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Chapter 4 : Not Again

Isaac Collins POV

3 years ago

I wake up to the blond beauty in front of me, I lay there watching her sleep, and hear her takes soft breaths. A couple of minutes later she starts to stir awake and opens her eyes, she looks up at me with the sweetest eyes.

“Hey,” Sabrina whispered with a soft smile, just so I could hear, even though there was no one in the room, it made something spark me, I’m so in love with this girl.

“Hey,” I said softly and carefully as she did.

“Did I wake you?” I said while rubbing the beauty mark under her eye. She chuckled quietly.



Since I'll be taking over my father’s company soon, I need to work under him for a while, so I can get to know the ins and outs of the company, my dad's always smiles and laughter, but when it comes to the company he transforms into a different person. I want to be better them him, I want to exceed his expectations, and go farther than he ever has. I know it’s a lot to wish for but I couldn’t help it.


I walk out the door of my condo, but I couldn’t go without looking at her one last time. Sabrina’s head rest’s on the door while she smiles at me, she’s wearing my button-up and nothing else.

I love her.

I turn back to leave, I hear the soft click of the door close, then walk over to my car smiling like a fool.

Five minutes into the drive and I remember.

“My briefcase,” I say, internally scolding myself. I turn back to retrieve my important item, once at my destination I jog over to the entrance, going up an elevator and finally to my condo, I open the door quietly as to not disturbed Sabrina, she had told me earlier that she would catch up on some sleep since her job has been a little demanding.

I walk into the house, quietly closing the door to make sure not to wake her. I find my briefcase on the sofa, I grab, it then I hear someone talking. I thought she was going to sleep, she’s probably talking to one of her friends, I think to myself, but something doesn’t feel right, I have this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, something’s telling me to go over there and listen to who she’s talking to.

So I do, I walk over to our bedroom, the door is slightly cracked open, I could see her stomach down on the bed with her legs swinging back and forth in the air, she’s twirling a piece of her hair in her finger, I listen closely.

“Don’t worry, he’ll never know,” Sabrina said in a playful tone.

“Soon Isaac will be the next CEO of his dad’s company, and we won’t go another year without him proposing to me.” I smiled at that, I could picture it in my head right now, her in a white dress walking down the aisle, and me finally fulfilling a legacy that my elder brother didn’t want, for reasons I will never understand.

“And once we are married, I’ll divorce him and suck him up for every penny he’s got, I’ll even say I’m pregnant, oh don’t worry I’ll try to get some company intel too, then we can be together.” Sabrina chirped happily.

My heart sank, I must have heard her wrong, she didn’t mean that, she plays a lot of tricks on me, maybe she heard me coming in and said that as a prank. She has to be lying, because if she isn’t then what was all this for.

I swing the door open and walk into the room. My blood starts to boil, I’m seeing red, I want to destroy everything,

I Loved her...

Those words that she spat out with such delight ring in my ears over and over. As soon as I came into the room, she jumped, her eyes became wide, the person on the phone still kept talking, it sounded muffled because it wasn’t on speaker.

“Isaac, what are you doing here?” She shuddered.



Rowan and Noah were acting weird, for a second I thought it was all in my head, but it wasn’t, then Noah gets up and leaves his phone at the table. I give Lovey her new iPad and headphones, which she got as a Christmas gift.

As a good samaritan and friend, I go over to give him his phone back. As I get closer to the entrance I can hear whispering, I then see Noah backing Rowan up into a wall, as I start to step in I hear Noah say.

“You know what, the baby’s probably not even his.”

What baby?

“What the hell did you just say?” I got that sinking feeling again, like the time I heard Sabrina on the phone with Greg. Noah and Rowan both look back at me, they both look like deers caught in headlights.

"Whose baby are you talking about?" dear Lord, I know I'm not the best person, and I know I've done some shitty things, but I'm trying to be better because I have these two amazing people in my life.

Please, please make it so that Rowan isn't cheating on me with my best friend, then got pregnant with his child.

"Who's baby?" I start to yell, I can see Rowan starting to cry and I just can't look at her in fear that my suspicions might be right. Noah's Adam's Apple bobs in his throat.

"I think I should go," Noah says, then practically sprints to the door and walks out, once the door clicks shut I turn my attention back to Rowan.

"Can we sit?" She says meekly.

We're sitting opposite each other in the living room. Rowan's doing that thing again, where she bites her bottom lip, furrows her eyebrows and looks in every different direction.

Her stressed-out face.

I'm sitting there forefinger on my forehead and thumb on my temple, and I'm just watching her, she keeps rubbing her thighs, it looks like she's trying to curl up in a ball.

"Um... I'm pregnant-"

"Who's baby is it?" Rowan opens her mouth to speak but I don't give her the chance.

"Is it Noah's? Jesus, are you sleeping with Noah?" I say getting up from my chair, she gets up too in surprise.

"What!? You think I would stoop that low, to sleep with Noah?!"

"Don't turn this around on me."

"I'm not, It's... yours..." She says teary-eyed. I feel like the colour has drained from my face, nothing is going through my head right now.

What did she just say?

Rowan sniffs before saying sourly," Yay, you're a Daddy." she starts to bite her bottom lip, I bet to keep herself from crying, but it doesn't work cuz she breaks down.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Rowan covers her mouth, so she sounds muffled to me.

"Just....please don't leave me," she says, in her little voice. I walk over to her and hug her little frame, she's shaking, and it's obviously not because it's cold because she's wearing a sweater. I let out a bark of laughter, I lift Rowan's chin and wipe her tears with my thumb.

"You think I would stoop that low as to leaving you?" I say with a little smirk on my face.

"They always leave me." when she said that it kind of broke me, she's never talked about what happened with Lovey's biological father, but hearing her say that made me understand, he left her as soon as she told him she was pregnant with Lovey.

"I'm not them." Rowan lets out a sigh of relief.

"You really are an ugly crier." Rowan clicks her tongue.

"Stop," Rowan says, with a smile then punches me in the chest.


“So, guys, I am pregnant,” I said, feeling weirdly disappointed in myself. Valerie jumped over to my side of the couch and gripped my hands.

“This is amazing, how far along are you?” Valerie said so excitedly that I could feel the excitement bouncing off her in waves, in some way it made me feel a little better.

“Remember when we went to that event and I disappeared?” I said hesitantly, Valerie looks like she’s doing the math in her head and from the look on her face it looks like it hurts.

“Wait, so that means we got pregnant in the same week,” Valerie said a wide grin appearing on her face.

“Christ, didn’t you take like two pregnancy tests and they came out negative?” Jeanette said confused.

“Yeah, but Noah said-“

“Noah!?” They all said at the same time with discussed adamant on their faces.

“Yeah,“ I said feeling even more shameful and having a tinge of anger boil inside me.

“I wouldn’t let Noah touch me with a metre-long stick, much less my own baby,” Sarah said with obvious judgement.

“Yeah, that man puts his dick in literally everything that has boobs, walks, talks and happens to have a vagina,” Valerie said with her face scrunched up.

“You guys don’t even know the half of it, Noah is so fucked up I don’t know who hurt him that bad for him to act the way he does.”

“You know Noah?” I asked confused, I know Benji Noah and Isaac have been friends since high school, but I’ve always assumed that Sarah’s just ignored, Noah.

“Yeah, Benji and I were like family friends, I was younger than him so we never really were that close. I had a crush on him and whatever, but I was this brace-face flat chested chalkboard and he was this hot guy that looked like he could ride a horse into the sunset, you know?”

“Little off track but whatever,” Jeanette said.

“Anyway he would occasionally bring Noah Isaac and Nolan over I think during high school was when they met him, Noah has always been a little bit of an asshole, and it came to hot girls he was this charming sly guy, to be honest, I think that’s why Isaac and Noah are friends because they’re so alike in that way, maybe they just get each other,”

“Probably, Noah almost told Isaac about the baby,” I said feeling aggravated just thinking about it.

“What?!” They all said jumping up from their seat’s horror on their faces.

“OK, that’s low even for him, why would he ever do that,” Valerie said appalled

“It’s because, when I found out he told me that if I didn’t tell Isaac soon that he would,” I paused for a second feeling like I want to break a door down and at the same time wanting to curl up in a ball and cry. “And after Michael,” I couldn’t even finish my sentence without shedding a tear and adjusting myself on the couch multiple times, Valerie came over to hug me.

“He said that he never trusted me and he thinks I’m a go digging whore like Sabrina.” I’m not gonna lie, what he said kind of broke me, how many times do I have to prove myself to people that don’t even matter, I like Isaac, I love the way he makes me feel, makes me feel beautiful and loved, and all that anyone has ever been thinking when they see me with him is that I want his money when I don’t even care,”

“The next time I see that asshole I’m gonna rip his dick off then make him eat it so he won’t be able to fuck again,” Jeanette said in a fit of rage.

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