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Makings Of Hailey

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Mirror Mirror

Hailey woke with a start, sweating after
having a dream more like a night mare,
feeling sticky, thirsty and disoriented
from the deep sleep. She attempted to
recall the dream. Her body had tingles
all over as if every limb went asleep with
pins and needles sending blood back
to her fingers and toes. Shaking and
confused this had never happened to her
before. The dream in her minds eye, it
was as if she was witnessing the creation
of magic, light swirld with magnetic
force attracted to itself connecting
together, static images formed to see
herself but it wasn't her now but
sometime in the future. She appeared
older more matured for that glimps she
witnessed herself handling flames of
energy emitted from the palms of her
hands, that was when she had woke up.

Uncertain of why she has this tingling
sensation she stared at her palms, inspecting them front and back it was as though she could still feel the heat of the flames emitting from her hands. She stood walked over to her dresser with the mirror attached to it seeing her reflection, the room was still dim the sun has yet to illuminate the sky, she couldn't shake the feeling of the nightmare so she decided to stay up. It's Saturday so she doesn't have to leave or go to her mom's to get ready for school. Dad isn't home since he is still finishing up his grave yard shift at the mental hospital. The house is lonely, Hailey decides to play something on the television for back ground noise, the only television in the house is in her dad's bedroom. She turns on the knob to the big box television, since it's still early, only info commercials are running. Rummaging through their collection of VHS tapes she picks the Wizard of Oz, one of Hailey's favorites she practically has it memorized.

Incerting the tape into the VCR machine pressing the rewind button, observing the movie playing out backwards, the character of Dorothy catches her attention. Only the image doesn't appear to be Dorthy, her features have changed she looks just like Hailey. Hailey hits pause, squinting her eyes she begins to move closer for a better look at the girl on the screen.
To Hailey surprise the girl she had always known to be Dorothy's character stared directly back at her with Hailey's face. The girl on the screens hand began to move slowly lifting two fingers pointing straight at Hailey, never breaking her gaze the girl moves her hand to point at the sky.
Hailey breathing heavily quickly reaches for the television knob and turns it off, leaving her staring at her own reflection in the black mirror screen.

What's happening to me Hailey spoke out loud to her self. She decided against watching the television and opted for a hot shower before chores. The hot water helped clear her mind from all the strange occurrences of the morning, it made her body more relaxed, closing her eyes enjoying the euphoria of the cleansing water. Not noticing the blood pooling at her feet.

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