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Chapter 32 : Mothers

Isaac’s POV

I felt strange walking through Rowan’s childhood home. It didn’t look anything like I expected it to be so... warm and comforting? The way Rowan describes living here made it sound like this place was a horror house, but it’s normal.

"So, you must be Mr. Isaac Colins." A voice said from behind me. I turned around to see an older, taller man. His arms were crossed over his chest, and he didn't look happy.

"You must be Mr. Zoloman." I said in the same stern voice he used.

"Yes I am. I'm not a person that likes to beat around the bush, so tell me what your intentions are with my daughter?"

"I love Rowen very much and want to marry her." Sooner or later, he and I were staring each other down. He sized me up and said,

"Keep her safe." He turned to walk away, but I couldn't help but say

Ever since the first day I met her, that's what I've done.He then continueded to walk away.

At least he was easier than David.


Rowen "s POV

Sitting at the table Erin was on my lap playing with his baby toy that she seems to be enamoured with lately. Everybody was smiling, laughing, and talking, but I wasn’t. I felt like an outsider looking in on her own family. For once, even Isaac was socializing, and for once, David and Isaac weren’t crashing.

What is wrong with me? Why can’t I just be happy? Why do I always have to create drama in my own life? Just be happy, or look like you are.

A few minutes passed by, I put Erin down for a nap and I came back. I put a fake smile on my face, but I could feel it fading by the minute.

I should stuff some food into my mouth so I don’t have to smile.

Things at the table got a little quiet until Ella started to speak.

“Rowan, I hear from your brother that you’re a successful model.” I looked surprised that anyone at this table would be talking to me right now. I was about to say something but I realized that I still had a bunch of food in my mouth. I quickly choked it down.


“That’s so cool, I could never.”

Don’t say that you’re so beautiful.

“That’s what I’ve been saying,” Owen said, smiling down at Ella.

Well, you have to say that, you’re my boyfriend. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Owen this happy in... now that I think about it, ever. He’s the middle child and usually overlooked, so while Kai and I were up to our shenanigans, and David was too busy being perfect, he was just there.

“Anyway, is the job hard?”

“Well? yes and no.” I heard a scoff from across the table. I didn’t even have to look over to know who it is, to be honest, I thought she would ignore me the whole entire time that I was here, but I guess not. I start to stare daggers at her while saying.

“As I was saying it goes, either way, depending on the photographer or a company you’re working with, but thankfully I didn’t have that much of a problem.”

“Of course, you didn’t. ” My mother mutters under her breath.

“What was that? mom.” it physically hurts to call her that.

“Dije, por supuesto que no era difcil para ti si dormias hasta la cima.” (I said, of course, it wasn’t hard for you if you slept your way to the top.) My eyes widened and I heard a gasp come from David.

“Mama,” he said giving her a warning stare, she didn’t look back at him, she just stared at me, looking down on me despite our height difference.

“Sabes que al menos no soy una perra autocondenada, a la que solo le importa lucir perfecta y no el bienestar de sus hjos.” (You know at least I’m not a self-centred bitch, that only cares about looking perfect and not the well-being of her kids)

Kai’s eyes started to gradually get bigger, Valerie and Ella looked completely confused since they don’t know Spanish, but everyone else was surprised at my outburst, even my dad.

Growing up I never really had a backbone, my mom treated me like dirt and I took it, she was my at-home bully and there was no escaping her: me talking back to her is something that none of them have ever seen except for the day that I left.

“?Como te atreves?“( How dare you.) she said menacingly.

“Rowan, you can’t talk to your mother that way.” Dad scolded

“Stay out of it.” Mom and I said at the same time.

“I think I need to use the restroom,″ Ella said, then scurried off.

“Hey, kids we should go downstairs and watch a movie,” Val said, running and taking the kids with her. I got up from my chair and she did too.

“You’re a disgrace, you sell your body for money.”

“I model, that’s not selling my body, maybe you’re just jealous.”

“How can I be Jealous of a slut like you?”

“You no what fuck you.”

“Rowan.” Isaac said putting a hand on my shoulder, I shrugged him off.

“When I hit puberty, no when I started to have an opinion you started to treat me like shit. You constantly made me feel like I was not worth it, you put David on a pedestal, you never held Kai accountable, and you treated Owen like a gost.

"I wish I never gave birth to you." She said with a sner on her face. I knew she felt that way but to hear her say it is a totaly diffrent thing."

"You know what." I said with grited teeth. "YOUR A BAD MOM!" I shouted. the room went dead silent and the look on my moms face was suprizing, it looks like it sanck, she griped her chest and steped back a bit, I was done.

"Isaac were leaving." I said walking over to the next room and grabing Erin and Lovey. Erin cried almost as if he knew somthing was wrong.

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