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Love, Lilli

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Lilli Waters finds herself in a toxic relationship. Everything in her is telling her to leave but a single strand of hope keeps her hanging on his every word. She knows what’s good for her, but she’s addicted to running towards the chaos. Now she has a dilemma, someone has to go, but who will it be ?

Drama / Erotica
Alexis Lauryn
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Intro to Love

It’s funny how it works. Sometimes love can be intertwined with feelings that we can’t always explain. In general love is considered a good thing, right? The short answer it yes, but after thinking about the circumstances and situations that love puts us in can change that very simple answer into something extremely complex. Pair love with hate and you get something hot, runny, and toxic. This is my toxic, whirlwind for a love story. I hope you gain wisdom and a sense of experience from my story so that your future soirées with love are filled with more moments of pure Nirvana than daunting feelings of self doubt.
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