love of my life

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chapter 8

When i got home from camp that day i ask my mom the question i was praying she would say yes to “hey mom?” “yes reese” “do you mind if after camp i can go to one of my friends ellie’s house?” “mh i don’t mind who is going to be there?” “it’s going to be ellie’s aunt and scout” “ok you can go” “thank you so much mom i love you” “hm love you too”

And to that i went to my room and texted ellie
me: hey ellie my mom said i could come tomorrow to your house.
ellie: kk

i went to bed happy as ever i was going to spend even more time with scout!

Wednesday morning i woke up in a very good mood and was so excited for after camp....

We had got to camp at 8:30 and scout was there before me so i made sure i looked at least good for him and for myself. I walked in and saw him on his phone doing god knows what but i went up to him and said “good morninggg scout” “good morning” was i being weird damn it reese stop it

So i sat down next to him and went on my phone for about 15 minutes when ellie came in and we all started talking about random stuff....

after closing ceremony it was time for ellie to go so we all said bye to her deep down i loved being with scout just me and him but i could never tell scout or ellie that, me and scout will usually just hug and sometimes he lays on me and oh my god it makes me feel like i’m on top of the world, then he had to go home so i said good bye in a sad way “bye scout” “byee reese”...
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