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An open book

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An anti-social teenage girl, who has inner battles inside her mind. She is just trying to survive life. Even with little hope left, she starts to begin to find herself again and in the end, she receives a strange but uplifting note....

Drama / Other
Sky Da Costa
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First and only chapter

The room was dull and almost empty. Gloominess filled the atmosphere. A million thoughts ran through my mind, like a car zooming on a motorway. I heard my name called. I was deep in a daydream. The woman then started writing something on her notepad. I went quickly when the clock struck. My mum waited outside for me, said she was proud of me, but then after the therapist had a word with her, the smile disappeared. As we got in the car, my mum moaned about the money she’s spent and how I haven’t opened up.

At home, she said I need a new therapist. But my dad told her the next one will only be as good as the last. We have already been through five. When I go out, anxiety takes over, I’m highly sensitive. It’s just who I am. Every person’s emotions I pick up runs through me like electricity. Sometimes I do talk to people online; internet friends but they can turn into internet trolls. I don’t mind being alone and don’t feel lonely. Normally, I read, write and draw. My parents bought me a pet, which my year seven teacher suggested. The cat just normally meows for food; acts like I am a servant rather than owner or friend. I used to like going to sleep until the lucid nightmares and physic dreams started. I am not extremely spiritual and neither are my parents, they can be old fashioned and narrow-minded, which is ironic that they brought me to a holistic therapist.

I was back in that dreading square room again. Things seemed different, more vibrant. The therapist was watering plants, “I added little touches to make it more homely if you don’t mind. Other clients love it” she grinned.‘Little’ is an understatement, but the place did feel more warm and comforting. She said I can help water the others.

“Might have found you a new hobby?” she said. She looked at my drawings and writings.

“Baby steps,” she told my mum after. At home, mum said we could do baking and go for a walk by the river nearby. Normally we don’t have family bonding time, but carrot cake is my favourite, so I didn’t complain. The following few sessions, I made more progress. I began doing techniques to help me and tried meditation while listening to water sounds. I even had a little gratitude journal.

One night, I had a weird dream, that I was walking through the woods and spotted someone by the river. I felt a feeling that it was someone I knew. The person had earphones whilst humming. I walked closer to see. She turned around. My jaw dropped to the floor. It was my future self as a young adult. Then I woke up, breathing heavily. There was a note that read, “Your life’s an open book. When there’s a new chapter, it’s a new beginning. So be brave and don’t give up”

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