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I danced for what felt like eternity, he never kept his attention off of me nor his hand of that cup. What the hell is in that drink? Sugar? "You've danced enough sweetheart" 21 years old Alora is just a normal girl dealing with her haunting past. When she goes to work one night expecting a regular continuous pain in the aśs. She catches the eye of a cold and ruthless mafia Don, Axel. Will she obey and become the queen of the future heir? MYSTERY, PAIN, TEARS AND K!LLER ON THE LOOSE WHEN THE TWO WORLDS COLLIDE AND SHE ENDS UP FINDING OUT HER TRUTH IN HIS WORLD. Will she obey and become the queen of the future heir?

Drama / Romance
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1-Dancing Day Dream

The loud roaring of the thunder was always my only source of company.


The burning feeling of fire touching my skin repeatedly. I screamed out in sync with the thunder and he had hit me each time lightning struck.

I remember the darkness in the eyes like the dark clouds of the storm. Everyone knows thunderstorms but no one knows about my storm.

Mother chuckles cheering on her monster of a husband and the lousy excuse of a father he was.

"Stop! You're hurting me please!"

I gasped in pain, breathing heavily

My eyes open up in fear staring up into the ceiling of my small apartment located in New York City.

"It's only a dream" I whisper to myself lowly

These dreams wouldn't stop visiting me at night, I knew I needed to find a cure or some source of happiness. Until then the past shall be my comfort no matter how daunting it may be.

Deep in thought, I crawled my mind out of my horror, sitting up to look around my room. I could hear the droplets of rain outside. Although the light in my apartment had been on I could see the darkness outside through the slit in the curtains. I knew it was too dark to be 8 pm, the time I needed to be up for work.

My alarm hadn't gone off, of course, reaching for my phone on my nightstand I glanced at the time 10 pm.
I jumped off of my bed rushing to get ready, I tossed my phone on my bed.

A thumping vibration bounced against my head. Another nightmare always results in and welcomes a headache.

On top of the painful headache, I was late for work. Many wouldn't call it a word as I worked at a popular nightclub some would call it a club but I didn't care. My only source of income was keeping me alive and away from my dark past. Some children are lucky but I happen to be one of the unfortunate ones.

Shaking my head slightly to fight against the obnoxious thumps. I ran around my apartment to my bathroom and back trying to look decent enough for work.
Running around I got dressed in a hurry, never rush and put on pants seriously. I fell on my face, tugging my hair with the brush. I painfully hissed out as I brushed my tangles out! I look decent at least ¿

Grabbing my large black purse, I bought it from a small shop at the Nissipi Mall. I stuffed my work clothes and heels in there, zipping the zipper shut.
Okay, I'm ready. I grabbed my cell phone from my bed before running out of my apartment slamming the heavy door behind me shut.

I ran out of my apartment of course making sure to lock the front door. I may be clumsy but I'm not stupid I think?

The night was brisk and chilly with a bit of fog. It reminds me of tears and what beautiful tears the skies cried.

Flashing my hands I tried to catch the attention of a cab. Those yellow cars with triangles on them were a pain to catch. Hurry up I have work to get to

I waited ten minutes and finally one was kind enough to stop and drive me to work.

"Where to?"

"Red Stains Strip"

"The club?"

"Yes, why is there a problem?"

"Not at all"

I didn't engage in a conversation with the taxi driver, he seemed to have figured out something by the location. I couldn't care less, who is he to judge my life. No one but myself knows the neglect and pain I endured. I didn't live far from where I worked, just twenty minutes but I'm late tonight. Although I could've saved time and money by just speed-walking.

"Here's your stop, $11.20 please"

Handing him over twelve dollars, I exited the cab thanking him for the ride. Sighing I walked over to the back of the club, time to face the music.

Knocking on the back door Nash opened it up.
Nash I trusted him with my life, he's the top bodyguard and in charge of everything that has to do with the safety of the dancers here.

"I'm so glad you made it tonight Alora"

"Me too Nash, thanks for letting me in"

"Of course"

One thing about Nash is he owned the club, he's a supportive boss but very clingy towards me. Other dancers found it weird but I view him like a brother I wished I had growing up

I sneaked into the changing area which was located behind the stage. Removing my outside clothes, I put on my worker outfit, it was a red bralette, we also had to wear a matching skimpy skirt and red heels. My signature look is red lipstick, I also would wear a red wig to match, Here I'm known as Ruby.

Finally finishing up, I packed my clothes into my bag. Walking out of the change room I had to put on my poker face every night. I despised my job for sure, what can I say if a girl needs money.

As I walked through the crowd filled with thirsty dirty men that sat in different kinds of suits and clothing. I walked filled with lust and seduction to catch an eye or attention.

One man whistled out at me,

Hey sugar, Ruby girl you've got me tonight"

I walked over to him, sitting in his lap. Swaying my hips to the music, I ignored everyone else around me. The man was happy as he placed wrapped up bills into my hand. I clutched the money in my palm, continuing on with the dance.


Felix Jones sat in front of me with a smirk curved across his face. We both sat in the corner of the club talking business, drinking our favourite scotch and inhaling cigarette smoke into the club's air. It was the typical night bodies grinding against one another, the scent of alcohol intoxicating the air and clothless chicks walking around for money.

Felix, 27 years old we trained together as children and since he was two years older he was also my mentor. He has his own business and works with me during business meetings.

Leaning back in my chair I brought the cigarette to my mouth inhaling the smoke. Of course, the taste was horrible and undesirable but it was something that clouded my thoughts like fog on a rainy day.

"You should loosen up Axel," Felix says taking another sip from his cup

"I'm just chilling Felix"

"Chill with a chick," Felix says chuckling

"Not a chick here interests me plus why would I take a woman so tasteless as a future queen to my heir"

"Don't spit those spiteful words out Axel you don't know some of these girls living situations"

"What? A typical sob story?" I spat out

Felix furrows his brows at me,

"Not everyone has a mafia or business handed over as we did, cut it out, Axel!" he hisses

I nod

"Fine," I say in defeat

I knew Felix was right but I didn't want or desire to get close to another girl not after what happened with Lizzie.


I could feel a hard object poke at my leg, I knew it was time to get away from his lap before things got out of hand.

"Your thirty minutes is up sir," I say lowly

He hisses, letting his grip off of my waist, I pull my skirt down fixing it before walking off in search of another customer.

A large hand grabs my arm pulling me away, I push the person away looking up to see Nash smiling slightly.

"What the hell Nash?!"

Nash chuckles

"Sorry I scared you Alora but you have to be on stage right now"

"I thought Bella was supposed to perform tonight instead"

"She was but she got knocked up by one of our customers"

I gasp out in shock

"Who cares! Come on Alora" Nash says

We walk to the stage and I stand in position by the pole, Nash yells out loudly getting the crowd's attention.

The music beamed loudly, triggering my headache. Of course, I had to shake it off and sway to the beat

I could feel the eyes of crowds on me.

Meanwhile... AXEL

I ignored the man yelling out on stage, I couldn't care less for any performance. Continuing to sip on my scotch I finished smoking my cigarette to the bud. Felix was talking to a chick in those skimpy skirts asking for more drinks. The music changed and the crowd was still like they had been hypnotized.

I parted the cup from my lips looking up at the stage out of boredom. I don't think I regret it at all, she wasn't dancing because she needed money. She was dancing to the beat and one with the music. Her hips swayed freely as her legs wrapped around the metal pole.

It was interesting to see something different at a club, something I haven't seen before

"her name is Ruby or said to be," Felix says chuckling

Ruby... I thought to myself

I need to see you dance for me again...

Authors note!

Chapter one of the revamped version! I won't listen to chapters requests as I want this book to be written to perfection!

Thank you for reading! If you want to read the unrevamped version check out my Inkitt!
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