love of my life

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chapter 10

When i got in my moms car i was kinda pissed off because she ruined a perfect moment I could’ve had with scout but whatever, then she asked me “so did you have fun?” hell yes i did but i wasn’t going to say that obviously “yeah it was good” “good to hear.”

I let out a sigh and took out my phone to see i only have 20 percent so i went to grab my book bag when i realized i didn’t have it omg reese your so stupid how could you leave it. “mom i left my bag at ellie’s house.” “that’s ok we are only like 5 minutes away we didn’t get far” and for some reason i called scout to ask if he was still there i wanted to see him again,

*on the phone* “hey” “hey scout i left my bag at ellie’s house are you still there?” “haha loser and no i just left” “oh dang well i’ll text you later byeee” “bye bye”.

when i got to ellie’s house i just walked in because i’m not waiting for her, “ELLIE” “heyyy” “i just left my bag sorry about that i’ll text you when i get home byee” “byee”.

when i got home my dad was asleep, so i just went to my room and got in my pjs and started to watch some netflix on my phone for a bit. Around 11:30 my mom comes in my room and says “reese time to go to bed” i let out a big sigh and said “ok good night” and with that my mom went to bed, my of course i didn’t go to sleep just yet..
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