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The Enigmatic Fan

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Park Miseo's life has always been what one can imagine to be a disney fairytale. Raised in one of the richest and most prestigious family of Seoul, Miseo has more than what one can demand for in life. But that's not the only aspect to her life. Although still 18 and being raised to be the perfect heir of The Park Empire, Miseo has to stand up to the expectations of not only her family but also thousands of other workers' families whose source of bread and butter has been The Park Empire for generations. Understanding the importance of her role in the family, Miseo always puts extra efforts to come up with the best of herself from a very young age. Although deep inside Miseo doesn't want to be the heir of such a big Empire and rather wants to be a kpop idol, but would the constant pressure and hopes of her family let her live her life in her own way ? Would she be tangled in the business strings forever and lose the originality of her life ? Would she remain indulged in coping up with her company or will pick up a secret personality of her own. Would she be impelled to be a business woman or would someone shake things up in her life ?

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Chapter 1

Miseo's P.O.V
"MISEOOO, wakeee upppp !!!!" My elder sister shouted in my ears disturbing my beauty sleep. "Arghhh!! What the hell ! Why are you shouting like a dying cow ?"

"It's not me but you who's gonna shout like a dying cow if you don't get up at this instant." She replied throwing all the cushions on me. "Besides, how many times do I have to remind you to keep control on that sharp, cutting tongue of yours ? Once you open that stupid mouth in the public and it's a sure thing that the next day you will be in the headlines."

"Arghhh! Stop it !! Why are you waking me up so early ? Even the sun is still sleeping !" I replied while protecting my head from her attacks. God! Why do I have such an insane sister? What do she even want at this hour in the morning! "Also, I know what to say outside and what not to. You don't need to remind me all the time."

"Whatever! By the way, don't you remember what date it is today ? Are you really this hard-headed?" She said looking at me in disbelief.

"Don't beat around the bush and tell me what it is already! I swear if it's one of your silly jokes I'm gonna kill you today!"I replied glaring at her. She rolled her eyes and said, "Are you an idiot or what ? Don't you remember it's Sarang's birthday today !"

"WHAT! TODAY!! YAH! Don't mess with me early in the morning. Don't you have anything better to do?" I said.

She said, "Fine then. Don't believe me. It's your fault you forgot your best friend's birthday. I did my job of reminding you."

Oh god !!! How on earth can I forget Sarang's birthday ? I haven't even prepared any gift for her! Damn it! What to do now? I'm such a stupid idiot.

I should call my other friends, maybe they would have made the arrangements of the party and all. God knows what will happen if we couldn't arrange everything on time!

I dialed Seojun's number but that freak is not picking up! Arghh! I'm going crazy!

Finally after 10 rings that idiot picked up the phone. "Hey Seojun!! You sleepyhead!! How much time do you take to pick up my call? Do you know what day today is ?" I shouted on the phone.

Seojun grumbled in half sleep from the other side and growled," YAH! You half-wit!! Do you know what time it is ? Who calls at this hour? It doesn't matter to me what day today is because I DON'T GIVE A DAMN EVEN IF THE PRESIDENT IS VISITING OUR SCHOOL TODAY!! ALL I CARE ABOUT IS MY SLEEP!!"⁠⁠

I hurried out of my bed and rushed to the bathroom. After taking a quick shower, I was ready to leave and check the final arrangements of the party. Turns out, that Seojun is a big idiot and he too, like me, forgot about Sarang's birthday. But luckily my other friend Cindy had arranged the party. Oh lord ! At this time I can just gift a private jet to Cindy for her timely help. She's really amazing for remembering the day today.

After reaching the venue hall I checked all the arrangements and was realived that Cindy surely did a great job in decorations and other preparations. The hall was decorated beautifully with baby blue and white ballons. There was a stage in front where a table was kept for the cake cutting ceremony. Bouquets of my favourite flowers, baby's breath, were placed on tables and there was a big buffet on one side of the hall. Red carpet on floor and walls decorated with blue and white ribbons were giving an amazing vibe to the hall. Overall it was way better than my imagination. Now I just hope Sarang will like it.

"Hey Miseo!" a familiar voice called me from behind. "Hi Cindy!" I beamed at the said girl. "How's the preparation?" Cindy asked. "It's way better than I had imagined. Thanks a lot Cindy, you really saved me and Sarang's birthday today. I can't expect anything more." I replied smiling. Cindy wriggled her brows and said," Well I'm happy that you liked it, but it not just ends here." I furrowed my brows and asked," What does that suppose to mean?" "You'll see!" She exclaimed happily, turned on her heels and left me there. I wonder what it could be. Whatever it might be I know it have to be something fantastic as it's arranged by Cindy. Looks like with Sarang I'm too getting a surprise today and I can't wait for it anymore!!

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