Violet City

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I am entirely engulfed in darkness. I feel nothing as my body floats gently float within the silence. Here, there exists no cold, or heat. No pain and no fear. Only emptiness accompanies me in this strange realm. I open my mouth to speak, but no sounds escape. Instead, I am only left with my thoughts as they echo in my mind.

Where—where am I?

I drift helplessly through the void as my mind empties. I lose focus as my thoughts are absorbed into the nothingness, like a blackhole that consumes all things. I stare blankly outward into what I feel to be my never-ending purgatory. Suddenly, something in the distance catches my attention, forcing my thoughts to return.

Wait.What is that? Is that a light in the distance?

I slowly drift towards the faint light. As I grow closer, I regain sensation in my body as the light warms my skin. A sensation I had long since forgotten. As I drift closer to the light, the brightness becomes more intense, and the warmth upon my skin begins to burn. I squint my eyes and try to look away from the intensity of the mysterious light. The burning becomes almost unbearable, yet something within beckons me forward. Almost as if the light will provide me the answers to every question that’s ever existed. The light quickly begins to engulf my entire body, but just as quickly as it appeared the light begins to fade. I cautiously open my eyes and look upon my new surroundings. Once my vision comes into focus, I let out a gasp of surprise and confusion at what I witness. Standing before me, just a few feet away… is me! I rub my eyes in disbelief, hoping that what I am seeing is just a trick or a hallucination. However, nothing changes as my vision focuses once more. I stare deeply in confusion as the other me stares back.

W—what? What is going on?

We maintain our stare upon one another without movement. An awkward and silent standoff as I wait for a signal to move. Then, I decide to test out the situation further by reluctantly waving my arms about in weird ways. Just as suspected however, the strange clone mimics every movement and action I perform to perfection. Like a typical reflection, only there is no mirror. I search my brain thinking of ways I can outsmart this copycat as I continue sporadic movements to catch him off guard. Suddenly, the mimic’s expression quickly changes as he reveals a devilish smirk while flashing his sharp fangs. Such a malicious and twisted smile that sends a shiver down my spine.

Wh—what is he going to do? Why does he keep staring at me like that?

Then, out the corner of my eye, I notice a figure in the distance. Something moving, coming closer. I quickly turn to face the figure steadily approaching only to realize…

M—mom?! Is that y—you?!

Mom! What are you doing here?

I gaze at my mother’s loving and caring face as she approaches. I feel a burning excitement and sadness swell within my chest.

Mom! It’s me, Jace! Over here! Mom!

I try my hardest, but still no sounds escape my lips as I attempt to call to my mother to gain her attention.

She—she can’t hear me. It’s as if I don’t even exist. Mom! Please… Mom!

Her expression changes to that of happiness as she glances in my direction and begins to excitedly wave.

Wait… Maybe she can see me!! Mom!

I ecstatically wave back to her as she runs over with tears streaming from her eyes. I feel myself choke up with happiness. I brace myself for her typical bear hug as she opens her arms wide moments before reaching me. However, just as I was prepared to feel her warm, motherly embrace, she runs right through me and instead embraces my copycat. I turn to witness the sight as my heart sinks into my stomach.


She holds the other me for a moment before finally releasing him while messing up his hair. They then seem to start a joyful conversation as their lips rapidly move and their body language becomes cheerful. Yet, I cannot hear a single word. I can only gaze upon their moving lips that produce no sound.

Mom… Why can’t you see me? Why can’t you hold me?

My eyes quickly water and I feel a tear escape and gently roll down my cheek. I hold my chest as I feel a sharp pain spike within my ribcage.



Suddenly, without warning, I witness my clone aggressively grab my mother by the hair, pull her head back, open his mouth wide, and ferociously sink his fangs deep into her neck.

MOM! NO! What are you doing to her!? STOP!

I try to scream, but once more, no sounds emerge. I try to run forward to save her from the attack, but try as I might, I only float in place.


I can feel my stomach twist and my throat tighten. Panic sets in as I have trouble breathing.

M-mom… N-n-no… M-mom…

The copycat finishes his feast and drops her limp body to the ground. He wipes the blood from his mouth and once again turns to stare at me with an evil grin.

Y-you… fucking monster!! What h-have you done…?

I take a few moments to catch my breath as I try to collect myself. I stare towards the ground as I inhale large, filling breaths. Once calmed, I burn my eyes into the mimic as he maintains his menacing smile. Rage boils within my blood as I scream out within my thoughts.

You think this is funny? Just wait, you asshole! I’ll fucking kill you!!

Suddenly, I notice another figure approaching out the corner of my eye. Fear sets in as I rapidly turn my head to look.

…Sebastian… No!

Sebastian casually walks closer, repeating the same motions my mother just made. Waving happily as he steadily approaches the other me.

Sebastian! NO! RUN AWAY! Don’t come any closer! Please!

Just as before, my lookalike turns to face Sebastian and happily waves. They walk towards each other merrily, speak for a moment, then the mimic repeats his vicious attack. Sinking his fangs deep in Sebastian’s neck as his body hangs lifelessly.


I turn away and close my eyes to avoid witnessing the horrific event as tears stream down my face. I wipe away the tears, but when I open my eyes once more, I realize that my hands are now covered in blood. In fact, everything around me is soaked in blood. I gasp and lift my head only to be met with a frightful horror. Erected before me is a large pile of mangled corpses. Each body lay with a terrified expression accompanied by large, gaping fang marks torn into their necks. Rivers of blood flow from each motionless body, cascading down onto the ground where the ocean of crimson fluid forms. My eyes follow the bodies until they reach the top where my lookalike stands proudly. His clothes and skin are soaked in blood, and his red eyes flare with madness, as he lets out a malicious and cynical laugh. He then abruptly stops his disturbing laugh and glares at me with a crooked smile.

“Oh, Jace… Won’t you join me?” He says with a disturbed voice.

Wh—what?! N—never! You’re a disgusting monster!

“Oh, but Jace. It’s so delicious. Look at all the bountiful feasts that await you. The taste is—to die for.” He says as his eyes lose their glow.

You’re sick! I will never ever drink from someone again! You’re a freak!

He softly laughs, “Oh, poor, poor Jace. Don’t you see? I am you! We are exactly the same. I am only doing what you’ve always wanted to do. I am only following my deepest desires—your desires!”

No! I would NEVER be a heartless monster like you! I will never hurt another person again! I won’t lose my humanity like you! NEVER!!

He gently chuckles as he reaches down to grab my mother’s head, then beckons me forward.

“Come. Have a sip. I promise you’ll love it. It’s delectable!”

No! Stop it! You fucking freak!

My head pounds wildly as anger builds within me. I feel my body shiver with rage as the only desire within my mind is to make this monster suffer. However, my rage quickly subsides as I notice my body slowly floats towards my mother’s body. I quickly try to struggle and resist, but I continue to float forward without hesitation. My lookalike holds her lifeless corpse higher as he flashes his sharp fangs with a curled smile.

Stop! STOP! No! I don’t want to!

I turn my head away in rebellion against my body, but no matter how much I fight it I continually approach my mother’s corpse. My mouth opens wide against my own will as I bare my fangs. My heart pounds heavily as I stiffen my entire body to prepare for what is about to happen. I once again feel tears flowing from my eyes as I can no longer resist. My nerves tingle as my body slowly bears down upon the corpse’s neck. I eerily feel my fangs scrape against her skin right before sinking deep into her neck. I squeeze my eyes shut as I prepare myself for the oncoming inevitable horror.

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