love of my life

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two people who just started being friends fall in love.

Drama / Adventure
reese <3
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chapter 1

: Reese she/her
:scout he/him
:ellie she/her

It was sunday night my mom was putting me in a camp, “reese it will be good for you to make friends and i don’t want you in the house all day” “but-“, “it’s to late for me to change my mind get ready for bed”. As i got up from my table in my living room i let out a sigh. I got in bed and was Contemplating if i was going to stay up until 4am like i always do but in the head i said “you going to be tried in the morning just go to bed now” and then i drifted off to bed.

Monday morning:
“get out of bed reese”my mom says and to that i get up and start getting ready for the day. i put on some shorts and a plan pink and white top that says “Angel” on it, i get my bag and head to my moms car.

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