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Chapter 27 : Is it a crime part 2

“Bullshit, this is bullshit!”

“Calm down, Lovey might hear you,” I say closing our room door After the hearing Isaac has been mad about what Miles’s lawyer said, I can’t blame him, I’m mad too.

Why did they have to pick a lawyer with such a punchable face? I closed our room door softly and walk in front of Isaac stopping him from pacing.

“Isaac, we have evidence upon evidence, and the confession.” I put my hand on his arm and look up at him. “ And even if he’s not convicted of the charges his name has been dragged through the mud.” I feel and see his body relax a bit, he put his forehead on mine and let out a breath. He then took me by the face and kissed me.

“I would have jumped over and killed both of those guys if you weren’t there.” I smile.

“I know.”

“I’m gonna go take a shower, would you like to join me?”

“Maybe later,” I say then plop myself our the bench and took off my heels. My phone rings and I see a picture of me and Sarah on the screen. I pick up the call and put my phone in between my ear and my shoulder.


“Hey, How was the hearing?”

“It sucked,” I say then take off my other heel.

“Sounds about right, all the news headlines are talking about it, It’s like this is the only thing that’s going on in the world to them, like what about what’s happening in the Ukraine.” I let out a sigh.

“Well, what can you do?” I say getting up and walking into our walkin closet and looking in my drawers for clothes.

“Anyway, what that guy said was BS.”

“Yeah, but the jury believed him, They felt sorry for Miles. Right now they think he’s this broken person that just needs a bit of therapy for his mommy and daddy issues,” I say after picking out my clothes, and setting them on the island.

“You and me buddy, but you don’t see me killing guys.”

“You would be a terrible cereal killer,” I say putting my phone down on the island then putting it on speaker.

“Yes, but I would be the hottest one in history.”

“Oh pshh, of course,” I say getting a sweater from the closet.

“Hey! I would.”

“I never said you wouldn’t, so what’s up?”

“Soooo, I heard from the great vine that you’re going to be a model in fashion week!.” She said that last part high pitched, I pause.

“Who told you?!” I say with my eyebrows furrowed.

“No one, and don’t dodge the question, are you?”


“OMG!” As she said that I look up to see Isaac walk in, with a towel hanging off his waist.

“It’s not that exciting,” I say taking off my clothes.

“Are you crazy? Fashion week is so amazing, I went like one with my mom when I was 19, and it was magical, How are you even calm right now?.”

“I don’t know, theirs just way more on my mind to think about,” I say trying to reach a shirt, from the top shelf. Isaac comes behind me plants a kiss on my shoulder then grabs the shirt and gives it to me. I mouth a thank you and he winks at me before picking out his clothes.

“Oh? And what might that be?”

“Oh I don’t know, the wedding, or my 2-month-old baby, and toddler with an attitude problem, oh, and that my stocker in being held in trial. The line went quiet, and I heard Isaac snicker, I gave him a look and he backed out of the closet with his hands up.

“But it’s still exciting, and pulse, you’ve only been a model for what like a year, so this is so amazing for you.”

“I know, but, one thing at a time.”


Week 2 of trial

People of the jury, you might be thinking Mr. Gray was probably just a scared kid that had gotten himself into a sticky situation, and you know, I truly believe that was what originally happened, but it happened again, and you know there’s this saying, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, three times shame on you and me.

The first one was an accident, the second one was a coincidence, and the third one became a pattern, this man blatantly seeks out women that were broken and obviously needed psychological help and he coerced them into thinking that he cared for them in the process poisoning them, and in some cases killing them.

My Client has been dealing with his psychotic outbreaks for 1 and a half years. 1 and a half years, could you imagine being stalked, manipulated, and terrified for your life for that long? Could you imagine what it feels like to be so scared that you had to leave work with your boss every night to make sure that you were safe? My client did not feel safe, she genuinely assumed that he was going to kill her, and he almost did while he trespassed on Mr. Collins's private property.

And every day she was terrified that he had enough money and power to get out of this scot-free. This is a time that she will never get back. 1 and a half years of constant worrying, Mr. Prescott was here testifying his case last week said that this was love, but It’s not, this is an obsession.

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