love of my life

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chapter 9

my mom was 5 minutes away from camp and i was so excited to see scout ahh i was freaking out inside. I was on my phone when my mom had came to pick me up the lady in the front said “reese your mom is here”

in the car i was so excited i couldn’t sit still... now we were in the driveway on a dance place where we were all going to meet up at.

When i saw scout i started jumping up and down probably looking so stupid to him, i went up to him and he look nervous so i was of course going to be the one starting conversation with ellie’s aunt, i was holding his hand because i was nervous as well.

Now we are walking to the boba place and me and scout are holding hands
does he see me as more then a friend? or are we just friends? .... when we got to the boba place ellie had to order our food because we are very shy for some reason, me and scout shared boba..

we walked into walmart like bad bitchs because we are and he had his hand around my waist as i was a blushing mess and i think he knew i was so that’s just great, after just messing around in walmart we went back to ellie’s house and put on mean girls and me and scout were cuddling and i was loving it but of course my mom had to say she was here to put me up just great!
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