love of my life

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chapter 7

it was a tuesday morning and nothing had happened except me and scout were talking together a lot today and i’m not complaining, it was around 10 am when ellie had asked me and scout a question “hey do you guys want to come over to my house on wednesday we could get boba” “yeah i can ask my dad” said scout now i really had to go “yeah my mom will probably say yes i could ask her tonight” “ok good just let me know” and with that i knew my mom would let me so that means more time with scout and of course with ellie. it was now 3pm and me and scout were just talking about random stuff but of course i had to be zoning out all i was thinking about was how is he so amazing his voice his style his everything i wanted him to be mine but i was definitely not about to tell him and ruin a friendship....
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