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Chapter 3 : Tell Me The Truth

January 2

"Hey guys, welcome back to dish or don't, today we're here with the beautiful Angel Rowen Zolomen," The show host said excitedly. I have never been on a show before so the cameras and the host are making me nervous.

"So Angel, what happened with you and Guinevere?" Every person in the media has been calling me Angel, so this isn't a surprise to me.

"I guess when I first started modelling, I unknowingly took Guinevere's spot in the shoot, I had absolutely no idea, the makeup artist just said that she thought I wasn't coming, she mistook me for Guinevere, and I took full responsibility and told the producer that I wasn't supposed to be there, but I guess he didn't really care."

"Wow, so sorry that Guinevere said such awful things to you, you really did not deserve to be exposed to such a toxic part of the modelling community, just know that there are other models that are much nicer than Guinevere, and her nasty fans," The host said adjusting her cue cards in her lap.


"Now, I know this has been killing me and I'm pretty sure everyone that saw the picture with you and Isaac Collins, what is your status?"

"Well, me and Isaac are actually dating," I said that while playing with my fingers and blushing, I asked Isaac if it was okay that I told people, and he said and I quote "labels don't really matter, call it what you want." Spoken like a true emo kid.

"How did you meet? how did it start? I have so many questions." due to the circumstances that we met in I decided to leave some details out, I rehearse this several times before this interview. From the corner of my eye, I can see the crew leaning over to hear what I have to say, they're so invested in me and Isaac's relationship.

"Well, I worked for him at one point, and that's kind of how I got to the shoot because I was replacing someone that was supposed to find models, but then after I quit, and we ended up meeting at this event and I guess the rest is history."

"You worked for him!?" The host said eyes wide and a huge grin on her face. she's definitely going to get a bunch of views on this.

"Actually I kind of hated him the first time we met, he just knew how to get under my skin, at some point, I actually thought I hated him, so when we did meet at this event it was surprising to see him in his natural habitat, he was cool and nice and it freaked me out," I said while smiling.

"So, that means you haven't been dating for long then?"

"Yeah, we haven't."

Total lie

"So that kind of means you don't know his dating history." The host said hinting at the direction she's taking this conversation to, to be honest, I barely know anything about Sabrina, Isaac has only talked about how but he hates her.

"Well yeah, we haven't really gone down the road."

Lying again.

"So you don't know about Sabrina?"

"Well ya, it's just that our relationship is new and talking about things like that would probably make him uncomfortable.”

"I see, well you must know Mr. Collins has with a lot of girls are you worried that they might come after?"

"No, why?"

"Because of your young age and the fact that you're not usually what he goes for."

"Are you saying that because I'm black he wouldn't he have gone for me?" I say with a straight face.

"NO! that's not what I meant, I meant-"

"Yeah no, I'm done," I say getting up and walking out of the studio, my new manager Lizzie calling after me.

"Rowan!" I hear her say behind me, I stop walking as soon as I hear the studio door close, I turn around to face Lizzie.

"What happened in there?" she said exasperated.

"Ask the host, I don't what to be named another angry black girl on Twitter." Lizzie lets out a sigh.

"I know, I'm-"

"No, you don't know," I say, cutting her off, Lizzie's face softens.

"I'll take care of it, don't worry." She says with a smile then walks back into the studio leaving me there with only my thoughts to keep me company.

"How many girls has Isaac been with?" I think out loud.

"You know what, I don't wanna know," I say walking back into the studio.


Lovey and I just came back home after picking her up from school, I don't know if Isaac is back yet, but when I hear the talking coming from the kitchen answers my question. Lovey runs over to the kitchen after taking off her black shiny shoes, her purple butterfly backpack bouncing and making shuffling noises as she runs, I walk a little slower behind her, not in that much of a rush.
"Daddy, Daddy, can I start learning how to ice skate?" I hear Lovey say. I get to the kitchen and lo and behold Noah is sitting across the table from Isaac. I feel my stomach turn. Shit shit shit, did he tell Isaac?
Fuck, Isaac and I have been good, if he tells then all the progress we've had would be for nothing, and I would be the second woman on planet Earth to fuck his fragile heart.

I walk into the kitchen fully but slowly, still nervous.

"Hey, you guys," I say, cautiously.

They both look at me, Noah with an unreadable expression. I look over to Isaac my heart still pounding.

And he smiles at me, which is a very good sign, my heart unclenches, I can feel myself breathe again, I need to tell Isaac or Noah will, and surprisingly Noah's a bigger asshole than Isaac, so he'll do it with a smile on his face.

"Hey?" Isaac replies while picking up Lovey.

"So, what you guys talking about?" I say still a little skeptical of what's going on here.

"Nothing, just hospital stuff," Noah says looking at the ground then he looks up at me.

"I have this patient, that won't help her boyfriend that she's pregnant," Noah says looking at me dead in the eye.

"That sucks," Isaac says.

"Yeah, every guy should know if they have a kid somewhere,"

Noah says, condescendingly. "Anyway," Noah says getting up abruptly from his chair and making me jump at the same time. " I got shit to do, I'll see you two later, see you, Love."

"Bye, Lovey said with a bright smile." In return, they gave her a bright smile as well.

"How about I walk you out," I say with a bitter smile.

"Sure, why not," Noah says. We walk towards the entrance, and there's this uncomfortable tense silence between us, and once we get out of earshot from the kitchen I'm livid.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" I whisper hartley.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about," Noah whispers back nonchalantly.

"We both know what I'm talking about, I told you I would tell Isaac on my own time,"

"And I told you, that if you don't tell him soon I will, he's my best friend, I'm not willing to ruin my relationship with him for a money-sucking leech, like you."

I've always known in the back of my head that Noah wasn't my biggest fan, but to hear him say it kind of hurts, it's like, I can't just like him because I like him, I have to want something from him. And I don't want anything from him.
Tears well up in my eyes, I don't know if it's because my hormones are on overdrive, or maybe because I have to once again prove myself.

"If I was a money-sucking leech, I would have told him about the baby, and take an unreasonable amount of child support,"

"You think you can trick everyone, but not me," Noah says slowly walking closer to me till my back's against the wall.

"I know people like you, after Sabrina Isaac was a mess I'm not letting it happen again."

"You know what, the baby's probably not even his."Noah said with a scowl. I have always thought that Noah was a rare breed, especially his looks, he has an eyebrow slit, waves, deep brown eyes you could get lost in, but right now he looks ugly, now that I know what he thinks of me.

"You know-" before I could finish I was interrupted.

"What the hell did you just say?" Me and Noah slowly turn to the voice, and of course, it's Isaac.

Author's note
Hey guys I don't know about you but for me, it's felt like a hundred years since I've posted, so if I have the time I will probably post the next chapter later today.
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