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Chapter 23 : Disobedience

Isaac’s POV

After I was kicked out of Rowan and I’s room, I called Jannette. The phone rang then she answered.


“Why would you tell her?” I say getting straight to the point.

“We didn’t tell her anything, she found out on her own and now she’s mad at us.”

“And you didn’t think to call me for a little heads up?”

“That’s not my job.”

“Janette I think your forgetting who has the leverage here.”

“And who might that be?”

“Me.” She started laughing from the other side of the phone.

“Rowan told me that you’re funny but I didn’t realize you were this funny.”

“Are you forgetting that you were the one that took bribes from me to keep this little secret?” The line went silent.


“Yeah, getting sloppy aren’t you.”

“Whatever, What do you want?”

“Nothing,” I say then end the phone call. I sigh,“Fuck” I breathed out.”


Rowan’s POV

I wake up feeling shity, I think this is the shityest I have ever felt, I just don’t understand why he would lie to me, it’s almost as if he sees me like a glass vase, so breakable and fragile.

I’m not fragile and I’m not breakable, why do I need to keep proving that to him?

After getting Lovey to her friends house I walk to the kitchen to get some water, when I do I wasn’t expecting to see a gargantuan asshole. He was sitting at the kitchen table, and he looked up at me.

“Sit.” I sat my bag on the kitchen counter and walked over to the table, to sit across from him.

“Why? just why would you lie to me?”

“You were already going through so much stress, I just wanted-”

“To keep me safe,” That’s literally the same excuse he gives me every time.

“Yeah, and Erin safe too. It wasn’t just you anymore after that scare it made me so much more protective of our family, I don’t want Miles to take another person that I love away from me.” When he said that it was almost if I could see fire in his eyes, and I felt bad, but I wasn’t going to waiver.

“So, you were just going to blatantly lie to my face? and you told my friends to lie to me too.”

“Yeah, and I would do it again, I knew if you found out that he wasn’t under house arrest anymore you would be terrified.”

“No I wouldn’t.” I Bluff.

“Yes, you would, because there would be a chance he could be bailed out.”

“I know what you’re thinking, you’re not fragile, but I am, and it would break me if anything happened to you or Erin. I was selfish and I should have told you as soon as possible, but there was no right time, to be honest there was never going to be a right time.”

“Sometimes I just don’t understand what’s going on in your head, I don’t understand you because you never let me in, I don’t know a lot about relationships but I know that you have to trust one another, and you have to trust that I will have your back. Don’t keep things from me, it makes it harder to love you.” I said that last part a little quieter.

“Come here.” He said and I reluctantly got up and walked over. he sat me on his lap and I leaned my head on his shoulder. “I’m so sorry, you know I just love you so much.”

“I know,” I said then looked him in the eyes, “You’re so annoying sometimes.” He laughed.

“I Love you, my beautiful fiance, and it looks like you’re stuck with me.”

“I Love you too.” I said then grabbed him by his earlobe and the top part of his ear with my other hand. ” Stop doing shit like this, you hear me in there?” I say practically yelling in his ear and knocking on his head.

“Ow.” He said laughing.

“I said do you here me?”

“Ok, yes I hear you.”

“Good,” I said getting up and off his lap. I could hear the chair squeak indicating he got up, he then pulled my arm and my back connected with his chest. He started to lately plant kisses on my neck just the way I like. I turned to meet his eyes.

“I forgive you, but no sex.” I turned and walked out of the kitchen without waiting for his reaction.


6 weeks have passed, I went to the doctor to see if I’m clear to have sex. And she said yes.

I made sure that no one told him I was here at the office, I walked through the hallway and knocked on his door, surprisingly he opened it by himself, he looked very surprised to see me.

"What are you doing-"

"I’m still very disappointed in you."

"I said i was sorry?"

"I don’t really like the thought that you don’t think that I’m strong enough."

"I never said that and-"

"Well, it doesn’t really matter now, if you’re so sorry then you’re going to have to endure my punishment."

"Punishment?" He Scoffed.

"Mhmm," I hummed then sat on his desk. when I did my skirt bunched up showing my black lacy panties.

"You’re going to punish me?" He said getting closer to me.

"Yeah." I said simply

"And how are you going to do that?"

"Like this," I said pulling my panties off then lifting one of my legs up on the desk so he could get a proper view of my pussy.

He was obviously taken it back, he didn’t think I would do something so bold, but anyone could be surprised at what a little anger could do. He was staring intensely at my sweet little pussy that he hasn’t seen in six weeks.

He started to walk closer to me but before he got any closer I stopped him with a heel on his chest. I could feel myself starting to drip just from him staring so I started to rub my clit.

I moaned, it’s been a long time since I touched myself on my own and I wasn’t going to lie I did miss his touch, but it’s his punishment."

"Fuck," I moaned out.

"Rowan, don’t do that," He said warning me, but I didn’t listen, I rubbed it in slow circles and moaned under my touch, throwing my head back, it felt good, but I was also exaggerating. Just having him stare at me makes me even more aroused, I started to dip a finger in my wetness.

"Rowan I’m serious." He said his voice becoming huskyer and deeper then before. I started to finger myself with two fingers just wishing it was his calloused big fingers inside of me but I have to stay strong.

My mouth fell open as a moaned his name, he didn’t take his eyes away from my soaking wet pussy, I made my fingers go deeper inside of me until I felt my knuckles graze my G spot, I moan loudly and started taking jagged breaths.

I take my thumb and start to rub my clit some more while my two fingers were exploring the inside of my pussy.

"Oh God." I can feel my climax building up inside of me.

I start to breathe heavier then I did before. I looked down and saw Isaac’s hard cock through his pants, I started to smile like a sadist. I knew I was torturing him on the inside and i liked it. I grazed my G spot again, I could feel myself getting there and I couldn’t wait to see his face when I cum in front of him.

"Rowan, don’t cum," Him just saying that threw me off the edge, I wanted him so badly, my juices were dripping on his desk and I threw my head back and yelled.

Fuck, that was good

I slipped my fingers out of me and licked them clean, he stared at me through all of it and I was craving this powerful feeling.

"I told you not to cum."

"And I told you not to lie to me."

"Rowan, you’re playing a dangerous game, if you’re going to act like a whore expect me to treat you like one."

"Oh really, how?" I said getting off of his desk. Isaac foresd me to my knees, I was surprised he did it so fast, then he unbuckled his belt and puld down his boxers making his cock spring out and slap me in the face. I gasped.

The tip of his cock was dripping cum, and it was rock hard by the feel of it when it hit me, Isaac took it by the base then gripped my hair and tilted my head back.

“Suck it,” I looked up at him, he clenched his jaw and his eyes became dark, I was terrified and more aroused than ever.

I licked his cock while looking up at him, but from the looks of it he wasn’t having none of it. He shoved his whole dick in my throat and guided my head back-and-forth as I took him in.

I tried to relax my throat so I can take him all in, But he was rocking his hips fast, I started choking and cough, and he pressed my head into his cock and held me there for some time.

I started to cough and gag as he held me there. He let my hand go and I started to cough and catch my breath.


He took me by the hair and forced me to get up. He picked me up and threw me on his desk. I was breathing heavily as he smirked before slamming his dick inside of me, I yelped.

"Yes," I said finally feeling him inside me. My eyes practically rolled in the back of my head as I felt his big hard cock inside of me. I bit my lip so hard that I drew blood, but he didn’t care.

Then he slipped out of me fully, I wanted him and his length inside of me, I wanted it and I guess I got my wish because he slammed inside me again, doing it over and over and over until I was gripping the desk fighting for consciousness, I heard him moan and grunt.

"Fuck, How does it feel huh? Thrust "You Like that? You think you can just walk in here," Thrust "And," Thrust "saduce me?" Thrust "Like the little slut you are" Thrust "And just walk out?" I was shaking, he was hitting all that right places, with so much forse and I can’t take it anymore,

I was going to cum and I was going to cum hard.

Incoherent words fell from my lips, pleases, curses and I was going to cum. He was fucking me faster and I felt tears roll down my face. I was high off of this feeling and I never wanted it to end, my breathing became faster and I came, squirting this time, cuming all over his cock.

But he didn’t stop fucking me, I tried to squirm away after my 2 orgasms, I couldn’t take anymore, I was sensitive and he knew that, I looked up at him and he smirked at me fucking me through it.

Then he slammed in me one last time before cuming Inside of me. I felt so full. he’s slid out of me and and put his pants back on. He then picked me up and off the desk and pulled my skirt down. I turned to walk out but he stopped me by whispering in my ear.

"If you do something like that again I’m going to have to fuck the disobedience out of you." A little gasp left my lips, I could still feel the cum oozing from my pussy. He then slapped my ass.

"Wait for daddy when he gets home, k?"

"Yes." I say In a shaky tone.

"Yes what?"


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