MS. Phoenix

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Chapter 2

“Girls I’m home!” Before I could even close the door my sisters came running up to me.

“Sofia! Did you get the job!” Summer said with the biggest smile on her face.

“Of course she got the job! She’s Sofia!” June also had a huge smile that made me smile along with them.

“Well I don’t know.... maybe.” I said pushing my way into the apartment.


“Ok, ok, I got the job.”

“Yayyy!” They were both so happy. They didn’t know why I needed the job, they were just happy I accomplished something important to me. Which I think is the sweetest thing ever. They were the sweetest thing ever. Summer and June (very creative Livia wonder when there birthday is!) are 6 year old twins. They look nothing like me, but you can tell instantly we are sisters with our bond. They have jet black hair cut to a bob, dark brown eyes, unlike my light brown eyes, and light skin. Technically we are half sisters because we don’t share the same dad, but I think that’s a good thing. Livia got raped and got these two joys. I don’t know how something so violent could turn into something so peaceful and loving.

“Mommy! Sofia got the job!” I rolled my eyes. I hated when they called Livia that. She technically is our mother, but she doesn’t act like one, so she doesn’t deserve the title.

Livia walked into the room and started at the wall.

“Uhh - another eye roll - Livia you can go to work now. Remember you have two jobs. One during the day and one at night.”

“Can’t you call me Mommy? They do.” She was still looking at the wall zoned out. I was becoming frustrated. I have no patience for her.

“Go. To. Work.” She sighed a long off sigh. Not at me. Not at the wall. Not at the world. At the universe. She got up and left, no other words. That’s what I hated about her. I had to deal with that, telling her how to function like a normal human before I knew how to do it myself. She used to stare at the wall the whole day. I would go hungry all the time. We had no money, nothing. I’m 18 and could leave, but I can’t let my sisters suffer the same fate as I.

“Let’s whip you up some dinner shall we?” The girls nodded there heads with glee. They didn’t understand Livia and I’s relationship, nor did they question it.

“Go play in your room while I cook.” They ran off laughing. I was glad they were happy. I was proud of where we lived. It wasn’t the safest part of town, but it was the safest place we have ever lived. My name's not on the rent, but we both know I'm the one who pays for it. Livia and I both work. I have graduated from high school, which I am so glad is over and now can work full day, meaning more money for the girls. We live in a 2 bedroom + 1 bathroom apartment, but it’s the most space we have ever had. The girls have one room with there twin bed and Livia has her room with a blow-up mattress.

Livia and I (mostly I) have a thing going. Who ever makes the most money each month gets to have the bedroom and the other sleeps on the couch. I have been sleeping on the couch for a while now, but with my new job at the fancy restaurant the tips will be through the roof. I might get it after all.

My thoughts were rudely interrupted by a knocking on the door. I rolled my eyes thinking I knew who it was.

“Livia! What did you forget!” I opened the door, but was met with a surprise. There was three people standing outside our door. Two male and one female. They all had fancy officer uniforms and I got nervous.

“Is this the Johnson residence.”

“Yes. May I help you.”

“Yes, we would like to ask you a few questions.” They pushed there way past me into the apartment. They were scanning everything I was getting nervous.

“Sofia what’s happening?” The girls crept out of there room.

“Girls please stay in your room while I handle this please.”


“Summer, June please go back to your room.” My voice was a little shaky. They never heard me talk like that before and listened immediately. I never talked like that and it scared me too.

“Officers I need to ask why you are here.”

“Are you Livia Johnson?” The tough and older male said.

“No, and I would like you to answer my question.” I said matter-of-factly.

“Who are you then?” The male said coming closer to me trying to show dominance over the situation.

“I’m Sofia Phoenix and what to know why you are in my apartment.”

“Where is Livia Johnson?”

“She’s at work and tell me why your here!” I was now raising my voice a bit. The lady walked forward and plainly stated.

“Were child services and were called to investigate the home of the Johnsons." I swear my heart stopped and and blood drained from my face. They were child services and wanted to take Summer and June away from me.

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