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Rowan and Isaac’s relationship has become stronger then ever, but when Rowan finds out that she's pregnant and Lovey’s biological father’s paths meet, will it be the thing to snap their relationship in half?

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1 : Hooks In My Heart

I stood there for at least two seconds, which felt like 2 hours. I was devoid of emotion, I was numb as I usually am when it comes to Michael, my mind felt detached from my body, so it took over.

I walked away without even paying.

“Rowan!” Michael called out for me, but I didn’t turn around or say anything, it’s like his voice faded into the background at some point.

My ears felt plugged, like I was underwater, I didn’t know what this emotion was, sadness? betrayal? All I know is that everything around me felt like it was in slow motion, the people, the pigeons, even passing cars.

As I get closer to my car I feel Michael pull me by the arm, my skin tingles at his touch, and I hated the way it made me feel, but at least finally I could feel something other than this numbing feeling that was leaking down to my soul.

Then out of nowhere the world went back to it’s fast-paced, I whip my head around.

"Don’t touch me,” My voice came out guttural, which by the look on Michael’s face it scared him into letting go of my arm.

I never want to feel his skin touch mine, ever, again.

“Row, I just wanted to say hi,” Michael said with a nervous smile that I used to find adorable, the way he used my name made me snarl. “It surprised me when I saw you back there.” Michael said with his thumb pointing over his shoulder.

“You done?” I said with hooded eyes.

“I guess so, I just-” I didn’t let him finish, I pulled out my keys from my jacket pocket, I pressed the key fob, opened my door then I was off.

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Tears started welling up in my eyes, but I bit my cheek to distract myself from this feeling with the pain. I’m not going to let him make me feel this way, not again.

It’s like I teleported home, i don’t even remember driving. I unlock the door and go through it, I locked the door behind me.

I took two steps into the house, then I couldn’t hold it in anymore, I dropped everything on the ground, and I fell to my knees, my heart felt like it was breaking all over again. I let out an ear piercing cry.

I’ve always tried to stop this feeling of loneliness, whether it was my parents making me feel this way or the kids at school, hell, to stop the depression from creeping up on me, I applied for college early online and took a bunch of college courses during high school just to get a head start. I keep on running away from my problems and my problems keep chasing after me at maximum speed.

So I cried, on the floor, my screams echoing in the huge empty house that I was left in. I just don’t want to live in a world where I’m constantly punished by the people around me for just existing.

I don’t want to keep living, period.

I let out a quick bark of laughter, then i put a hand through my hair dishevelleding it, I try to catch my breath. As soon as I thought of ending my life I thought of Lovey, I thought about the baby, I thought about Isaac.

Lovey needs her mother. I don’t want to repeat the cycle of selfish mothers in my family, she deserves to have a good life, and even though I’m not sure about the baby there could be a chance that Isaac will accept it.

I feel like I’m being naive again, but Isaac isn’t Michael, he can be a dick sometimes but he cares about me, and he loves me. So that loneliness that I feel it’s just the words of the people that hurt me.

I got up from the ground, feeling like I shouldn’t have at the same time but ignoring that feeling, Michael has had control of me and my heart for way too long, I loved him, and when it really came down to it he just wanted my body.


December 30th

7:12 pm

I’m coping with the whole Michael thing, I haven’t told Isaac about Michael or the fact that he’s lovey's father, I haven’t even told him about the baby, and I’m on a time limit, I haven’t gotten bloated yet but it’s just a matter of time. Noah told me that I was 2 weeks pregnant, so that would mean that the baby is the result of makeup sex, let’s just hope it isn’t a break-Up baby. I also got something to stop the constant vomiting, so there's that.

I’m wearing a red silky corset with diamond straps, I’m also wearing a diamond choker to match and black jeans paired with red heels and to tie it all up I’m wearing a high ponytail and pair of dangly diamond earrings.

I’m trying to give a little more volume to my thick curly hair, as I’m doing this in the mirror Isaac creeps up behind me and hugs my waist.

“You look beautiful,” Isaac said in my ear, I smirked.

“Thank you,” I said tilting my head up and kissing him. His hands started to travel down my thighs then to my crotch. I then snapped out of this trance.

“We can’t, will be late for Jeanette’s party.” Isaac looked at his watch that I gave him on his birthday, that he can’t seem to take off.

“We’ve got time,” Isaac said, then through me on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, I gasped. Isaac then throws me on the bed. He started to kiss my neck and pull the straps of my corset down, he even pulled my pants off too.

He slithered his hand into my underwear, then started to rub my clit, instantly making me wetter by the second, I started to moan and bite my lower lip, he looks down at me and smirked.

“Does that feel good?” I nod my head at his question. Isaac then pulled my underwear down slowly. I was so wet that a string of arousal follows the same path as my underwear, the ground, Isaac starts to kiss my inner thighs while maintaining eye contact with me.

He kisses my thigh tattoo and then my clit, I suck in a breath while clenching my teeth, this time instead of kissing it he started to lick it, then he went further down my aching pussy licking it.

His tongue is so long and wet that it makes me tremble, I close my eyes then out of nowhere he puts a finger inside of me, I let out a loud moan not expecting that.

“Isaac.” I moan out his name, and I’m guessing he liked that because he growned. He started to simultaneously lick my soaking wet pussy and finger fuck me

“Shit... Isaac.”


“If you keep going like this... I’m ganna-” before I could finish my sentence Isaac slipped another finger inside of me making my body quiver under his touch.

“Mmm, do you hear how wet you are?” Isaac said before finger fucking me faster, making the wet sounds coming from my cunt more audible.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” I yell out, I then clench my abdomen, squirting right in Isaac’s mouth, as soon as I came Isaac started to lap up every single drop of my cum.

I panted hard, trying to catch my breath. Isaac satup on the bed, wiping his mouth with a thumb, then sucking his fingers. I look at Isaac through Smokey eyes.

“Don’t worry, I’m not done yet,” Isaac said, unbuttoning his pants, then pulling down his boxers, I stared at his throbbing members still not used to the fact that it’s so big.

He teased my still aroused clit, it was like I didn’t cum just seconds ago, then he slowly slipped his dick inside me. I hugged Isaac's neck, as he pounded into me, I let out a moan every time he did, hearing Isaac basically growl in my ear, he started to pick up speed, slamming into my pussy like it's the last day on Earth.

I put my hands under his T-shirt then scraped his back with my nails, my eyes started to roll into the back of my head, my legs were shaking, they still haven't recovered from the last orgasm.

"Jesus, you feel so good." Isaac grunted out through gritted teeth. Isaac put his hands on my hips and slammed me on to his cock, I was riding in ecstasy, tears rolling down my face and ruining my makeup. My cunt squeezes around his dick causing him to pound harder into me.

I'm going to cum, I'm so close to cumming, then I do, Isaac comes a second later inside me, I'm seeing Stars. Isaac falls on top of me, and we both take a second to catch our breaths.

"Isaac we're going to be late." I whisper in his ear.

"Definitely,” he replies back with a smile."

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