30 Days

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A concise narrative on 30 days spent by Benjamin Thompson in 2021. A 35 year old engineer on his vacation and return to Work. A story full of memories, reflections, observations in a time where nothing else is possible except waiting. growing. And looking back. The story of man who is forced by his mind to reflect on his life after taking the wrong turn and giving up on his dream while trying to overcome inner conflicts that lead to the decision, At the same time, a detailed dissection of the life and worries of someone from the lower class whose successes in his career opened his eyes to the world as it is.

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Saturday Night

And suddenly, it was the middle of the night.And the day was gone. And nothing happened. Ben Thompson didn't remember anything. Except that it was yet another day of the pandemic. And it didn't rain. And some people were behaving crazy and there were threats. It was sunny, then it was cloudy, then it was looking rainy, but it remained only cloudy, and then it was cold. You had a soup, you waited forever. You were alone.

Nobody called him. Nobody came. He had vacation. And then he wondered, is he going to bed and is he going to be able to sleep or was it too early. Thank god, he thought, he didn’t drink. His face was sore from the bad nights sleep on the couch, because the noise in the bedroom. It was too loud. They were building an underground station since three years. And his lips hurt. And he wanted to call someone. He wanted to call his parents. But it would have been too painful. It always was when he was mellow. There was nothing to say. Nothing had happened. Nothing to report. Only sorrow and frustration to be exchanged. And empty talks about vaccinations. And he sat on the balcony and he heard dogs balking and children talk in the distance and it was pitch dark and some windows had lights on, but it was so so dark.

And he thought of a Kayne West song. Because several days ago a friend mentioned him. Nut he didn’t know why now. And he was getting bored. He started writing a poem. He didn't do this for at least 12 years. And he tried not to think of of death. And he lit a cigarette. It tasted terrible. Just like everything else.

And tomorrow, he thought, would be going to be the exact same day yet again. And he hoped he could fall asleep with a pretty image in his head or a nice memory, of, if God permits, even a dream. A piece of hope. But probably not. So he thought.

He thought about cheese. But he wasn't hungry. The taste of cheap red wine was still on his lips. How many days had he not been drinking? He turned fat, he thought. His skin looked overall terrible. And he looked up once more up into the sky and his mind went blank for a while. After that, he went into bed. Fully clothes and without using the blanket.

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