love of my life

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chapter 2

As we are driving to the camp my phone goes off.
best friend: hey
reese: hey sorry i’m probably not going to talk to you today i’m going to camp 🙄
best friend: oh ok well have fun byee

i put on the radio to try and not make the car ride weird, “reese i think camp will be good for you to make some friends don’t you think?” “yeah sure mom whatever you say.” as we pulled up to the camp i look at my mom and say “it looks like no one is here that means we can go back home yay.” “reese stop with the jokes and this is the camp i know that for a fact. so come on get out the car.” “ughh fine” as i get out of the car i can feel myself getting more and more nervous as we walk in to a place called “Teen Center”. This lady i’m guessing works here looks at me and says “hello what’s your name?” i just stand there for a second and look and her then say “reese” “well it’s nice to meet you reese” i look at her and fake smile. she tells me to put my bag in the gymnasium, when i get back my mom says “bye reese i love you” “bye mom love you too”. i let out a quiet sigh and sit in a chair in front of this girl. welp this is going to be so much fun i say in my head.... about 20 minutes go by and i’m just on my phone watching tiktok when i hear the door in the front open.
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