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Chapter 28 : Is it a crime? part 3

Before my friends and coworkers I get up to the stand, and someone holds a bible next to me.

“Do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you, God?”

“I do,” I said after putting my hand on the bible.

“Miss Zolomen, you are a very smart girl, Mr. Prescott said looking at my file. “Getting straight A’s skipping 2 grads and getting into Bloomington college on a scholarship. That is truly amazing.” Mr. Prescott said in a condescending tone, making me grip my seat a bit.

“Thank you.” I take the compliment graciously

“In my file, it also says that you were somewhat underprivileged is that true,”

Underprivileged? My parents were in the middle class.

“If you mean middle class then Yes,” I say simply and with no facile expression

“Miss Zolomen Is it true that you gave birth to your firstborn at the age of 15? Everyone in the courtroom looked confused.

“Yes.” The whole courtroom looked Stunde, after all, I have never talked about lovey’s existence in the media to keep her safe, but I guess that plan’ thrown out the window.

“interesting, did you know beforehand who Mr. Gray was?

“Yes.” I heard mumbling from the jury, they’re probably thinking that I’m a gold-digging hoer, and I don’t blame them, but I’m not going to make myself look like the villain. “But Mrs. Gray started to flirt with me first.”

“That was not the question.”

“Let her speak,” Her honour said.

“I formally met Mrs. Gray during work hours, I was told that he was a very important client, and yes at the time I was enamoured with him, after all, he is a very handsome man, but I wouldn’t have tried anything with my job on the line.

“This is irrelevant

“yes get to the point Mr. Prescott

“Yes your honour, I’m getting there, Miss Zolomen could u tell us about that

“Alright, I was 15 and I was graduating later that year when I found out that I was pregnant, my parents had kicked me out and my boyfriend at the time decided he didn’t want to be a part of her life, so I lived with my older brother. Up until a year ago.

“People of the jury I would like you to see how Miss Zolomon was in a tough spot at the age of 19, moved out of her brother’s home then proceeded to hunt for rich older men to pay for her and her daughter’s “newfound” lifestyle.”

I knew that I was innocent, and I knew that all this man was saying were just lies, he’s scrambling for a reason to make Miles seem like all of the murders he committed was OK, I know God hates me, it’s been abundantly clear since the monument I was born, but I do know that he’s not going to let this bullshit fly.


My lawer came up to the front after Mr. pescortt was done

Miss Zoloman, could you please tell us when you first stoped feeling unsafe with mr. gray?

“I can’t take this anymore, can we just go home cuddle and watch a movie?”

“That sounds amazing right about now, but we can’t.” Isaac said, "their going to have to question you one more time ok, you’re doing amazing.”

“I just don’t want to have to look at his stupid face.”

“And you won’t have to for much longer.”


My lawyer came up to the front after Mr. Prescott was done

Miss Zoloman, could you please tell us when you first stopped feeling unsafe with Mr. Gray?

The first time was when I was at a club, and I had to go to the bathroom, after I was done he was there. his eyes were red, and he smelt of alcohol. He gripped my arms so tight that they bruised me, when he was occupied I ran. I gulped still feeling uneasy and throughout the whole night, I wore my jacket to hide the new bruises. A file of the pictures of my bruised arms was given to the judge.

“Miss Zolomen could you also tell us what happened later that week.”

“I….” I took a second, I was shaking, and I closed my eyes trying not to cry. I took in a big shacky breath then opened my eyes, and looked at Isaac In the room, my heartbeat slowed, then I continued. “I tried to forget what happened, then when I got in the office and my fiance told me that we would be having the last-minute conference with Mr. Gray.”

“At one point during the conference, my fiance had to leave the room with Mr. Gray’s associates, and we were alone. He got close to me and he started saying he was sorry and that he would never do it again, he even tried to kiss me...”

“If it’s alright could you tell us about when he almost tried to kidnap your daughter?” I sighed and furrowed my eyebrows.

“I was talking to my friend Sarah lain, when she left I looked behind me and saw my daughter staring up at Mr, Gray. He was lurking slowly toward her and I ran, I picked her up and drove off, He was following me but I didn’t stop driving till we were safe.”

“This will be the last one, miss Zolomen tell us about the time Mr. gray attempted to kidnap you,

“I was dropping off my daughter at school and I came back home. I was walking towards the door when I felt someone watching me. I was trying to open the door faster but I kept fumbling the keys in my hand I got the door open but he got a hold of me.”

“If it weren’t for my fiance beating him to a pulp I don’t think I would be here,” I said with a smile. “He also was calling me by Cassie’s name, and at the time I was confused but it was obvious he was on some hard stuff, so I wasn’t too worried about that.”


We come back home and I’m so glad to be over and done with recalling those terrifying memories. I take my shoes off, throw them to the ground, and walk over to the living room and flop on the couch, Isaac follows me and looks at me weirdly, come to like of it he’s been looking at me like that today a lot.


“Nothing,” Isaac said as if I took him out of a daydream.

“If you keep looking at me like that then it isn’t nothing.” He stares at me for a good second then plops on the couch next to me and looks over at me.

“You need to go to therapy.”

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