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Chapter 24 : Dread

September 6th, Sunday.

Lovey decided to help me clean the kitchen today, it was surprising. After Erin was born she asked a lot of questions like, “What was he eating when he was in there?” or “Was he not breathing in there.” When you think about it's kind of cute when she’s thinking she furrows her little eyebrows, she looks so mad but she’s just thinking, it's adorable.

After we were done I went to go check on Isaac and Erin In Isaac’s office. The door was half open and I saw Isaac reading to Erin while sitting on one of his chairs, the light from the windows spilled out and made the old books on his big shelves almost sparkle.

“I know not all that may be coming, but be it what it will, I’ll go to it laughing.” Isaac read I’ve heard that somewhere, it’s so oddly familiar, then it clicks.

“It is not down on any map; true places never are. Better to sleep with a sober cannibal than a drunk Christian.” I resided before Isaac could read it on the page. He looked and smiled. “Are you reading Moby Dick to our 7 week-old baby?”

“He’s the one who picked it out,” He said getting up from his seat.


“I showed him the shelf of books and he grabbed at it, I think he’s a bookworm.” He said that last part while looking at Erin.

“Maybe, just maybe he liked the pretty shiny gold trim on the book.”

“No no, I think he’s a genius.”


“Yeah, you’re a genius, I’m pretty smart, you made Lovey with an idiot and she’s a genius, what will Erin be? A super genius.

“You’re so weird,” I say and laugh then kiss him and take Erin out of Isaac’s arms then walk off.

“What’s so weird about it?” Isaac said walking after me.

“Literally everything.” I heard Isaac laugh then walk back into his office.

I look at Erin and he’s the tiniest thing, with wisps of dark brown curly hair and brown eyes like mine, his skin is smooth and soft and reminded me of light caramel.

And his head smelled sooo good, I missed smelling that new baby smell.

I kiss his forehead than look at him for a little. He’s looking back at me with an almost confused look on his face, then he yawned, I sighed.

“Too cute.”


September 11th, Tuesday.

I didn’t think today would come, mainly because I assumed everyone would forget and just sweep it under the rug, but I’m glad this is happening, for what feels like the first time I actually want to face the person that hurt me.

I walk into the room.

“Hi Mrs. Zolomen it’s very nice to meet you, please have a seat.”

“Ok.” I said taking a seat.”

“We’re going to ask you a few questions, if you feel uncomfortable just tell me and we can skip it.” I sighed.


“When did you first meet Mr. Gray?”

“I met him on the second of September.”

“What did Mr. Gray seem like at the time?”

“He was nice, charming and flirtatious. He didn’t seem like a bad person, he seemed more like a playboy or something, harmless.

"What was the second encounter you had with Mr. Gray?"

"Me and Isaac went to a charity event and beforehand I was looking over the guest list, he wasn't on the list, I thought it was weird at the time when he just showed up out of thin air but I brushed it off, but before it bothered me."

“When did you go out on your date with Mr. Gray.”

“Um, I think it was on the 10th of September.” The woman was going to write that down but I remembered. “No, it was the 12th.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure.”

“Please tell us what happened on the date?”

“We went to an art museum in Brooklyn.”


We walked into the museum and it was like a whole new world, there were so many beautiful art pieces, but one of them caught my eye. I walked over towards it mindlessly.

It was a painting of a girl in the middle of a field holding a hammer, on her right it was a gorgeous beautiful field with flowers, trees and chirping birds and on the left was a depiction of a dead field, everything was dying, the trees were withered the bushes were nonexistent, everything looked so dim and glum.

“It’s called the other side,” Miles said looking at the plaque underneath the painting.

“It’s beautiful.”

“You’re beautiful,” Miles said looking down at me, I couldn’t help but smile.

“Thank you,” I said under My lashes. As he looked at me he took my hand and intertwined our fingers, I looked down at our tangled fingers and I just can’t stop smiling like a fool.

“What do you think it means?” I asked He looked at it for a second.

“I think the girl in the middle is torn between two worlds, she knows that the broken damaged one is bad but she can’t seem to leave, maybe she’s holding the hammer because she wants to fix it, but she also wants to be happy and live in a serene place but she also wants to explore the bad one too.”

“That was very insightful.”

“Thank you, Let’s go look at some other art pieces,” Miles said with a smile then we walked off and looked at other paintings and sculptures, surprisingly Miles is funny.

He made me blush on multiple occasions and I can’t remember the last time someone has made me this happy.


“Well that was the museum, how did you like it?” Miles asked.

“You were right, it was fun.”

“Didn’t I tell you?”

“Yes you did, whatever,” I said then laughed, Miles started to stare at me intensely.

“What?” I said before he kissed me, when I kissed him it felt strange, he wasn’t a bad kisser he obviously knew what he was doing but I just thought I would like it more than I did.

The last person I kissed was Mr. Collins, when he kissed me it made my whole body humm, it was a sensation that I didn’t want to stop. I knew he was using me, I knew it was just fun for him, I knew I was nothing to him but a warm body, but that felt more like a kiss than this one.


Recalling those memories made my whole body shake, he kissed me with so much passion like he genuinely cared for me, but he was imagining some other girl that I don’t even know.

“Mrs. Zolonman Could you please elaborate more on what happened when Mr. Gray drove you home.”

“It started off great, he was driving and we were talking, then he brought up Isaac, my now fiancé, at the time he was my boss so when Miles started to make rude remarks about him I just didn’t feel comfortable saying anything because I didn’t wanna lose my job.”


"And because I wouldn’t join in on rude comments about Isaac his personality did an one80, he became mean and bitter. I got really mad and I didn’t wanna be there with him I wanted to leave so I started screaming and trying to open the door. I don’t think he thought I would react that way." I said letting out a bark of laughter.

She wrote it down, and there was a silence for a second, only her pen to paper could be heard in the silence.

"Do you recall the day that you and your friends went to the club?"

"Yeah, Isaac invited me to the club, me and some of his friends were sitting in a back room chatting, then I needed to go to the bathroom, when I was done miles was waiting for me outside, he looked crazed his eyes were bloodshot, he didn't look coherent."

"He kept asking me why I would leave him, why I never called him back, and in the process, he was hurting me. He was gripping so tightly on my arms that they bruised me after I told him that he was hurting me and he started to hurt himself and started to shout and say sorry. While he was occupied I left."

The woman took my statements and wrote down every single thing that seemed important to the case against Miles. When I was done I left the room Isaac was waiting for me in the lobby, he got up but I walked towards him, and I just hugged him and he hugged me back, and he sent calmed me as usual.

"How was it?" He asked with a tinge of worry in his voice

"Emotionally draining, I never want to do something like this again," I say with dread.

"You won't have to." He said holding me a little tighter.

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