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"You know what! You're so cute! Kiss me! Kiss me right now!" I suddenly said as I pouted, but yeah I really want him to kiss me so bad. Those pink lips ohh how much I missed those. He stopped and looked at me intently "I will..." His face was serious. "Go do it" I said.

Drama / Romance
Dream Blurr
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Deyanira's POV

I sat on the couch and took a sip of my coffee. "Soooo like you and Carlos got together again?" I raised a question after she finished chewing the fries.

"Uhmmm yeah I guess" Saskia slowly glanced at me and sighed "you guess? Wha– what please explain." I crossed my legs, looking intently at her.

"Well... We do what people do in a relationship, but we aren't together..."

"Please stop what you both are doing right now this aren't going anywhere, not that I uhmmm. It's just that I came there and I don't want you to be hurt like I do. It just hurts a lot" I confessed and looked at the window remembering the time when me and Rain are still together. I MEAANN when we're still doing what Saskia and Carlos are doing if u get me.


"Hey your ice cream" I said and looked at him... His lost. "Heyyyy hellooo, the Rain you here?" The ice cream was melting as I touched his shoulder. "Oh sorry"

"You okay babe?" I asked. Worried.

"Yes sorry, uhmmm let's go? I forgot I need to go somewhere it's already 3"

"But you said we can hang out the whole day?" I pouted.

"I'm sorry babe," he kissed my temple and looked at his phone that just beeped.


I don't care! Come her—

He immediately putted his phone on his pocket.


"Babe come on let's go" he holds my wrist as the ice cream fell from my hand.

End of flashback...

"Deyanira, it's going to be fine, just trust me" Saskia smiled proudly at me and ate some fries.

"But if he fucked everything up you'll be mine" suddenly Adonis came from nowhere sat beside me and took some fries "Ugh, stop dreaming you motherfucker" Saskia showed her middle finger and rolled her eyes as Adonis just stuck his tongue out. "Stop it, you two kissed before" I joked. But not really a joke, it's real tho lol they kissed before, Saskia and Adonis was drunk as fuck!

"Wha- eww I don't want to remember that!" I chuckled and looked at Adonis and wiggled my eyebrow "well,"

"EWWW" Saskia covered her mouth while making a choking voice.

"By the way lady Denariya I have something for you" Adonis got something out his bag and gave it to me. It was a T-shirt.

"It's hard to forget someone when they have given you too much to remember?" I read the words on that t-shirt and raised an eyebrow at Adonis "Stop joking around Adonis Peultiro Haven." I seriously said to him. That's his full name by the way.

"Yeah yeaaah but that t-shirt's cool so I think of getting it for you" I rolled my eyes and just thanked him. "Here" Adonis gave a bracelet to Saskia (Kia). The bracelet have a small red heart on the middle.


"Here I bought it for you" he softly putted the bracelet on my wrist as I looked at him, smiling.

"Aww thank you babe" I was thinking of telling him tonight that I wanted a label of this relationship thing I guess.

"Ahm Rain, can uh we—" his phone rang

Veronica calling...

"Ahm I'll just answer this.. It's a friend" he stood up and went away where I can't hear what his saying. I sigh...

End of flashback...

Why the fuck I always remember Rain?! Ugh! "Ohh someone looks mad" Adonis joked. "I hate you, why are you even here? Ugh!" He chuckled and licked his lips.

Oops why is Saskia looking like that at Adonis now? hahaha well I guess you can't tell who you'll fall to. I bet two of them will end up together! Haha

30% they will be together

70% they will not.

But still!

there's still 30% chance!!

*bzz bzz*


Hey princess, can you please buy me some burger? You're at Kia rn right? The burger store is near you sooo.


Yeah sure, I'll go to your apartment.

And buy you some borg-a

And do you want a Bo o of wotahh?


Shut up and just buy me one.

Thanks by the way.

"Hey guys need to go, don't hurt each other while I'm gone, okay? bye" I feel like talking to a 5 years old kid not to fight with his playmate.

I stood up and kissed Saskia on the cheeks "where's my kiss? Hmp" Adonis pouted as I giggled. "Nothing. Bye guys see you tomorrow" I said and waved at them and got outside Saskia's apartment.



I said it. Well they are like animals if you leave them both alone. Wild animals.

I was driving to London's apartment, done buying some burger.

"I thought you're not coming" London with his British accent "Well, here I am" London is my boy best friend since we were 4!

"Thanks for the burger, come sit" I sat on the couch as he turned the tv on.

"Nira guess what?" He sat beside me enjoying the burger I brought. "What? You and Hazel?"

"No silly, eww, I'll go to Paris" I pouted don't want the idea of him away from me "happy for you I guess... Hmp you're leaving me too?" I pouted.

"Nooooo Hahaha I'll be back I promise I won't ever leave you lol" he got some beer earlier so he gave me a beer as we took a sip on it.



Where are you?


I'm in London's apartment



I don't want to continue what were doing anymore.

Let's end this

I don't want this

I hate your attitudes.


What do you mean?

Rain don't do this to me

I already love you

I love you!


Don't leave me

What did I do?

Pls no.

Rain please.

Don't do this to me


Seen by Rain.

As tears started to roll on my cheek I covered my face and bit my lower lip. Fuck.... What happen to the promises? What happen to "I'll never leave you no matter what" "I'll never hurt you" his biggest joke.

End of flashback...

"princess are you fine?" He wiped my tears on my cheek, I didn't even notice I was crying! "I-i'm fine," I took a sip on my beer and sigh. Fuck promises. Liar.

He hugged me as I hugged back, it feels good it makes me calm, I love it. I sobbed as he rubbed my back "shhh it's okay, you'll be okay".

I feel like my heart is about to explode. I hate Rain so much for breaking me like this, but I love him so much that I can't hate him! I don't want to hate him. UGH!

Self stooooop. You already have Eros! Be happy!

"Princess.... Shhh" he kissed my temple as London's phone rang

Hazel 🤮 calling...

"H-hazel's—" he cut me off "shhh don't mind her. Let's just hug each other." He canceled the call and turn his phone off and hugged me again.

He's really sweet as always.

"I love you Nira please don't cry, I don't want to see you cry please..." his voice was soft. my heart melted with his words "I love you too, you're my best friend and thanks for being here with me through my up and downs"



"I love you"

"Of course you do you're my best friend"

London: -_-

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