love of my life

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chapter 5

“thanks :)”. then next thing you know i’m giving him my tiktok and phone number, god reese no guy this good looking has ever asked for your number.
So me and scout started talking when the girl with blond hair comes up to me and him and says “oh hey what’s your name?” “oh hi i’m reese” “nice to meet you i’m ellie” “nice to meet you too.” then ellie and scout started talking, deep down i kinda liked him and yes i know we just met but still and when i see the way he talks and looks at ellie it makes me feel someway. but again i’m just trying to be friends so i will have to push my feelings down for now....It was around 3pm when ellie left so it was just me and scout talking, so i asked him “hey do you want to make a tiktok?” “yeah sure” “ok” so when made a tiktok to the sound “yeah yeah oh yeah” and posted! i look at him with the biggest smile i have ever had in my life but he couldn’t see that.
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