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Chapter 17: The way I see it part 1

10 years ago

I’m at my desk, on the phone with my mom about Thanksgiving; she keeps asking me to go, and I can’t say no, mainly because I’m terrified of her, but I also love her very much.

Noah then walks into the dorm; Noah and I have been friends since middle school, and we just so happen to get the same room, which I’m not complaining about because he’s one of my best friends, he’s clean, and he’s rarely here because he’s usually out partying, but he’s also known for being a heartbreaker, and the hearts that he breaks usually go crazy and start smashing his shit. let’s just say I’m not thrilled to be here, charm and good looks can only get you so far.

“Ok, bye mom, I I gotta get to class,” I said pulling the phone farther and farther away from my ear then hung up.

“Well that was a dumb decision, your mom knows when you lie and she’s scary, we don’t want another New Year’s incident.”

“Please, for the love of God do not bring that up.” Noah’s eyes widened and he raised his hands and surrender.

“What are you doing here anyway? You’re never here during the day.”

“Oh, yeh I left my Biology book here,” Noah said picking up a biology textbook from on top of his bedside table, Noah starts to leave but before he does I ask him a question.

“Wait, Noah.”

“Yeah what’s up?”

“Have you seen Cassie are around?”

“Cass? nah, ever since she started dating that guy we’ve been seeing less and less of her.”

“Dating? dating what guy.“I had no idea Cassie was dating anyone; it’s not that I’m jealous or anything; it just feels strange. She’s always been like a little sister to me ever since me and Benji met her in grade school, and her choice of boyfriends aren’t all that great.s

“Um, I don’t know, I think his name was Miles, Miles Gray? Maybe, I don’t know.”

“Miles Gray?!”


I’m walking with Noah in the halls of Sanford still surprise at the name he gave me.

“Why is she dating Miles Gray?”

“You know him?”

“Not really, but his Dad is friends with mine, I think I met him like twice, guy kind of creeps me out.”

“What kind of creep? like a stalker creep or I’m gonna stalk you and kill your family.” I stand there and think it over a little

“I think a little bit of both.”

“Ok how about this? I have some buddy’s and I’ll ask them to look into him k?”


“Of course,” Noah said with a smile.

“Wow, I thought you were going to whore yourself around for the information.”

“I would, but they’re all guys,” Noah said bitterly walking backwards then turning once he was done, it made me snicker then I walked back to our room.


A day later...

“Babe, come on don’t be like that,” Noah says talking on the phone, he passed me by and flopped onto his bed whispering God knows what to god knows who. then Cassie walks in.

“Hey losers.”

“Hey, just hey? Where have you been for the last week?” She looks at me trying to come up with an excuse and I don’t let her.” Do you have a new boyfriend?”

“What?! what are you talking about,” Cassie said playing dumb and laughing It off. I cross my arms in my chair and give her a disapproving stare, she sighs.

“Who told you?”

“Who do you think?” As soon as I said that she looks behind her to see Noah staring back at her with a very guilty-looking face, he looks like a deer caught in headlights. He quickly rushes out of the room stumbling then slamming the door behind himself, She looks back at me with a pout on her face.

“Yeah, that’s not gonna work on me, I’m not Benji.” Benjie’s week with Cassie, he gives in easily.

“Yeah I’m dating someone, what about it?”

“What do you mean what about it? Your past relationships have gone horrible, and who was there to pick up the pieces?”

“You Benji, Noah, Noland, but he’s different.”

“That’s what you said about Kevin, and Charlie, and Marcus-.”

“I know!” She yelled then pause for a moment.” Isaac, he makes me feel like I’m not alone,”

“So we leave you lonely?” I say defensively.

“No! that’s not what I meant, I love you guys, but you guys are like my brothers, and he sees me as a woman. I know you think you don’t like him but he’s great, once you meet him you’ll hit it off.

“I’ve already met him,” I said this dismissing her thought.


“It was years ago but I doubt he’ll be any different.”

“Isaac please.” I looked into her pleading eyes, I thought maybe just maybe he could have changed.


5 months later

Cassie was discovered dead from a drug overdose in the upstairs bedroom of a party; along with 2 others, Miles was detained, as were the majority of the partygoers, for illegal activity taking place at the party. d.

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