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Martin Blue has a problem living with Ryan. Will the Blue family reunite and live as a family again?

Drama / Humor
Salem Shabayta
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Life of a Trailer Park

It all started with a math exam. The clock was ticking. “Martin Blue”, an eighteen year old was stressed during the test.

He kept thinking of the answers to the test.

The class has been dismissed. Martin didn’t finish the test, however, he had to hand it in.

Geometry is not Martin’s favourite subject. He waited outside with the rest of the class to see what the results of his grade is.

As the teacher called for Martin, he came to class. He then saw the results of his test. Unfortunately, his grade was an F.

The teacher started telling Martin that he needs to upgrade his math level, otherwise he won’t pass the class.

The teacher tells him that he can do his exam again next week on Monday.

Martin took his test that has the capital F on it and went home.

He lives in a trailer house with his mother and stepfather. His real father is sadly divorced from his mother and lives around the town.

They all live in Scotland.

Natalie, who is Martin’s mother was at work. While Ryan, who is Martin’s stepfather is always at home pushing Martin around.

As Martin came in, Ryan rudely tells Martin to come and show him the grade. Martin showed him the grade.

Ryan ripped that paper.

“Now you listen to me. You better get inside your room, take your books out, and begin studying geometry again!” Said Ryan.

Martin has a chance to redo the test. It’s next week.

“But it’s until next week. And it’s Friday.” Said Martin.

Ryan didn’t care.

Martin tells Ryan that he’s eighteen and that he can do whatever he wants and whenever he wants. However, Ryan stood up and pushed Martin against the wall. He threatens Martin not to talk to him like that.

As he let go of Martin, he went to his room and locked his door.

Martin looked out the window. He was looking at the sun. At kids outside playing and goofing off. He opened his window and snuck out.

The trailer park is mostly for people who have fun and get well with each other. Martin lives around these types of people.

He went into town to visit his father. He visited Chris, who is Martin’s real father. They get along a lot more than Martin with Ryan.

His father asked Martin how is he doing with school. Martin said it’s going great. However, Martin’s problem is geometry.

As he showed Chris the grade, Chris tells him to not sweat it, and that he’ll help him out.

After an hour at Chris’s, he went to the library, where his mother is the owner of the place. He came to her office. He sat down with her to talk.

He began warning her that Ryan isn’t who she thinks he is.

“Why do I feel like you’re just making this stuff up just so you want me to get back with Chris?” Asked Natalie.

Martin claimed that he isn’t making it up.

Natalie tells him that she knows that it’s hard that they’re all not living together as they were before. She tells him that everything will be fine soon. Martin nodded.

She then asked how is he doing with school. He told her the grade he got.

“I’m not disappointed.” She said.

She tells Martin that it’s normal for somebody to not be amazing at math.

“You just need some practise.” Said Natalie.

They hugged and sat to talk for half an hour. However, she has to check on the library.

Martin went back home. It was the afternoon.

Ryan acts innocent to Martin whenever Natalie is around. However, when he’s alone with him, he pushes him around.

As they were eating dinner, Natalie tells Ryan happy anniversary.

“Oh! Yes! Happy anniversary!” Said Ryan.

Ryan forgot that it was their anniversary.

Martin asks Ryan if he knows what anniversary is it.

Ryan says that he does.

“So which is it?” Asked Martin.

Ryan starts thinking. Martin then tells Ryan that it’s their six months anniversary of them being married.

Ryan claims that he knew that, and that he just wanted to see if Martin knew it.

“You forgot. If I didn’t know, I wouldn’t be telling you that it’s your six months anniversary.” Said Martin.

Natalie was looking at them just eating dinner.

Later on, Martin was watching Spongebob on the TV. He was enjoying it.

Ryan came and changed the channel.

“Grow up.” Said Ryan.

Martin sighed and told Natalie that he is going out with his friends.

Martin has three best friends. one guy and two girls.

The guy’s name is “Tyler Landon”. One girl’s name is “Ashley Trey”. And the final girl’s name is “Jessie Chance”.

They were at the diner together getting dessert. They all ordered a cherry pie.

Jessie asked Martin how is he doing with math.

“Okay, so is that like the question of the day?” Sarcastically asked Martin.

Martin tells her it’s not going well. He tells her about the problems he’s having. He tells her about the circles and triangles in Geometry.

Ashley tells Martin that it’s not that hard.

“I beg to differ.” Said Martin.

Jessie started using pie to explain it.

Martin tells her it’s Friday. Tyler tells Jessie that she’s nuts if she’s giving him a math lesson with a pie.

Jessie tells them to just let her explain. She cuts the pie by cutting it into only four slices.

“And so I take one and everybody takes one. Good lesson. Thank you, Jessie.” Sarcastically said Martin as he took the pie.

Everybody also took the pie. Jessie looks at Martin and throws her piece of pie at him.

Martin was about to eat his pie, however, because of the pie Jessie threw at him, he put it down.

All three Tyler, Ashley, and Jessie start laughing at Martin

“Real cute but...” Said Martin.

They smiled at each other smiled. However, he then threw his piece of pie at her face.

Both Tyler and Ashley were just laughing at what they were doing to each other.

Both Martin and Jessie were about to do a food fight, however, Ashley stopped them and told them that they are in public now.

Both Martin and Jessie sat down with pies on their hair and face. They were laughing at each other.

Later that night, the four of them walked together to the trailer park. The four of them live near each other.

They all said good night to each other.

The next day, Martin was studying math. He was struggling badly. He needed some help. So, he went to visit his father.

His father was a little busy with work, however, he decided to help Martin out anyway. Martin was at his dad’s for hours studying.

Once he understood everything and left, he smiled cause he felt that it was like the old days being with him. No Ryan. Just him, Natalie, and Chris.

After he left, he went back to the trailer park to have dinner with Natalie. Martin always goes home for dinner. Not because of the food that his mother cooks. Because he wants to spend more time with her.

Martin asks Ryan if he found any jobs yet around town. Ryan tells Martin no, and that Martin is the one who should find a job now that he’s eighteen.

“In summer I will.” Said Martin.

He then asks Ryan when was the last time he did any of the dishes, or clean around. Ryan lies by saying that he did it many times.

However, Martin tells him that he never has. He tells him that it’s only been him and his mother who have been cleaning around the place.

Martin gets up and takes his dish to the kitchen since he finished eating. He thanked his mother for the food and began cleaning his dish.

Meanwhile, Natalie looked at Ryan and wasn’t sure whether she was happy with him or not.

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