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Kevin a 18 year old who was abused since he was 6 by his parents and have no where to go. Link an 24 year old who is a ceo to a famous company and a daddy dom who wants to to spoil and love someone. What happen when they cross path will kevjn be links babyboy? Lets find out!!

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Chapter 1

Link pov:
Sighs “why is it so bright out” slowly get out of bed looking around my empty room “why is it so lonely” mumbling to my self turns around as i hear my phone ringing. “Hello” I answered “hey link “what are you doing you have a meeting in 10” my bestfriend aka my assistant says. Moving my phone to see the time “shit try and distracted the clients ill be there in a few” “but how- hanging up the phone before i had hear his explanation. “I need a vacation” mubbling to myself as i rush to get dress and leave the house.
~20 minutes later~
Runs into my company to the conference room. “Sorry im late i was backed up in traffic” i say as i enter the room with my clients. Going to go and take my seat folding my hands on the table looking around the room. “Now who would like to start with this meeting” i asked looking at each of my clients.
As the meeting have started it feels long because of how boring it is but its coming to the end finally. “Thank you for coming we will continue this meeting in our next one whick will be in a month”. Standing up and leaving the room as i go to head back home to my lonely room. Once i get home i went straight to my room taking my clothes off laying on my bed thinking about the one for me hoping tht im able to find my true love before something bad happens to me as i slowly falls asleep.

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