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Chapter 33 : It was you

I didn't know why I was here. I knew I shouldn't be here, but yet I was. I was waiting to be called to enter a special private room to speak with Mles Gray.

I could see the back of his head as he sat on the chair. He was handcuffed to the table, and that table was bolted to the floor. I walked around but I refused to look at him. I still have to cope with the nightmares that I have of his crazed face. I sat in the chair across from him. His head was down, but I forst myself to look at him.
"Why'd you call me here?" I finally say.
"I wanted to explan why I did all thoughs things." He sighed. "I loved-"
"Bull shit." I scoff then got up.
"Fine!" I look down at him then sat down in my chair again. He looked up at me, and I was almost supried to see a black eye on his sickaningly pretty face.
"Me my dad and my borther whent to Indiana on business. Me and my dad had a fight so I left to cool off. Next thing I knew I was outside of the movie theatres sitting on the curb."
"I saw multiple boys going around the movie theatre and in the back, I followed them I saw a girl trying to cover up her body, As the boys took pictures of her, they said "Smile for the camera."
"I knew it was the right thing to do to scare those boys and have them run. I saw this girl crumpled up into a ball on herself and start to cry near a dumpster. I just stared at her. I crouched down tuched her sholder and asked her "What's wrong?" like one does."
"She looked up at me, and you know what she said? She said "Do I look fine to you?" "I don't know what it was but I looked into her eyes, and they remind me of the day Cassie died. I felt almost dead inside and I can see that in her."
"She ran off though, when I left Indiana I couldn't stop thinking about her, about the way she looked at me, the way her lip quivered, and her skin, her skin was as smooth and soft as a new fluffy blanket. I never thought I would find someone as beautiful as Cassie, but unlike Cassie she had an innocence that wasn't touched, tainted. I thought that things could get better."
"A year later I went back, but she wasn't there, almost most erased from existence, I searched for her for years until my spy in Collins Industries showed me the lineup of assistance that Isaac had."
"I was flipping through the resumes and recommendations and I saw her beautiful face again. Those eyes filled with sadness, it was you."
A tear fell from my eye, it was him. I tried so hard to forget that day, I buried it in me so deep that I forgot his Unforgettable Navy eyes.
"So when I say I love you, I mean it. Because for so many years you were the reason I woke up everyday."
"You called me Cassie."
"Is was the drugs. The fear that she showed me, remind me of the last moments of her life. She was scared, I watched as her soul left her body. Coping with that pain was haerd.I love you." Miles said then put his hand on mine, when he did my shock turned into action. It was like a spark shooting back into my body when he touched me. I stood up, and quickly walked out of the room.
I hugged Isaac, as soon as I got out and I cried.

Author's note
Hey guys, this is just a small chapter sorry about that, but I really needed to close that whole thing with Miles, because it's almost the end of the book. Please give me your thoughts in the comment I love to see it, rate this book so other people know what they're going into with this book. And like because that's what gets people to see this book and many others of mine. :)

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