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Chapter 22 : Cold

When I woke the next day my room was filled with blue and white teddy bears and balloons and roses.

“You’re right awake,” Isaac said smiling sitting down on the chair next to me.

“Yeah, the thing is I don’t remember falling asleep.”

“Oh yeah.”



Valerie was rolled in a wheelchair holding her baby named Liam, Oliver, Zolomon.

“Oh my god, Roooon, look at m baby,” Valerie said.

“Oh my god, he’s sooo cute, look at my baby,”

“Oh my god .”

“What’s wrong with them? Gene asked.”

“Pain meds.” David, Matthew, Noah, Benji all said at the same time.


“Oh yeah, that did happen,” I say then feel something move under the covers. I looked down and saw a sleeping Lovey, I pick her up and hold her.

“Why didn’t you take Lovey home?”

“She begged me to stay.”

“Did she like her little brother?” I asked nervously.

“You tell me.” He says then shows me a video on his phone of Lovey and Erin.

“Mommy, can I hold him please?”


“But you need to sit down first,” Isaac said picking her up and putting her on the couch. Someone hands her Erin.

“He’s heavy.” People laughing in the background, I could see the smile on her face while she looked down at him. the video ended with her smiling at him, and it brought a smile to my face too.

“I’m glad, I was so worried.

“Well don’t, everything’s going to be okay.” I sigh and sit back feeling a weight lifted off my shoulder.

“So, how does it feel.”

“How does what feel?”

“You’re a Daddy now, and to two kids,” I said teasing him. He looked at me with hooded eyes and a dark look in them.

“A kid just ripped out of you and now you wanna play this game?”

“What game,” I say trying not to smile but failing. he got up and kissed me.

“You are too beautiful,” He said cupping my cheek.

“I haven’t even looked in a mirror and I already can tell that I look terrible.”

“Well, you don’t see what I see.”


Isaac Collins POV

3 days later...

We moved into our new house and life’s been going great, well, at least for me.

“Is she ok?” Benji asked.

“Um, yeah I think so,” I say looking over at Rowen. She has deep bags and her heir is in a low vary messy bun, Erin is sleeping soundly in his baby seat, she’s staring intently at him cross-legged on the couch while holding a baby bottle in her hand. I’m holding her by the waist and she’s doing all of this.

“Rowen?” Sarah calls out for her.

“Ron.” Jeanette calls too. Rowan just sits there until she slowly falls back falling asleep.

“Shhh, she hasn’t slept in 2 days.” She then gasps and wakes up.

“I almost fell asleep, why didn’t you guys wake me up”

“Because you look like a corpse,” Noah said, Rowan started to glare at him. “Oh, you don’t believe me? I have seen a lot of corpses.”

“Noah, I swear,” Jeannette said through gridded teeth.

“Ok Ok, I’m sorry.” Erin starts to wiggle and move then he opens his eyes.

“Come on you son of a bitch, cry.” Rowan quietly mumbles,

“Wait, Erin’s her son so does that mean that she’s calling herself a bitch?” Benji said.



Jeanette, Valerie and I are at the gym, Isaac practically forced me to do something other than stare at the baby

“Wow, you guys I’m so happy that decided to come along with me to the gym,” Janette said excitedly. Jeanette is a very healthy person and I can’t really say that I am too, but I need to get out of the house according to Isaac so here I am.

“I didn’t really have a choice, I just really want to get rid of this blobfish I call a stomach to not exist on me,” Valeri said.

“Makes sense,” Janette said

“I still feel a little anxious about leaving Erin with Isaac,” I say biting my lip and my eyebrows furrowed.


“Because I don’t know, I didn’t have a partner to leave Lovey with and it feels strange to just start doing it now.”

“I know it feels weird for me to leave Liam too, at the hospital, they offered to take him to the nursery but I just couldn’t.”

“Why would you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Not put him in the nursery,” I asked as we walked ed over to the treadmills.

“Because he’s my baby and I love him?”

“I know, but that was one of your last chances to have a good night’s sleep,”

“Oh shit, tantalized me with this cuteness.”

“It’s truly a rookie mistake,” I said shaking my head.

“Anyway look, he’ll be fine,” Janette said

“I know but still,” I said as I and the others got on, I chose my selected speed then started running.

“Hey, where’s Sarah?” Valerie asked.

“Oh, I called her and asked her if she wanted to come to the gym with us, but she just started laughing.”

“Wow, that hoe really just did that.” Valerie

“I would have done the same thing if you guys didn’t drop by my house and dragged me here.”


1 hour passes...

Were now on mats stretching.

“Oh hey, you guys won’t believe it,” Jeanette says after touching her toes.

“Believe what? I say.”

“It’s about the director.”

“Wait, what? I said surprised, I know that who’s the last ex-wife had a restraining order against him, and I haven’t heard anything else all year.

“Well, I heard he got a membership at a BDSM club.” Valerie gasped.

“Wait, those are real?”

“Hmm.” they both nodded and hummed. I then looked past them and upon one of the walls the TV is playing the news channel and they’re talking about Miles, I thought he was still on house arrest.

“Rowan, what are you-” Jeanette briefly asks and looks behind her and see what’s on the TV Valerie does too.

“Shit,” Jeanette says I look at them.

“You guys already knew about this,” I said feeling numb.

“Rowan we-” Valerie started.

“Save it, I’m going home.”


I went through the door and immediately I see Lovey and her friends Cole, James, and Savannah playing with her toys in the living room.

"Mija," I call out to Lovey. She looks up with a big smile, then comes running, then hugs me. “Hey, guys, what you doin? I say walking over then crouching.

“Were playing princess monster,” Cole answered

“Princess monster?”

“All the princesses are monsters and the 2 adventures are supposed to find a way to kill them all.

"Uh that, actually sounds really cool, um my Love."


"Where's daddy? we ran out of Cheeto puffs, so he called Nana (grandma) to take care of Erin."

"Oh ok," I say then kiss the top of her head and walk up the stairs

I walk over to the nursery and open the door, I see Colleen rocking back and forth in the rocking chair feeding Erin with a boddle.

"Oh hey," She says in a hushed voice got up then puts the baby in his crib. She switched off the lights then closed the door.

"Colleen, thank you so much for taking care of the kids."

"Of course, I was already nearby for a photo shoot.

"Well thank you anyway."

"You're probably looking for pineapples I'm guessing, but you don't have to worry he'll be here soon."

Yes, the sooner I can chop his head off and stab it through a stick and put it outside our lawn the better, I really do feel like going rustic with this murder.


Sometime later...

I decide to take a shower, I open the shower door and turn the water on, I let the water engulf me in its warm embrace, I start to grip my forearms, and it feels like yesterday I was in the clue bathroom and he was griping my arms with so much force.

I closed my eyes and tried to think good thoughts or just feel anything but sad. I walked out of the bathroom after putting on a towel, then I went into you my closet and picked out some clothes.

I heard the closet door open and I felt hands wrap around my waist.

"Lovey's little friend's parents came and pick some up, and I put Erin to bed and my mom's gone,soo."

"You wanna lie to me some more?" I say then turn.


"Oh, you don't know what I'm talking about?" Isaac looked confused and startled.

"Why would I lie to you?."

"So you're telling me you didn't lie about miles being in jail." Isaac's face went blank he opened his mouth to say something but I just didn't want to hear it."

"I don't want to do this right now," I say turning and putting on my clothes.

"So your just not going to let me explain?" I didn't respond.


"Rowan come on." I walk out of the closet and pushed past Isaac after I was finished changing.

"I'm sorry talk to me," I said throwing to throw pillows on the chair we have in their corner of the room. I crawled into bed.

"You shouldn't sleep her tonight." I say coldly.

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