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Chapter 5 : Touch me

January 14th, Thursday, 9:00 pm

It’s been 2 weeks, and things have been awkward between me and Isaac. He still kisses me, and we still sleep in the same bed, it’s just that he won’t touch me. I have never been a person with a high sex drive, but as soon as me and Isaac started, that shit changed real quick.

I crave his every touch, I dream about it, but every time we get close he pushes me away, like, is he just not turned on by me now that he knows that I’m pregnant? I’m not even showing all that much yet, I just have a muffin top, and it’s like he’s avoiding sexual activities with me like the plague. I have done all I could think of to seduce him, like...


A week after Rowan told Isaac she was pregnant.

“Isaac,” I call Isaac from inside our bathroom.


“Me Jennett and Valerie went shopping and I bought this, can you tell me how I look at it?” Isaac sighed then turned to face the bathroom door, and as soon as he does I open the door and strike a sexy pose in my new lingerie, in the door frame.

Isaac looks at me with his arms crossed over his chest and an unreadable expression on his face. This man doesn’t even give me a once-over, he then turns around and says.

“Yeah, you look nice.”

Bitch excuse me!? I look nice? I look like a fucking goddess sent from the heavens.

And another time.

I walk downstairs then into the kitchen to see a shirtless Isaac drinking coffee, his abs glistened in the sunlight, his black hair dishevelled from sleep, and his grey shorts riding low enough to show his V muscle.

I bite my bottom lip already horney, I walk over to him while my hands are behind my back.

I want him to do terrible things to me.

“Good morning,” I say trying to sound effortlessly seductive. Isaac’s eyes shift over to me as he takes another sip of coffee, he then looks down at me with his dark eyes.

“Morning,” he says with a husky tone to his voice.

I am so wet right now.

I go over and give him a kiss while standing on my tippy-toes, I also have to grip his arm for support, he pulls away from the kiss with a small smile, but I wasn’t done yet. I stood a little higher on my toes, then I slipped my tongue into his mouth.

I knew he was feeling it when his arm that I’m holding went around my waist, the kiss got deeper, I put my hand on his chest then let it travel down his stomach, I moaned in his mouth, my hand almost gliding down his shorts until he pulled me away by the shoulders abruptly.

“You want pancakes?”

“Wha, umm, ok?”



Well on the bright side I told Roy that the weird producer that told me to smash glass everywhere that I’m pregnant, and he was strangely ecstatic, he even offered to do a pregnancy shoot and like any sane person would, I said “No.“, but we’ve had to do a bunch of shoot and sponsorships asap before I’m super pregnant, so we took pictures with my stomach covered.

After making some coffee for myself I decided to pour a glass of bourbon for Isaac, he basically soaks that shit up like a sponge. And then walk over to his office, the doors are already cracked so I push it open, I see Isaac eagerly typing on the computer.

“Hey,” I say trying not to disturb him. Isaac looks up from his screen.

“Hey,” he said looking up from his screen and leaning back in his chair. I walk closer and hand him his bourbon, he lets out a sigh then smiles up at me.

“Thanks,” he says then takes a gulp and finishes the bourbon in the glass.

“No problem, what you doing?” Isaac looks up at me,

“Do you really want to know?” I take a second to answer that looking at the screen and all the numbers and words.

“No, it seems boring,”

“Says the genius,” Isaac said under his breath, I snickered.

“I told you, I’m not a genius, I just have a high IQ and I happen to retain information quicker than others.”

“That’s a literal definition of genius a.” Clicked my tongue

“Stop, my ego is already big enough,” I winned, we laughed.

“Come here,” Isaac said gesturing with two fingers for me to sit on his lap, after buying my coffee on the table I claimed on his lap, so I was sitting in between his legs and facing the screen. While using the mouse he clicked some stuff then a spinning 3D model of a deluxe apartment filled to the brim with plants, it looked clean and slick. I gasp in surprise.

“Wow, Isaac this is beautiful.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah, what is it?”

“It’s an apartment, it preserves and reuses energy with the solar panels on the top here,” Isaac said showing me the solar panels on the top of the building.“I’m also working with environmentalists that we’ll make the internet and Wi-Fi are quick like in normal society.” I let out a bark of laughter.

“What?” Isaac said looking down at me.

“Are you like those people that are gay for the environment?” I teased.

“Okay first of all there called environmentalists, and second of all I’m not, so never say that ever again.” I chuckled at his sudden sensitivity.

“It’s just.” Isaac started. “We’re going to have a kid,” Isaac said putting a warm hand on my stomach. “And I don’t want them to live in a polluted world where the water is cloudy, global warming catches up to us, and the air is unbreathable. I want them to not worry, so if I could do something little like this to do my part in keeping their world safe for them I would do it.”

I looked up at Isaac, and for some reason I felt like I was seeing him for the first time, he wasn’t his normal selfish assholes self, he was thinking about someone else, our baby, and it made me love him more.

I put my hand on Isaac’s cheek making him look at me, then I kissed him, turning in the seat to where I’m straddling him, my arms are over his shoulders and his hands on my back, I want to stay in this moment forever, I don’t want him to let go of me, or push me away anymore. I guide Isaac’s hands to my ass, then he stopped, I let out of frustrated sigh.

“What the heck!?” I say out of frustration


“You know what.”

“No, I seriously don’t know.” I let out a huff and crossing my arms in front of my chest.

“For two weeks we haven’t had sex, like do I disgust you?”

“What!? no.” Isaac said looking into my eyes

“Really?” I asked feeling insecure.


“Then tell me, please tell me why you don’t want to touch me?” Isaac’s adam’s apple bobbed in his throat, then he let out a sigh.

“You know how I’m, you know, packing,” Isaac said awkwardly.

“You mean how you have a monster cock?” I said bluntly with a confused look on my face.

“Not the words I would use, but I guess so, I just don’t want to hurt you with my-”

“Ginormous horse dick.” I finished for him.

“Please stop saying it like that.”

“How can I when it’s true, I still gasp every time I see it.”

“look, I just don’t want to hurt you or fuck up the baby.” I stared at Isaac with my eyes squinted and my mouth open.

“What!?” Isaac said, I sighed.

“The baby isn’t just some scrambled egg, like if you ram your dick inside me voila we have an omelet, it’s an embryo. Right now the baby is the size of a blueberry.”

“Oh,” Isaac said simply. It’s truly surprising how even the smartest man could be so stupid when it comes to the woman experience.

“Anyway, I’m not in the mood anymore,” I said getting off his lap.

“Whoa whoa whoa, hold on a second,” Isaac said pulling me back by the hips.

“What now?”

“Now that I know that we won’t scrambler our child's brains...”

“No,” I said dismissively.

“Why not?”

“I’ve been trying to seduce you for two weeks and you didn’t even bat an eye.”

“What are you talking about bat an eye? I was horny all those times.”

“Wait what,” I said surprised.

“Yeah, Rowan do you know me, I’m always horny for you.” Isaac’s eyes suddenly became darker, he kissed my shoulder then the crook of my neck.

"This won't make up for the loss of time," I said trying to stifle a moan.

"Mmhmm" Isaac hummed.

"You can't just lick your lips and make me weak in the knees."

"Of course I can't," Isaac said still kissing me.

"You're going to have to make up for 2 weeks of no sex," I said my voice sounding weaker and weaker by the second. Isaac resurfaced and stared at me with his dark lustful eyes.

"I know, so I'm going to somehow fit 2 weeks of fucking into one day, I'm going to fuck you so hard we're going to end up having triplets." I froze.

My panties feel so wet.


Three hours later...

Isaac pushed the papers and the very expensive computer off his desk like it was nothing, then he bent me over on his desk and fucked the life out of me, I lost count of how many times I've came. He twisted my hair into his grasp then pulled it, pulling it harder every time he thrusted into me, I'm seeing stars, and my vision is blurry from the tears.

"I'm I'm cumming." My breath hitched when he pounded into me, with perfect precision, my body shivers as I cum for the umpteenth time.

"Baby, I'm not done yet," Isaac said growling in my ear, shortly after slamming into me, I feel my eyes roll into the back of my head, the desk shaking as Isaac goes to town on my pussy.

"Fuck, Isaac-" I yell out, but before I could finish he clamps his hand is around my mouth.



4 minutes later...

I'm sprawled across the table panting, every muscle feels so weak, and Isaac's just putting on his pants and shirt like World War III didn't just happen in here. I tried to push myself up and off the desk because it seems my arms are the only things that seem to be working.

As soon as I stand on my own two legs I feel them shake, my vision is still blurry, it seems that my arms aren't as strong as I gave them credit to be and I collapse, but before I touch the ground Isaac catches me. He picks me up, then I hear him chuckle.

I want to say something but the words can't seem to come out right, it's like he messed up my brain through my cunt. The only thing that I could do was grab his shirt with a shaky hand and try to catch my breath.

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