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Chapter 7 : No stress

January 16th, Saturday, 1:15 am

Let me just give you a little summary of what happened last night. I fell to the ground crying and bawling my eyes out, something was wrong with the baby, so Isaac called 911 then Benji and Sarah to take care of Lovey.

After calling 911 the ambulance came, blah blah blah, they put me on a stretcher blah blah blah, now we’re at the hospital and now I’m laying on a hospital bed and I'm telling Isaac what happened, and what, or sorry who made me so mad.

"Let me get this straight,” Isaac says while pacing around the room "After I leave you all peaceful, you go out and meet the ex-boyfriend that left you?” Isaac said then stopped to looking at me with an expectant look on his face.

"Yeah.”, I said feeling disappointed in myself.

“Why in God’s name would you ever do that? You could have called me, I could have handled it for you.” Isaac said looking Furious.

“I just-”

“Do you not trust me?” I said now looking hurt.

“What, no, of course, I trust you, it’s just that, I’ve been letting you fight my battles for me and, I feel like I’m never strong enough to do something on my own, even though I really do want to hide behind you most of the time, I want to be a stronger person. Isaac sighed then took a seat on the hospital bed, and held my hands.

“Rowan, you are one of the strongest women I’ve ever known in my life, you take people's shit like a champ, when I was being a dick to you, you fought back, when people started going after you and calling you a gold digger online it was like you didn’t even care. and especially when miles was stalking you you tried your best to act calm cool and collected for Lovey.” “You have absolutely nothing to prove to anyone, and I don’t care if you hide behind me for years and years to come, I will still love you,” Isaac said then kissed both of my hands.

“Never do that again, okay?”

“Okay.” We then hear a knock on the door, and we turn our attention to it, a woman opens the door and I’m guessing it’s our doctor.

“Hey guys, don’t worry there’s no bad news.” Me and Isaac both let out a sigh of relief.

“But there will be if mama here doesn’t calm down, you’re under too much stress, and whatever is causing it needs to be avoided or taken care of.”

Stress? But I was only stressed out today? Oh well, maybe it’s because I’ve been tracking the miles case.


January 18th, Monday 9:55 am

I’m in the living room trying to relax, doctors orders, and Isaac was not playing around, ever since we got home Isaac hasn’t let me do anything, and when I mean anything, I mean anything. he literally carries me to the bathroom. And now that he has a last-minute meeting I can finally be alone.

Isaac comes jogging down the stairs tying his tie and reminding me for the umpteenth time to not stress myself.

"Rowan, don't do anything-"

"To cause me stress, yes I know." I echoed back the words he's been saying to me for 2 days now.

"I'm serious."

"I know, but I’m bored," I winned. "And the only thing that would make me not bored would be-." Isaac lifted a perfectly sculpted eyebrow.

“No,”Isaac said totally dismissing what I was about to say.

“You didn’t even hear what I was about to say.”

“I don’t need to when I already know.”

“Come on Isaac, please.” If not obvious I am referring to the fact that Isaac will not tell me anything about the Miles case.

“You know by not knowing what’s going to happen it’s making me even more anxious and stressed out.”

"Rowan, don't test me, I can always block Game of Thrones," Isaac said challenging me.

"Don't you dare,” I said practically jumping off the couch. “There are three things I love in this world, Lovey, Game of Thrones, then you, so if you take away my Game of Thrones I will rip you-

"Wait a second," Isaac said with his eyebrows furrowed.


"You said you loved me," Isaac said with a smirk slowly appearing on his stupidly gorgeous face, I became flustered.

"What!? No, I didn't."

"Yeah, you did."

"No, you must be hearing things."

"No, I'm perfectly fine, you said there are three things I love in this world, lovey, Game of Thrones, and then me," Isaac said counting them off with his fingers, and that stupid grin turning into a full-grown smile, Isaac came in closer to the point where I could smell his minty breath aftershave and cologne, and for some reason, it smelled heavenly altogether.

"Do you love me?" Isaac said with a sultry gaze and a teasing smile.

Before I could say anything the doorbell rang, Isaac looked in the direction of the door and I silently thanked my saviour. Isaac looked back at me, he gave me a once-over, then breathed out a laugh and walked to open the door.

I felt my heart clench, and I can now feel myself be able to breathe, I forgot how intimidating he was and how sometimes he makes my whole body shiver with just one look. I hear noises coming from the front door then I see Jeanette, then Valerie walk into the living room.

"Sup bitch," Jeanette says plopping on the sofa.

"Hi," Valerie said and immediately then sat next to me.

"Hey what are you guys doing here?" I said confused.

"Your manwhore over there told us to come here and keep you calm," Jeanette said, I snickered when she said manwhore, I really don't think Jeanette will ever warm up to Isaac.

"Anyways I'm gone, see you later, and no stress," Isaac said from over his shoulder.

"Ok ok bye."

"Bye dickhead." Jeanette said while looking at her phone.

"You know you really should get some new names cuz that ones getting old," Isaac said to Jeanette then left with a smile, Jeanette sneered at him.

"I really hate that guy, remind me why you're dating him."

"Oh I don't know Jen, maybe because he's hot, rich, smart apparently really good with kids, he can cook, and oh yeah, who can forget, he loves her," Valerie said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Don't forget about the sex." Jeanette said jokingly

"Oh yes you can't forget about that, as you say, Rowan, it was fucking life-changing."

"It was, it really really was."


Isaac Collins POV

I got a call in the morning from my fellow investors, clients and other people in high places, and apparently, we're having a meeting that was sprung on me last minute, as you can tell I'm not very happy about it especially because it's my day off.

I drive my car into the almost empty parking lot of the restaurant we are all meeting at and I walk into the restaurant. There's nobody in here except for the waiter waiting next to the door. He escorted me to the table my associates are sitting at.

As we got closer to the table I can hear husky laughter and silverware being used on plates, once I get close enough I can get a full view of everyone there.

"Hey," I said stopping right in front of their table.

"Isaac, come sit." Horatio the owner of this restaurant and a big stocks asshole said with open arms a wide smile on his face and a very thick Italian accent. I pull up a chair and take a seat, and for some time we do talk about business ventures but then the topic slowly shifts to me.

"So Isaac." Colton Nile started.

"Yes, Colton," I say with a hint of passive-aggressiveness.

"Rumour has it you're suing miles Gray, the first son and successor of the Grey family business."

"Oh wow, you really are doing that? I thought I was just a rumoured." John Michael Nelson questioned.

"Nah, it's not."

"But why, because he trespassed?" Shon Young asked.

"It's more than that, shit runs deep," I said clenching my jaw, Just thinking about miles makes me sick. Horatio sighed.

"Isaac, we all know that Cory's kid is a little shit, but that man is a shark are you really willing to take him on?"

"You know me, I nip shit in the butt before shit gets messy," I said getting up from the table.

"And, you know I don't pick fights that I know I can't win," I said walking away from the table and the group of men.

"But you don't lose at all," Colton add, it made me stop in my tracks and smirk, then I kept walking. As I kept walking something popped into my mind, the baby.

I don't think I've processed it when Rowan told me, I just kind of went with the flow? I never thought I would be a family man especially because I didn't want to be one in the first place, that was exactly what my older brother's excuse was to not inherit the company.


Matthew was my mom's kid from a different relationship. long story short said relationship didn't quite end well obviously because I'm here. Matthew was better than me at everything, I was always competing with him but he never competed with me, to be honest when all's said and done he was actually a very good older brother, and I guess when he didn't want to be the next CEO and my dad gave me the spot instead it made me feel like the second option he never wanted to choose.

I wanted to be better than my father could ever expect I craved his attention, and like all people I wanted to be extraordinary, but now I understand. I understand why he decided not to go for the CEO position because there are other things that one more important.

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