MS. Phoenix

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Chapter 3

“I’m sorry can you say that again.” My normal confidence was out the window. Who knew someone with dark skin could become pale. I couldn’t have heard them correctly. Right?

“We are child services and are here to investigate some claims on the Johnson residency.” So it was true. They wanted to take my sisters away from me. I didn’t know what to do. Could I ask for a lawyer? Not that I would have the money anyway.

“I, I....” I just started staring into space trying to comprehend it all. They wanted to take my sisters away from me. They couldn’t do that. My entire life was now revolving around making there life’s amazing. What was I going to do without them. No, I couldn’t loose them. I couldn’t.

“Ms. Phoenix? Can you hear me?” I looked up and they were still there. The monsters that wanted to rip my only joy away from me.

“What do you want.” I wasn’t even trying to be nice now. I was angry. Looking back I should have tried to be nice to them, but I was to angry to care.

“We would like to look around.”

“Of course go through all our stuff! I don’t care!” I sat down and plopped myself on the couch arms crossed. Noting my sarcasm they started going through everything in the kitchen and living room. They started going down the hall and I remember the girls. I got up and sprinted towards there door and trust it open. The officers started rushing toward me. I grabbed them and stood in front of them in a protective way. The officers were trying to pull me off them, but I wouldn’t let them move me.

“Sofia?” The girls started crying seeing me struggle.

“No! Don’t hurt them! Leave them alone! Leave them alone!” I was going berserk. Every rational idea was gone from my head. The officers pulled me away from the girls and restrained me in the living room. I just kept on screaming.

“Get away from them! Summer! June! Leave them alone! They didn’t do anything!”

“Make her stop! We got to take them in!”

“NoOO! Girls!!! Don’t take them away! Don’t take them away!!!” I felt something poke me in the arm and I got dizzy. I wouldn’t stop screaming. Eventually it couldn’t hold on any longer and fell into blackness.


Patrick Walsh POV

I was genuinely confused. Looking at her now, she was a completely different person when we came into her house, different when we told her why we were there, then different when we started searching it and now so different from the others. I was looking at Sofia Phoenix through the one way mirror at the police station. She now looked calm in her drug induced sleep, but also worried and scared. Like she was trying to have a nightmare, but the drugs wouldn’t let her. When we first entered her house she was sassy and a fighter, you could tell. When we told her that we were child services she was like a ghost with the most fear ever. When we got near her sisters, she went crazy. Like she had gone mad. It was so odd and I couldn’t figure it out. So, I just kept staring at her through the glass, wondering what was up with her.

“Patrick! Have you filed that report I asked?”

“Yes sir! It should be on your desk.”

“Ok thank you my boy.” That was my boss Ross Smith. He is in his 40s and has a little mustache. I am so grateful for him. I am the skinny guy, ok the stick guy. I am just out of college and on an internship. No one wants an intern to begin with and then to get the skinny guy that looks like a piece of paper would win in a fight... I’m not the favorite and have been transferred multiple times. He has had me for 3 months now and hasn’t even acted like I wasn’t part of the team. Without him I might have quit, but if I tried to now he would never let me.

“She up yet?” There’s Sarah Brown. She’s got long blond hair and big blue eyes. Everyone has a crush on her at the office. I am honestly scared of her. She’s part of my team and I have seen what she can do. If her and I were to fight, let’s just say I wouldn’t have a bone in my body not broken.


“I can’t wait to interrogate her. She was a crazy one wasn’t she.”

“That’s for sure. Kinda strange too, don’t you think?”

“Ehh, I just saw her going berserk and kinda left it at that- Oh look she’s waking up!! Come on!!”

“Ahh!” Sarah was pulling by my arm and running through the halls. I swear I saw my life flash before my eyes.


“Ok, Sarah I am going to leave the interrogating to you. Patrick take notes.” Sarah was pumping her fists in the air and I was just hoping my typing was faster than there talking.

“Hello Sofia. I am officer Sarah Brown, but you can just call me officer or Sarah if you are more comfortable with that.” I wish I had Sarah’s confidence. She just got up there and wasn’t nervous at all, but excited.

“Where the heck am I?!?” Sofia’s eyes were darting all around the room trying to scout out her surroundings.

“Your at the police station.”

“What! Did I do something wrong?” Then you could tell the memories came flooding back.

“Where are Summer and June!!”

“They are currently in holding-”

“What!!! I need to get to them! Please don’t take them away!” Sofia was now trying to get out of her restraints.

“Miss Phoenix please calm down they are perfectly fine.” Sofia stopped for a moment and looked up at Sarah.

“What did you just call me?” Her eyes looked calmer now. Like she was having deja vous.

“Miss Phoenix. Is that not your name?”

“No, no. It’s Ms. Phoenix. I go by Ms. thank you.” She looked down.

“Listen I’m sorry. I super over protective of my sisters. If anyone lays a finger on them I go insanely crazy. I was also brought up on the police being bad and terrible and always hated child services. Not from Livia of course, the girls mother, but from.. are there children around?” Sarah was surprised at the question.


“but from the motherf*cker I had to call father. That mixed with the fact that I thought you were going to take my reason to still be on this planet away from me, well I got cared away. I should have acted calm for you to see that everything was fine, but I.. you know. If there is a way I can make it up and prove that I can raise my sisters I would be more than willing to do it.” That confession got me right in the gut, Sarah didn’t even flinch.

“That seems a bit like a sob story don’t you think.” Sofia just shrugged.

“Normally I am inflating my worth at job interviews with that tone and presence, so if my life story sounded like that well then I am just out of practice of sounding professional.”

“Oh really. You know you just confessed something big to the police.”

“I never did anything wrong. Everyone does it. Makes themselves sound better. Emphasize your strengths and try not to mention your weakness. It’s called human behavior, not doing something wrong.” Sofia was now all calm and cool. It was like she was talking to an old friend not a police officer.

“I’m impressed by your observations on the human race, but I need to circle back to something. You said YOU could prove that YOU can take care of your sisters. Your mother is capable, is she not?” Sofia just started laughing.

“My mother?!?! HA, HA, HA! Your funny. No, Livia isn’t capable. I am 18, almost 19 though, a legal adult, and most definitely capable of taking care of the girls. I have an income, a home, can cook and all the things you need to do to be able to take care of a child.”

“I am sure you think that-”

“Might I add that I am a lifeguard, so I know CPR and all those things as well.”

“Ok, thank you. We just aren’t sure that someone so young should have that responsibility. You should be focusing on things like college, not taxes.”

“Girl you make me laugh. I have been doing Livia’s taxes since 6th grade. I have been taking care of the girls since they were out of the hospital. And college! Ha. You have seen where we live. College is out of the question, at least for me.....

Hey! What if I proved to you that I can take care of the girls.”

“Might I ask how?”

“Monitor us for a period of time and you’ll see that I am an amazing guardian.”

“How long would that be?”

“I don’t know, 6 months or something? No one can fake for that long.”

“Let me talk to the others about this.”

“Officer, please fight hard for me. I am a crazy b*tch, but I crazy b*tching love those girls and would die for them. If they got taken out of my life...”

“I will try Sofia.” Sarah got up and left and I stood there flabbergasted. I would never have survived that interview.

“You all were listening, what we gonna do?” Sarah said coming into the room with us.

“I’m not sure. I’m concerned with how fast her mood changes, but she shows no other red flags.” One of the higher officers said.

“I think we should have a private meeting about this.” Ross said and lead the important people into a different room.

“You did great in there.” I added trying to make conversation.

“Oh, thanks. This is one of my favorite parts of the job.”

“Do you know what there going to decide.”

“I don’t know. She was desperate, people say crazy things when they are desperate. That surly has to be taken into account.”


After what felt like ages everyone came out of the private meeting to tell us there decision.

“What’s the plan?” Sarah said eager for a conclusion.

“We decided that we are going to give the girl a change to prove herself by being monitored. We will set up microphones in there house to make sure the girls are safe and someone will be present with Ms. Phoenix at all times to see if she is responsible. - Ross looks me dead in the eye - That person will be you Patrick. Your going to be monitoring Ms. Phoenix for sometime." I swear I nearly fainted.

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