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Chapter 8 : Mafia Boss?

March 3, Wednesday

It’s been 2 months, and things have changed, for one, Lovey turned 6 in February on the 14th, Valentine’s Day. I’ve been realizing some of her newfound delinquent behaviour for a couple of months now.

She's still my perfect angel but there was something off, like how she left her purple and pink glitter butterfly book she always writes in open.

I was cleaning in her room and I saw the book open on her desk, I didn’t snoop in it because that was a total invasion of privacy, but I did catch a glimpse.

It was a bunch of numbers and days of the week, but that's all I saw before closing it and putting it back in her drawer.

There was this other time when I came to pick up Lovey from school, I saw her talking to her friends in a huddle, and before you say it was probably innocent, it wasn’t those little huddles where they would giggle and laugh, It looked serious, like some shit was going down, either my baby’s in a gang or just acts weird now.

So when I was having a super boring day then I get a call from Lovey's School I was surprised. Once I get to Lovey's school I fast walk through the Halls to get to the principal's office, I'm super worried that something might have happened to her, the person on the phone said that there was some altercation means and threats were made, and for every mom that is red flag Central.

I get to the principal's office and open the door right off the bat I see two girls sitting in front of the principal's desk one of them was Lovey. I give lovey a once-over, she's still wearing her red crew neck with the school's logo on it, and her red plaid skirt, her box braids look untouched and perfect, she doesn't have a scratch on her.

A little too deep breath" Wow I thought something bad happened."

"Something bad did happen." I hear then see a red-haired middle-aged woman say, she was dressed like a classy soccer mom.


Isaac Collins POV

Noland was in the middle of talking but was cut off at the sound of the door slam, we all looked at each other and were confused, then Rowan opens the door, she glares at Noah for a second then beckons me to meet her outside of the sitting room.

I follow her out and she looks like she's fuming, I look over at the entrance to see a timed-looking Lovey.


"OK OK, what’s going on," I said confused, Rowen had told me that Lovey threatened some girl at school but I don't know the details.

"I have a business," Lovey said with a blanc face, showing that she's serious.

"Wait whoa, I’m actually really interested in what’s going on here," Benji said picking up the big bowl of chips and leaning in closer.

"Do you know how you give me $20 every day for the cafeteria?"


"Well, I’ve saved up to $20 every week and it adds up to $150. I started to realize that some of the kids in my school couldn’t pay for the expensive treats at the snack bar."

"So," I said coaxing her to go on.

"So, I decided to give out candy and snakes in exchange for money." All of our Jaws practically dropped to the floor, I knew Lovey was smart, but this is a whole different kind of smart.

"You know, I didn't realize this till now but you really are your mother's daughter," Nolan said announcing his epiphany that all of us started to understand.

"And if they don’t have the right amount?" Noah asked cautiously.

"We exchanged with favours," Lovey said vaguely.

"What kind of favours?" Benji asked leaning in even closer.

"Some of the kids at my school have very influential parents, and do you know how the saying goes kids know everything, I usually want information about bake sales at our school, or certain opportunities, depending on the circumstance.

"Well damn," Noah said taken back a bit.

"Not too long ago one of my friends asked me if they could join and I started to realize that I can do something big in the school." "So now seven of my riches friends that have an allowance of $20 each day of the week adding me that counts up to, $1050, but somehow we have a snitch."

"Who knew kindergarten drama was so good."

"I'm in grade one."

"My old friend Becky got mad that Kevin in our class likes me."

"Excuse me." that really caught my attention, Lovey's only 6 and now I have to worry about boys?

"Don’t worry, Kevin's a crusty nose picker, and I rather die than go out with him ew, and plus I'm six." I let out a sigh of relief, thank God Lovey's so much like her mother.

"Amazing head on her shoulders," Nolan commented.

"Is that genetic or..." Benji said trailing off.

"Anyway, she started telling teachers about the ower operation."

"Operation?" I Echo back still surprised that a six-year-old would be telling me this.

Thankfully it wasn’t totally spoiled because I found out what she was doing before she spilled all the beans. But I couldn't have a straggler so I had to deal with her. "I asked my guy friends from the older grades to threatened her."

"Damn shits getting real," Noah said.

"Threaten?!" I said worried about what this cute tiny chubby-cheeked angel might have done.

"Yeah, we just said if she doesn’t stop doing this we’re coming for her, we never said we were going to hurt her or anything so she totally overreacted."

"Isaac, you sure she isn't your daughter?" to be honest I don't even know myself, this definitely seems like something I would do."

"Not even gonna lie but I’m on lovey's said here." Benji unnecessarily added.

"Same," Nolan agreed with Benji, I looked at the both of them incredulously, Nolan is supposed to be the level-headed guy in our friend group.

Then she told the teachers that we threaten her and she started making up lies that we were bullying her, but she didn’t say anything else about the operation, but now her mom is calling me a heathen." "Like what does that even mean? but there are rumours among the teachers that Becky’s dad is cheating on Becky’s mom."

"Shit." we all muttered at the same time.

"And people are saying that she’s going through menopause, I don’t even know what that is, is that like something for dogs?" Lovey asked innocently.

"No, but it’s something that will make a woman like a dog," Noah explains.

"I might be mistaken here, but Lovey did you make your own mafia?" Nolan asks.

"No, what is that?" Lovey said then tilted her head to side, after hearing her meticulously planned out things like this it's really easy to forget that she's only six. Nolan sighed then gave her a kind expression.

"You’ll find out later," Nolan said then padded the top of Lovey's head.

"OK anyways, daddy can you please tell mommy to not take away my iPad, I need it," Lovey said changing the topic so quickly.

"After what you just told me I don’t think you do."

"Please please Pretty please, daddy I need it," Lovey said with puppy dog eyes.

"Lovebug, even though I’m very proud of you there are some things that you just can’t do, like threatening your friend."

"Becky is not my friend," Lovey said angrily.

"OK, classmate," I said making her instantaneously calm down.

"Yeah, you just don’t do that."

"Mainly because she’s six or seven years old and kids tend to snitch on each other" "It’s kind of a rookie mistake," Noah said.

"OK, I’ll take it from here."

"OK, whatever," Noah said with his hands up then he settled back into his chair.

"Love you can keep doing your business if it’s not hurting anybody, but threatening people is a little much, because of that I can’t let it go on punished your mom’s right you need some time to reflect."

"No, reflecting is so stupid." Lovey protested.

"Yeah, and men's overalls are stupid, but we still have them for a reason.


March 4th, Thursday

Lovey's POV

At the company to boost morale Isaac makes little events, and one of the events is, bring your kid to workday. Isaac has never participated because he's never had a kid until now, Lovey was so excited to see where her dad works, and especially where her mom and dad met. They enter the first floor of the building and Loveylooks like a kid in a candy store, she can't believe that her dad works in such a shiny place.

"Daddy it's so pretty in here," Lovey says while gripping her father's hand tight in excitement. I love you let's go of Isaac's hand and walk over to the elevator, Isaac suddenly realizes it's that elevator and he swiftly picks her up and brings her to a different one.

Monster on the 14th-floor building Lovey can hear and see the office buzzing with life, Lovey's so happy she can't contain her excitement, there's something about the office that just feels so lively.

"Sir we've been looking for you everywhere." lovey and Isaac turn their attention to a man in a dark blue suit jogging towards them with a woman with a very short red skirt.

"Sir you have a meeting that starts in 10 minutes," the woman said while brushing up her big fake boobs, even Lovey knew those things weren't real, that's a bad sign.

"Shishoot." Isaac caught himself before saying something, not PG. Isaac looks around and calls out to some lady walking past.

"Mari," Isac called out for a brown hair and brown-eyed woman that looked pretty in Lovey's eyes, much prettier than fake booby lady.

"Can you please take Lovey to the kid's room?" the woman looked down at me and looked surprised fake booby lady and the man in blue look surprised too then Mari said.

"Of course mr. Collins."The woman named Marie said with a humble smile.

"Lovey, I'll be back ok."

"Ok, bye daddy," Lovey said happily then walked to the kid's room with this woman.

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