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Disabled person sees late night television advertisement saying as how there is a writing contest where first prize is a stipend of $25,000 to be trained by professional writers for a year while they learn creative writing and wrote screen plays. Send to Golden Writers Association.

Drama / Adventure
Jamie G Holmes
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Learning to write can be easy or hard depending on the personality of the person.

So three months later they have written their guts out, copied as stipulated and mailed it off to the address of the contest. They get glowing comments on their skill and a secondary prize of $25.00 in tickets and coupons, but they do not get their story returned.

The fine print says submitting a story to the contest and it becomes the property of the contest holders.

Their mom asks them if they sent a copy of the story or only the only copy they had. The student says they can make a lot of copies because it was written on their computer.

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