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The light that opens a door

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A young man trying to find his own path, considering all the chances that life offers to him. Leon, a 27 year old boy, has grown following the society standards, without listening to himself. When he starts hearing that internal voice, everything looks dark inside. Suddenly, at the most unexpected time, something happens and darkness will be enlightened.

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Just a normal day

Early birds singing, coffee aroma.

Am I still sleeping? Or am I awake already? Well, whatever it is, I’ll stay in bed just some more time… In the end, there's not much to do today, besides working 8 long hours in front of a computer.

Well, I do have something to do now that I think. Today is Ot’s birthday! And I have not bought anything nor prepared any celebration…and he deserves it.

Time to wake up then. If I am not wrong, he wanted a new camera. I can’t afford that though.

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