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Chapter 15 : The fuck is GERD?!

Headline gossip

We haven’t seen Rowen Zoloman and Isaac Collins in months, and some people assumed they had broken up, while others assumed they were having troubles but wanted to keep it a secret, and others concluded they just wanted to stay out of the public eye.

So, I think we now know what happened to them: they’re expecting a child!! This is what everyone has been talking about for the past week unless you’ve been living under a rock. Rowan Zoloman was spotted pregnant during a gala, and it appears to be Isaac Collins’ child.

Rowan Zoloman has been accused of being a gold digger by most gossip sites, but not this one. They were seen dancing and looking in love, and no one can fake that kind of love.


May 1st Sunday, 2:23 pm

Rowen’s POV

I feel like the entire world has been freaking out about my pregnancy after the gala, and I can’t wait for them to find out that I already have a six-year-old daughter. in the world also includes Isaac’s mother Colleen, who was so excited about my pregnancy that she is now throwing a huge baby shower for me.

And when I say big, I mean humongous. Colleen is the queen of promotion and planning, so you can imagine how big this party is. We won’t be having it at Isaac’s house because some of the rooms are still remodelled, but Colleen found a huge venue and invited 400 people!

You’d think my brother would have found out about my pregnancy by now, but no, I know for a fact that he lives under a rock and cares more about his goofy games than social media, so I think we’re safe. Well as long as Valerie doesn’t spill the beans, which she almost did at Jeanette’s new year’s party, so let’s just keep our fingers crossed.

I’m amazed when I step into the baby shower venue; it’s stunning and filled with natural light. There are blue white and gold balloons everywhere, fake clouds scattered all over the walls and ceilings, a giant realistic gold Moon hanging from the ceiling, big blue and white rose bears.

The tables were decorated with a white fading into a light blue table cloths. And the snack bar is every kid’s dream; filled with candy pastries and the cutest cake I have ever seen, it was blue and had clouds all over, tiny little sheep and cows were on the top and in the middle was a tiny cartoon baby hugging a sheep toy.

“So what do you think?” I looked at a smiling Colleen.

“It’s beautiful.”

“Oh, honey the only thing that’s beautiful is you,” Colleen said then bopped the tip of my nose.

“Thank you so much.”

“Anything for my new little hafid (Grandson),” Colleen said while touching my stomic, I laughed.

“So, who coming to the shower?”

“Oh, you know close friends, photographers... Cousins, relatives.” Colleen said that last one quietly so I wouldn’t hear, but unfortunately I did.

“Relatives! Colleen, I told you I’m not ready.” Isaac has been asking me to meet some of his extended family, and as you know I’m a pussy, so I’m terrified of meeting them.

“I know I know, but pineapples told me to invite them anyways.”

“Ugh, I’m gonna to kill him the next time I see him.”


“Could you kill him after the party? I spent a lot of time on this so that would be greatly appreciated.” I sighed.

“Fine, actually I have to get back home anyway to change anyway so I could do it there.”



2 hours later

Me, Issac and Lovey get to the party and I meet and talk to a lot of Issac’s family, I’m actually enjoying myself more than I thought I would, maybe Colleen was right, Isaac’s relatives have been so nice and welcoming, it was probably just all in my head, like most things are.

Maybe, I need therapy

Me Noah, Isaac, Jeanette, Valerie, Benji, Sarah and Noland, are sitting in one of the lounges as the party is going on, and Noah is chugging a drink.

“Noah, it’s 4:00 in the afternoon,” Sarah says condescendingly.

“Sarah you have no room to talk, you always seem to have a wine glass in your hands, and we both know that what’s in your glass isn’t water.”

Sarah looked shocked, and Benji tried to take a sip from Sarah’s wine, but Sarah smacked his hand away. Noah then got up and walked in the direction of the bathroom.

“Well, who shat in his coffee?” I say confused.

“He’s not usually this harsh,” Nolan said confused as much as the rest of us.

“Yeah.” Benji agreed.

“He’s kind of acting like Isaac,” Valerie said with her head tilted to the side.

“What? I don’t act like that.” We all looked at Isaac then laughed.

“Why are you guys laughing?” Isaac exclaimed.

“Sorry babe, but the hole grumpy guy thing is kind of your brand.”

“No,“ Isaac says defensively.

“Well at least after fucking girls Isaac gives them gift bags and shit,” Benji says as a fact

“Yeah opposed to Noah who just fuck ’em and runs.”

“Jesus you guys are worse than I thought,” Jeannette says looking disgusted. She then leans over to me and whispers “Rowan, is this really the man you want to be with?”

“You know I can hear you,” Isaac said exasperated.

“Yeah that’s the point,” Jeannette said.

“You know I could fire you right?”

“You’re not going to do that,” Jeanette said with a smile

“How could you be so sure?”

“Because in my department, I get the top clients, I have blackmail on every one of our investors, and I’m your girlfriend’s best friend.” Jeannette finished with a sly smile, that didn’t phase Isaac in the least.

“We’ll see about that.” Isaac gave Jeannette a challenging glare.” then out of nowhere Isaac’s cousin Francine walks by with a gift box in her hand.

“Hey Rowan,” Francine chirped with a kind smile.

“Oh hi,” I said giving her a kind smile as well.

“I got you this I hope you like it.” Francine said giving me the gift and then walking away.

"Wow, she is so nice." I before opening the present.

“Oh, a pregnancy book?”

“Why would you need that?” Valerie said confused.

“Yeah, you have a six-year-old.” Nolan said also with a confused look on his face, I shrugged

“I don't know, but maybe I was wrong about your family.”

“Weeeel” Isaac said his voice going higher.


After the baby shower

I'm on the couch and I decide to open some of the presents and write thank you letters. I then stop and stare at Francine's gift that I put back in the box, I take it out and start reading through it.

I hear Isaac coming down the stairs as I'm looking through this horrifying book.

"Edema, hypertension, preeclampsia, Braxton Hicks contractions, pica."

"What?" Isaac said confused.

"These are all things that can happen to you prenatally and postnatal."

"What?" Isaac said still confused.

"I don't think your cousins like me anymore, like the fuck is GERD?!."

Author's note

Hey guys sorry I've been gone for so long, I've been experiencing a little writer's block, and as you know the story is coming to an end and I want to give it the perfect ending and everyone would like, please put in the comments what you would like to see next.

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