love of my life

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chapter 6

When my mom picked me up from camp i was happy go lucky and my mom noticed very quick “you seem very happy reese what happened at camp today?” “i made 2 amazing friends there names are scout and ellie!” “that’s very good to hear i’m happy you like the camp:)”, the car ride was about 25 minutes to my house and when i walked in the door my father was cooking dinner,”Hey reese how was camp today!” “it was good dad i’m going to head to my room ok?” “go on”. I walk in my messy room and put my bag on the floor and jump on my bed, and watch some youtube for a bit until i got a message that i was in a group chat. :new group chat message

scout: hey guys
ellie: hi
me: oh hey
the conversation went on for about 10 minutes when we all went on facetime and just started to get to know each other well just me. god everytime scout says my name or even talks to me i get butterfly’s in my stomach i just met him..
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