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Makings Of Hailey

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Hailey for the most part of her young adult life, tried to do what was expected of her, to fulfill what society deemed as normal, but for Hailey life would become anything but normal, Hailey's dreams just may come true if she perfects her abilities to recognize what truly the world around her really is, but a dream.

Drama / Fantasy
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Life Is But A Dream

Hailey always had a complex mind, she did not have a happy tight knit family, full of support while growing up, she was a emotional drained ball of anxiety as well as insecurities. All Hailey ever wanted was to comprehend the world around her and her purpose in it.

Like every living being, Hailey craved love. Not the kind of love that she felt from her father, due to his own insecurities, reflected depression, in a attempt to fill his own void of love he would control every aspect of her young childhood life. Even Hailey's mother who was loving in her own way, made Hailey feel abandoned when she moved out of the family home when Hailey was just 6 years old, Hailey was the youngest of five children. By the time Hailey came along her mother had her fill of family life, her husband mainly. And had found love with another man.

Hailey often felt lonely in her home, as her older siblings grew. She would escape her reality gazing out the window wishing on a star that her mother would just wisk her away, so she would feel whole or completed. By the time Hailey turned ten years old Hailey's two oldest brothers had moved out on their own being ten and fifteen years older than she was, her two older sisters, who no longer could cope with their father's persistent lectures of the religious ideologies and expected behaviors. All while controlling the relationship between his children and Hailey's mother, finally they too had enough, only to run away to live with their mom. Leaving Hailey all alone in the mess and despair of their father's hoarded home.

This completely devistated Hailey as she comes to terms with the fact that no one will come to save her, her entire world crashes around her. Hailey's father was so desperate to keep her hidden away from the darkness of his rage. He became even more controlling, he treated her like his slave, she couldn't have any friends with out him first encouraging his religion on them. No one would call and check on her, no one seemed to care that she was suffering.

As Hailey matured her mind continued to imagine and day dream of love. She came to learn that through some experience with nature how much she pondered the fabric of her essences, her very being.

Torn between worlds, Hailey didn't know what stability felt like. She gazed at her reflection after playing a game of "bloody mary" with her neighbor and best friend Elisa. Her eyes a deep blue, wavy blonde hair, she is pretty. At least people seemed to start to notice her blossoming into a woman. Walking home from the park down the road, she would hear men whistle cat calling to her. Hailey wasn't used to the attention especially since no one seemed to notice her much before.

At times during school Hailey was friendly, nice and sweet, but because of her uncertainties at home, she never made many real close friends, Elisa was the exception. They compliment each other, Elisa came from a broken family too. They had this in common, so they spent their time laughing since, laughter was a necessary medicine in their serious lives. They gossiped together about their classmates and boys, constantly passing notes in class. Hailey always enjoyed escaping to her back yard, where last summer when she was thirteen, her dad helped her build up in the hazelnut tree a platform fort. Being alone majority of the time after school and evening's, her dad worked grave yard for the local mental health hospital.

Haily's Dad would bring her to work for a cheap meal occasionally in the cafeteria, Hailey had grown up seeing the clients of the hospital. It was hard for her to witness and fathom as a child, adults who acted like children too. She kept to herself though with uncertain of how to behave, she was afraid even. It wasn't all bad and gloom for Hailey, afterall being the only child at home had some perks! It was the 90's era, dad bought Hailey a desk top computer, for school work and games.

It was the age of the world wide web, signing on to america online, watching TGIF every friday. Aladdin was the latest film from Disney. Before teenage years all Hailey knew of music was what her dad likes. Hailey started to listen on her own, developing her own sense of style. It is very difficult as a pre-teen. Clothes just do not fit right, at this in between phase. Hailey felt her whole body ache, from her breasts to her hips, arms, legs. Growing pains became the norm.

It is Hailey in the making.

With all the changes in Hailey's young life, she couldn't stop imagining, day dreaming of the future in hopes that one day she would find her own path to love.

Middle school was completely new, brand new building amd students who she went to elementary school with disperse amongst a whole new bunch of adolescence teenagers.

Hailey found her locker messing with the lock in attempt to open it, the school had assigned her a locker partner since she didn't have any friends and Elisa went to a different school than her.

Katie her assigned locker partner walked up beside Hailey

" Hey you must be Hailey, nice to meet you." I actually decided to switch locker partners with my friend, so you get the locker all to yourself." Katie smiled and went on her way to class. Hailey was disappointed, she had hoped the two of them would make friends by sharing the locker.

The school bell rang, bringing Hailey out of her thoughts, she grabbed her book bag and headed to first period art class, one thing Hailey was not, a honor student. She never thought of her self as smart, truth was Hailey was exceptionally book smart, though math was difficult, it seemed the only topic in which she needed special education in.

" You're never going to graduate high school or amount to anything" her father would say many times.

To the point Hailey started believed this herself.

Hailey still enjoyed the many classes she was taking art, sewing, science, drama, cooking was one of her favorites.

Hailey wanted to know all there was to know about science, she often times felt that what she was being taught in school, or on tv was not how the world actually seemed, this was a feeling that never would go away, life to Hailey seemed just like adream.

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