks up from Jared’s face. His attention fully absorbed by his mate’s suffering.

“No! We won’t be losing him,” says Amber, looking into Emma’s eyes in full determination. “Alright, let’s get to work people!” Amber bangs the double doors of the emergency room open and leads the gurney to the centre of the room where the appliances and machines are turned on and ready to be strapped on Jared. Jensen and Emma have to step back to let the machines get strapped on Jared when Amber orders, “Emma, get Alpha outside!”

A snarl and loud throaty growl shakes everyone in the room. For a second no one dares to move a muscle, to speak or to even breathe. Emma puts her palm over her gaping mouth, struggles to hold her whimper in as he witness with her own eyes how Jensen’s lips are pulled back tight showing his lengthening incisors. The normally neat human teeth are reforming into scarily looking sharp canines. Emerald green irises are blown wide eating out the white sclera that surrounds it. With his legs open in a perfect battle stands, fists curled and half hunch shoulder, Jensen is ready to battle anyone who dares to separate him from his mate.

Emma’s pulse runs faster when the thick scent of the Alpha that cloys the entire room makes her skin prickling and the hair at her nape to rise. She fearfully watches Amber approaches Jensen in swift but careful steps. They cannot afford anymore dalliance since Jared’s life is hanging by the seconds. Amber puts out both her hand to placate the enraged Alpha. “Alright, you can stay but … out of the way…”

Another deep menacing snarl tears out of Jensen’s throat. While she knows that the snarl is directed at Amber and not her, it is still does not fail to make her and everyone in the room jump in fear. The young doctor immediately dips her head and lowers her gaze to the floor to show submission. “Please, Alpha, we need to treat your Omega undisturbed. We’re not trying to separate you.”

In that moment, Emma has another respect towards Amber. She admires how the female Beta stands her ground, never shows fear in front of Jensen, only deep respect and submission for the Alpha. She understands that they are close friends but even she who has known Jared and Jensen for more than three years cannot stop her trembling.

Jensen closes his eyes and in one deep breath pulls back his incisors. The overpowering aura and heady scent of dominating Alpha that was thick in the air seconds ago is diminishing. Amber looks up at Jensen’s returning human’s eyes, takes it as a sign of permission, nods her head and resumes taking charge at the emergency table.

“Back to work, people. We have an Omega to save.” Amber claps her hand twice to snap her staff out of their freeze. They look back and forth between Amber and Jensen gauging the mood of the Alpha. When they realize that Jensen has calmed down as Amber has let him stay in the room, watching with narrowed eyes and grim line of lips, they quickly avert their attention to Jared.

“Emma, I need you to calm the pup down and report to me every minute of its activity. We need the mother and the pup stable.”

“Right away,” shouts the Omega, scurrying over to the bed and proceeding to rub Jared’s belly. Normally it’s the mother, who has a bond with the pup, who can calm it down but since Jared is still out for the count Emma can only depend on her instinct and her obstetrics knowledge in helping pregnant mothers.

The doctors and nurses are busy engaging the various monitoring equipment around the bed to Jared, strapping electrodes on Jared’s skin for the ECG, EFM and pulse Oximeter, inserting a needle into Jared’s blood vessel on his wrist for the IV tubes. Amber flits around the room to get a syringe of medicine to inject it into Jared’s IV line.

“Is the IV ready?” Amber asks her staff, tapping a syringe in her hand.

“Yes,” answers one of the nurses who have been tasked with the job.


Amber walks around Emma to Jared’s other side where the nurse has injected the IV line while her staffs spew statistics and readings from the various monitor that are connected to Jared. Then she injects the syringe into the IV line while asking, “how’re you doin, Emma?”

“Pup is nervous. Moving around a lot,” reports Emma from her position hunched over Jared’s swollen belly with her hands rubbing the skin in a steady rhythm.

“Ok, once the stabilizer kicks in, wait five minutes for the temperature to rise, if not we’ll need to give him blood mixer. I’m fearing the worst.”

“Should we take blood sample?” asks one of the doctors.

“Yes, please do.”

An hour later …

Amber comes out of the Lab in a hurry. The clicking sound of her high heels is echoing along the hallway of the second floor west wing. Her fast stride brings her to the east wing, where the ICU rooms are located, in no time. There is a flurry of activity in one of the ICU rooms. After they stabilized Jared, the doctors moved him to one of the ICU for further treatment. A nurse comes out of the room and Amber stops her.

“Is the Alpha inside?” Amber asks the nurse and when the nurse nods at her she continues, “please tell him that I have the test lab ready.”

“Yes, Doctor.” And the nurse scurries back inside to relate Amber’s news.

After waiting listlessly for about a minute, Jensen comes out of the room and makes a beeline towards her. The woman takes a deep breath seeing her Alpha approaches her. She knows he will not take the news easily.


“Cut the crap Amber. Just tell me what’s the result is!” commands Jensen in a low growl.

Amber purses her lips and relates to him what she has found during lab testing. “Positive.”

Jensen closes his eyes and gritted his teeth. Hands curled into fists, he visibly tries to hide his despair, to reign in his wolf, his shwaha from acting out. This is not the time and place to lose control. Despite the brief lapse an hour ago inside the emergency room, Jensen knows that wolfing out is not an answer to this problem, although, right now, what he really wants is to howl to the moon and beg to The Silver Goddess, the savior of shwahaa, to spare his mate.

“That means…”

“I know what that means, Amber!” Jensen snaps. “My family lost two Omegas because of it and I’ve promised to myself that I won’t lose Jared the same way.”

“I don’t understand. Jared’s progress is marvelous,” muttered Amber.

“How come you did not know that this would happen?” Jensen demands, eyes sharp and accusing. “You’ve been checking his condition regularly, taking his blood test every fucking month and you miss this?!” Jensen’s tone of voice keeps rising with a growl faintly flavoring the end.

Amber looks down in submission. She is perhaps Jensen’s best friend and one of his trusted confidants but he is also her Alpha. When the Alpha is angry and demands her obedience she is bound by instinct to submit to him. If Jensen is any madder she would have been kneeling on the ground by now.

“Please, Alpha, let me explain,” she pleads, head down and voice low. She waits until Jensen lets out a growl as a sign for her to continue. “Yes, I did the check up and the blood test every month but the O-fever is not a disease. It’s more like a defect-”

“A defect,” Jensen says at the same time. He is walking back and forth restlessly in front of the ICU door, muscle tensed and shoulder hunched down rigidly like and agitated wolf. “And like I said to Jared before, it’s not a defect that makes our Omegas suffer, it’s ignorance!”

“I know, Alpha,” says Amber looking up to Jensen, “and we’ve been working so hard to fix it. We don’t get human’s diseases but the O-fever works very closely to that of human’s flu virus. When the antibody of an Omega drops down, he or she will be vulnerable to it. The Alpha gene of his chromosomes-”

“The one that is dormant,” Jensen interjects her, hands folded in front of his broad chest facing her. He already knows what Amber is talking about because the Beta has come to him with this very problem six years ago and enlightened him about the complex structure of a wolf’s DNA. How it differs them from human.

Amber puts her hands inside the side pockets of her white scrubs. “Yes. It will start collapsing and with that the balance of the chromosomes will be disturbed. Soon, the organs will follow and in Jared’s case his chromosomes have shown the sign of collapsing.”

“How about the medicine you invented?”

“The Blood Mixer is only a temporary solution, Jensen,” explains Amber, adapting to the more informal atmosphere when she feels her Alpha has calmed down somewhat by addressing Jensen by his name. “It helps the Omegas to keep their chromosomes stable but it’s not a cure. It’ll collapse sooner or later. Omegas’ life expectancy is getting shorter, especially the male ones.”

Jensen rakes his fingers through his dark blond hair and his breath stutters out of his lungs. He keeps both his hands at the back of his head turning away from Amber and facing the wall, closing his eyes in agony over the fate of his mate.

“I’ve warned you when you-”

“I don’t wanna hear it.” Jensen’s voice is calm but its coldness stops Amber from continuing her sentence. “Jared is my mate, Amber. My chosen Omega. How dare you question me?”

Amber takes a deep breath. Once again she has offended the Alpha. “I’m very sorry, Alpha. I’m speaking out of line. I love Jared like my own brother and I understand. I, of all people, should’ve understood the bond that you two have.” She looks towards the glass door of the ICU room where they are treating Jared.

“I’ll keep working on it to the best of my ability,” Amber solemnly vows turning back to where Jensen stand still with the same posture, hands behind his head gripping his hair tight facing the wall. Amber continues to speak to his back, “I’ll rip down my great great grandmother’s ancient scroll if need be.”

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