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Chapter 26 : Is it a crime? part 1

Court starts soon and I’m scared, no terrified that Milles’s money will get him out of this, and that he will be about to do this to other girls. Some of these girls lost their lives due to drug overdoses and suicide. One way or another he will face the repercussions, he will be held accountable for all he has done.

“You ready?” Isaac while holding my hand.

“Yeah, I’m ready.”

We walk in the courtroom, and cameras are flashing in our faces, but we're used to it, at some point, I didn’t think I would be. We take a seat at the right side of the courtroom as the cameras are still flashing behind us.

The courtroom doors open again and there comes Miles, he’s wearing a gray suit with a navy blue tie that matches his eyes perfectly. He gave me a glance, he had an unreadable expression, I turned back then squeezed Isaacs's hand.

“Everyone, take your seat.” One of the officers says at a side door. “Now!” The officer shouted at the press, and they all ended up sitting. The Judge walks into the room, and the bailiff said with his big demanding voice. Everyone in the courtroom stood out of respect. The judge takes her set.

“Please be seated.” The judge said after looking at her notes.

“Officer, bring in the jury.” The judge asked. The officer opened the door to a room and outcomes the jury, and they take.


The Judge tells the defence so Milles’s lawyer to make their case, his lawyer goes on to say.

”Everybody wants to be loved, but it’s hard, and especially for a rich handsome man like Miles Grey. it’s really hard to find that kind of love that he’s looking for, so when he does it’s impossible for him to let go no matter what it takes.”

“Mr. Gray, it’s a perfect example of that sentiment is it a crime to love? And we all know that Mr. Gray was a troubled kid, he made a lot of mistakes in his life and battled drug addiction for many years, but none of us can say that we haven’t made mistakes that altered our lives.”

“Mr. Gray previously dated Miss Cassie Cardona 10 years ago, but 5 months later she sadly died.”

“He killed her.” I hear Isaac say under his breath while clenching his jaw.

“Mrs. Cardona was always a bit of a wild child, getting in fights and caught smoking weed and possibly other substances on various occasions, she was not perfect, Mr. Gray saw that and wanted to help her, he wanted to fix her. And I’m sure you did you know how it feels to want to fix something or someone.”

“I think the real crime here is Mr. Gray just caring too much, he wanted to help these girls not break them, he wanted so bad to re-create the love that he had with Miss Cordona, and you found all of those same traits in all these women.”

“At some point, it became a pattern but he didn’t know he was creating purposely find broken girls that he related so much to. He never meant to hurt them he just wanted to fix them.”


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