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Chapter 9 : Garbage

“Lovey enters the kid’s room with the nice-looking woman, and she enters it. she sees a bunch of kids, some were talking, some were watching on their devices, and somewhere reading books.

As lovey walked into the room people started to look at her, but she didn’t care, she held her head up high like her dad and mom told her and sat at a chair next to a plant and a window in the room.

She then noticed a boy, he had dirty blond hair and green eyes that twinkled in the sunlight, when he laughed she could see that he had a tooth gap and one dimple on the right side of his cheek, and for some reason, she couldn't get her eyes off of him.

It wasn't like she liked him or anything, it just felt like if she did look away he would vanish into thin air, that's how dreamy he looked to Lovey.

A girl then came up to Lovey, snapping her back into reality and introduced herself. “Hi, my name is Savannah Hayes it’s nice to meet you, what’s your name. Savannah was pretty strawberry blond, she also had dark brown eyes like Lovey's Mom.

“My name is Lovey Zolomon.” After answering Savanna's question she looked confused.


“I’ve never heard that name before, are you new?”

“What do you mean new?”

“I mean is your parent new in the company."

“No, I just don’t have the same last name as my daddy,”

“Oh,” Savannah said simply.

“How is that even possible?” A kid said from behind Savannah, he has brown skin and black floppy-looking hair and dark brown eyes.

"Well he’s not my birth father but he’s my daddy," Lovey explained.

"Then what happened to your birth father?" The boy asked.

"I don’t know," Lovey said with a shrug. "I think my mom said he was dead to her or something, I can never remember.

"So, what do you do here?" Lovey asked.

"We play games, watch TV, we-" Love parked up at the word games.

"What kind of games do you play? Lovey said squinting her eyes mischievously.

"Uno, Monopoly, and I think there’s connect four?" The floppy-haired boy said while skimming through the games on the shelf. He looked older than Lovey, maybe two or three older.

"What’s your name?" Lovey asked out of nowhere, the boy turned his head in Lovey's attention.

"My name is Ryan Colreyes but people just call me Cole," Cole said with a smile, for about an hour lovey Savannah and Cole played game after game, at some point, some other kids joined them, but it didn't take too long for a lovey to become a board again.

"Ugh this is so boring, I want to leave," Love said throwing her head back.

"What!? you can’t leave." Savannah said with a worried look on her face.

"Why not? who’s gonna stop me?

"One of the adults outside," Cole answered.

"I don’t care about them, I’m smarter than them anyways," Lovey said flipping her pigtail box braids.

"You’re not smarter than anyone, what are you like five, you're basically a baby." A kid from the other side of the room said. he had bright honey brown eyes and brown curly hair.

"What are you? three?" Lovey said with as much attitude as she could muster, she even put a hand to her hip much. Like Rowan Lovey doesn’t back down from a fight, she’s stubborn. I could hear the pretty boy laughing from behind him and she could see his cute dimple.

"Hey what are you laughing at pretty boy?" The boy's instant laughter fell into a chuckle.

"Pretty boy?" the boy said with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah," Lovey said standing her ground.

"You’re funny," The boy said with a smirk, Lovey rolled her eyes.

"Tell your ugly friend here to mind his own business."

"What did you just say about me?" The boy said grinding his teeth, and I can see a tooth missing, he puffed up his chest to make himself look big and scary, but all it really did was make him look like Winnie the Pooh.

Both of the boys look like their 10 years old, they were bigger than her and stronger and if she got into a real fight she wouldn’t last a second, even though it pained her she had to back down but she knew this wasn’t over.

"Don’t laugh at me ever again, it’s rude and disrespectful, I’m leaving," Lovey said storming off, she could hear the pretty boy trying and failing to stifle a laugh.

"Love you can’t," Savannah said holding Lovey back.

"Oh really?" Lovey said, then pushed the door open like it was nothing and walked through.

"Bye, Miss Puff." The pretty boy said, but lovey ignored him and closed the kid's room door.

In the hallways she saw a bunch of employees walking around, talking at their desks and cubicles, and some in their talking on phones in their office.

As she wandered around in the office she came upon a hallway with a big window, on both sides. But the one she was most interested in was the one that oversaw some of the city.

She’s never been up this high before, and it scared her and at the same time made her so exhilarated, she stepped closer to the window and got up on the ledge she held the railing and looked closer at the passing cars and tall buildings.

After about four more seconds she then looked over to see big black doors.

Lovey got down from the window ledge and walked towards them. then Lovey got on her tippy toes to turn the slick silver handle.

The doors open's and Lovey walks into it and realized this was her dad’s office.

For the longest time, Lovey has never had a father, never had a male figure in her life, and kids would bother her about it, always asking insistently where her dad, is and she could never answer them because she didn’t know, she didn’t want to ask her mom about it because she looked sad every time she talked about her dad.

Lovey looked at the huge desk and walked over to it then climbed onto the big chair. She put so much effort into getting up on the chair that once she got on it she was out of breath.

Then out of nowhere a knock comes at the door, it startles her but she decides to play along. "Hello sir could we come in?”

“Yes,” Lovey said in a low voice, the three employees come into the room and Lovey turned the chair dramatically slow and intertwined her fingertips together, and her elbows on each side of the armrests on the chair.

“What brings you here?” Lovey says in a deep voice trying to match her dad’s voice.

“Why is there a kid here?” Employee one asked.

“That’s Miss Collins to you Bucko,” Lovey said with a scowl. ”Why have you come here,” Lovey outbursted and three employees stepped back in surprise at how scary this little girl is.

“Well we wanted to give these designs to Mr. Collins soo.” employee three said nervously.

“Mr. Collins isn’t here today, so you’re gonna have to give them to me.” Lovey extends her stubby fingers to the timid man, and the man gives The piece of paper to her slowly, Lovey takes it out of his hand and opens the file. Love quickly skimmed through the file and threw the majority of the plans in the garbage.

”This is garbage,” Lovey said bluntly, Rowan had always told Lovey to not be so blunt. even though it’s sometimes good to be, some people are sensitive and they’ll take her words to heart.

“Hey you can’t say that you have to respect your elders,” Employee two said accusingly.

“Yeah, because you’re obviously an elderly woman,” Lovey muttered under her breath

“Excuse you?!” Employee two said getting closer to the desk and closer to Lovey with a murderous stare.

“What’s going on here?.” The three employees jump back then look behind them to see a scowling Isaac in the doorway of his office. And Lovey quickly perked up like her fear wasn’t just there seconds ago.

“Daddy,” Lovey says in her normal cute voice that makes her seem like a perfect angel. Lovey jumps down from the chair she spelt so long trying to get on. She then runs over to Isaac with open arms. Isaac picks her up her shacking frame.

”Are you ok? where were you?” Isaac said in a careful and gentle but worried tone, startling the employees even more.

“I was here playing office, and these three give me a file with designs for your next project, and most of them were terrible, so I threw them in the garbage.”

“Love, this is work, you shouldn’t be playing around like that.”

“Sorry,” Lovey said while fiddling with her tiny fingers. She usually did this when she was genuinely sorry, Isaac gave her a smile then he walked over to his trashcan and took out the file with the “terrible designs” according to Lovey. He starts to flip through the designs.

Wow, these really are truly terrible, good job Lovebug. Isaac says then high-fives Lovey. “Anyway, let’s go before your mom has gets a heart attack,” Isaac says with a smile and walked toward the exit, but then stops.

“Oh yeah, and get the hell out of my office,” Isaac said with his smile slowly melts away.

Author's note

Hey you guys, this chapter and chapter 8 are both fillers, I've realized that a bunch of the chapters in this book are super sad and I know in this book I'm talking more about why Rowan and Isaac are the way they are, and Rowan's past coming to get her, but sometimes you just need a breather.

After this book unconditionally, I'm going to make sequels about Lovey's Journey, and Jeanette's and Valerie's so these chapters were just to kick it off the ground.

I also want to address something else, I know my updates have been strange lately, and that's mainly because I got a job, and I'm usually pretty exhausted most of the time, balancing a job and school is hard but I think I'm getting the hang of it so thank you so much for your patience and your support, and don't forget to like follow or comment on this chapter and how you feel about Lovey getting her own story.

Don't be afraid to message me on my wall too, I love it when you guys ask me questions about the book and feedback is always encouraged.

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