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Chapter 2 : Spotlight

8:35 pm

After getting cleaned up and redoing my makeup we finally get to Jeanette’s party, according to Jeanette, somebody owes her a favour, so she’s using their apartment for a party. Poor bastard, no one and I mean no one wants to be in her debt.

And let me just tell you this apartment is gorgeous, there are windows on almost every wall, and it gives this sparkly effect with all the chandelier-lit and looming over us, the furniture is modern yet slick, and there are a bunch of carefully selected people here.

Jeanette sees us then walks over in her purple leather jacket, a black strapless crop top, a chain, and black jeans, with heels of course.

“Rowan,” Jeanette says kissing both of my cheeks, then looks up at Isaac. “Dickhead”, Jeanette said as a greeting.

“Whatever,” Isaac replied rolling his eyes.

“Well, it was nice of you guys to show up, late might I add.”

“You’re lucky that we even showed up in the first place,” Isaac said, and Jeannette grimaced at Isaac. She’s still not a fan of him.

“Whatever,” Jeanette said turning on her heel and beckoning us to follow her. We walked closer towards a sofa area, then I recognize someone, David, my brother.

“David? what are you doing here?” I say in confusion.

“Living my best life, what are you doing here?"

"You know Jeanette is my friend.”

“You guys know each other?” Benji asks.

“She’s my sister.” “he’s my brother,” we say at the same time.

“So Valerie’s dating your brother?” Noah says, I’m guessing just coming back from the kitchen with two drinks in his hands, then he gives one of them to his new mystery girl.

“Yeah?” I say shifting uncomfortably now that Noah is here.

“Okay,” Noah said, with a shrug, then gave the drink to his girlfriend? well, for the night.

“Anyway, what were you guys talking about?” I said while sitting down with Isaac on one of the couches.

“We were talking about the movie John Wick, and whether or not you would fight and kill people for your dog,” Sarah said while on the lap of Benji. “I said hard no,” Sarah said, then took a sip from her champagne glass.

“Yeah, that’s because you hate dogs,” Valerie said defensively.

“Sorry, I’m just a cat person.”

“Yeah, and cat people are most likely to be found dead in their apartment, with their cats feasting on their dead bodies,” Noah said, making Sarah grimace.

“I don’t like cats anymore,” Sarah said freaked out while hugging her arms and cuddling up to Benji.

“After that, I don’t think anyone would like cats here,” Isaac said, bluntly. Waiters wearing black and white suits were passing out drinks, everybody took one. The waiter tried to serve Valerie a drink, but she said.

“No sorry, I’m with child,” Valerie says with a hand on her stomach, David chuckled, the waiter said sorry then offered me one.

“Sorry I’m underage.” the waiter then walked off to serve another group of people.

“Wait wait wait wait, I have a couple of questions,” Benji said bringing attention to himself.

“What?” Noah asked.

“You’re underage, and you’re pregnant? When the hell did this happen?” Benji said pointing at each of us.

“You know I thought me and Rowan would be-“ Valerie was about to say then Sarah sucked in a breath, and Jeanette started coughing, making Valerie just realize what she almost said.

“Never mind,” Valerie said quickly, as the boys gave her weird looks.

“Ok? Anyway, the pregnant thing with Valerie makes sense, but the underage thing, like how under-aged?” Noah asked with his voice going a bit higher when he asked me.

“I’m 19,” I said with a straight face, Sarah choked on her champagne, Noah’s eyes went wide, and Benji’s eyebrows went up.

“That’s a surprise,” Nolan said under his breath.

“Did you guys like not to know?”

“Well we yeah, you don’t look your age, at all.”

“Yeah, it’s a gene that runs in the family, we just naturally don’t look our age,” David said nonchalantly.

“Pardon me?” Jeanette said with a hand on her heart.

“Welp, you know what they say, black don’t crack,” I say with a shrug.

“David, please don’t tell me that you’re like 16 or something,” Benji asked.

“No, I’m 28,”

“You know what, now I’m just confused,” Sarah said.

“What’s there to be confused about, they just don’t age like normal human beings,” Isaac said sarcastically.

“No, we age, we just don’t look our age,” I said, to Isaac.

“Thank you, for clearing that up for me, really,” Isaac said, sarcastically.

“No problem,” I said, with hooded eyes and a smirk. Then out of nowhere, someone opens the door, and it’s the big bad bitch herself, Guinevere.

She’s strutted over to us in a sparkly gold dress, that cuts down to her thigh, and has a slit, her hair also looks dishevelled but purposely.

“Oh, dear God,” Jeanette says taking out a flask from her bra and taking a swig.

“Here we go,” Sarah says with a sigh.

“Puta puta,” (Fucking bitch) I say under my breath.

“Supongo que a ustedes no les gusta tango,”(I'm guessing you guys don't like her that much) David said. Guinevere walked over to us.

“Hey guys, long time no see,” she said with a fake smile.

“Yeah, for a fucking reason,” Jeanette muttered under her breath.

“What was that Jenny?“ Guinevere asked in a sickeningly sweet voice.

“Nothing at all, anyway what are you doing here?”

“I couldn’t miss your New Year’s Eve party, we’re friends remember,”

“Yeah of course,” Jeanette said, her smile slowly fading into a sickly one.

“Oh, hi Rowan, I didn’t see you there it must be because you’re kind of invisible to me, which kind of makes no sense since you’re like a cow,” I’ve never really been self-conscious about my body, it was mainly because I got my body from my mom, and after having Lovey my body did change, into something less petite but still on the average scale.

Jeanette took another swig of her flask, Benji’s eyes widened, and Noah tried to stay out of the conversation, by turning his attention to the girl he’s with, Nolan started to sip his drink awkwardly. I tried so hard to glue myself to this couch, so I wouldn’t smack this hoe right in the face.

“It’s, so great to see you too,” I said politely.

“Hey Isaac,” Guinevere said with a sultry gaze. Isaac silently asked for the flask that Jeanette had in her hand, and Jeanette gave it to him gladly, Isaac downed it, then give it back to Jeanette

“Sorry I just can’t do this sober,” Isaac says while swallowing the clear burning liquid. Guinevere sat next to Isaac, and it stirred up some anger in me. An uncomfortable silence fell over us, well until I said.

“So, Gwen, I’m pretty new to the modelling game, Are there any tips or pointers you would give me?” I said awkwardly with my Oscar-winning smile. Guinevere tilted her head to the side and pouted her lips all while looking at me.

“Um, that.” She said, pointing to something on my face.

“What?” I said furrowing my eyebrows.

“That! Exactly.” Your lines on your forehead, it makes you look old and ugly.” she said with puppy dog eyes making her look absolutely innocent after seeing such a horrible thing. “You know what, just getting rid of your whole entire face, I think plastic surgery will do the check.”

I could see from the corner of my eye that Isaac was getting fed up, and he was about to say something until Jeanette beat him to it.

“Jesus, shut the fuck up,” Jeanette yelled out to the point that the party went quiet, and the music was turned down.

“Excuse me?” Guinevere said accusingly.

“You’re fucking excuse.” I know that Jeanette swears the most out of our friend group, but I have never heard her swear like a drunken sailor.

“I had to blackmail someone for this beautiful ass venue, and you come in without an invitation, then start talking shit about my friend, that barely has a malicious bone in her fucking body”

“So, get your dumb bitch looking ass, out of my fucking party.”

“Or, would you want me to drag you by your hair that looks like it’s hanging by a thread? because I will.” Guinevere looked like she was fuming, but nevertheless, she got up to leave, but before doing so she added.

“Your party sucked anyways.”

“Yeah, that’s because you showed up,” Sarah said. Guinevere snarled at Sarah then turned on her heel to a walkway. When she started walking away Valerie took the champagne out of David’s hand and threw it on her. Guinevere gasped and so did Jeanette’s guests, I slapped a hand to my mouth, trying to stifle a laugh.

“Did you really have to do that?” David asks while smiling.

“Yes, the bitch seemed parched, from the way she was hanging off Isaac.” As soon as the door closed, and she was gone everybody started cheering.

“Thank you, thank you very much,” Jeanette said as the crowd clapped and cheered for her like she saved a bunch of people from a burning building.

“Hey, If you ever need help with the blackmailing situation, I can help you with that, I’m a lawyer,” David said casually.

“Oh, or real? OK, I have a bunch of things.”

“What, you do?” Nolan said with a frightened yet curious look on his face.

“You really don’t care about your reputation,” Noah said.

“I don’t have to care, I know everybody’s dirt, no one’s going to try to come for me.”

“Yeah, but you don’t have any of me.” Isaac said arrogantly.”

“Yeah, that’s where Rowan comes in, from all the shit you pooled she’s probably going to sell you out in a heartbeat, and especially because I’m her friend, oh best friend might I add.” Isaac looked at me exasperated, and I had to look away.

“That’s hot,” Noah said.

“Thank you,” Jeanette said with a seductive smile.


January 1st

9:17 am

After Guinevere left the party it was smooth sailing, we did the whole countdown thing, and danced it was fun. Isaac left for a meeting, and I called over Valerie Sarah and Jeanette, we’re now in the kitchen, Valerie on one of the bar stools, Jeanette standing next to Valerie while drinking herbal tea, Sarah sitting on the counter and me making my grilled cheese sandwich, that I’ve been craving for days.

“Hey guys, ” Valerie said looking troubled.


“Someone took a video of the whole Guinevere situation at the party they posted it,” Valerie said, with her eyebrows furrowed.


“Yeah, it’s only cut off to the part where she says that Jeanette’s party sucked, there are so many articles about this.”

“Read one,” Sarah said.

“The article is called a beautiful monster.”

“Guinevere magnolia O’Brien had accusations from as far as three years ago about her behaviour, but we as the media didn’t know who to believe, the producers, the people she worked with, or beautiful Guinevere, but after a video from businesswoman Jeanette Bennett’s New Year’s Eve party surfaced, we know exactly who the monster is, and it’s not the new hottest model out there Rowan Zolomon.”

“And after making absolutely nasty comments about her in said video, about her weight, her face, and in previous Instagram Lives, saying that she had malicious intentions, Guinevere has a lot to explain to do, and she better do it quickly, because her behaviour has been absolutely unacceptable."

"Shit, they really went for her," Sarah said.

"Good, she’s just been hurting people left and right with no consideration about how they might feel, it doesn’t matter what situation she’s ever been in to make her act that way, she should be acting like a grown fucking adult, because that’s what she is," Jeanette said, then sipped her tea.

"Oh, there’s another one about you and Isaac," Sarah said leaning over to Valerie's phone scrolling on it. I really perked up, I felt like butterflies were in my stomach, for some reason I wanted to know what the public thought of me and Isaac's relationship.

"Oh really, read it, read it, read it."

"It says here, under an adorable photo of you guys walking into the party." Valerie said.

"Oh let me see," I said excitedly. It was a picture of Isaac's arm around me, we were laughing, it was weird me and Isaac have been happy but seeing it from the outside makes us look in love.

"Young, sexy, chief executive officer Isaac Collins is spotted with the new girl in town, gorgeous Rowan Zolomon. last night we are all confused and have a bunch of questions when did they start going out and if so, are they? Is this that situation where Rowan tunes out to be a golddigger? or will she live up to her New nickname, Angel, that every blogger seems to be calling her these days.


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