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Revenge is best without love

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Danniella is heartbroken and bitter about the way her marriage ended. She tried her best to stay even though her husband was emotionally and mentally abusive towards her. After years of torturous struggles, even though he treated her like shit, she still tried her best to salvage what little was left of her marriage. Things took a turn for the worst when it finally came to an end. With no one family or friends to keep her grounded, Danniella set out on a path to revenge. She was determined to get back at her husband and his cheating mistress. The path she took lead her on a ride on an emotional roll a coster she was not prepared for. Will she give up on her quest for vengeance or will she continue her path to destruction.

Drama / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Danniella's POV:

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Knock! Knock! Knock!

I kept knocking but no one answered. The longer I waited, the more nervous I become. My palms were sweating profusely, while I fidgeted restlessly.

Deep down, I know I shouldn't do this but I am too hurt and angry to let it go. How can I let it go when she doing to her husband, the same thing she did me.

One thing I learn in life is that, 'you can't have Kate and Edith too.' At least that's what I think the phrase said, but that's exactly what she doing. She has her husband and still want mines. How greedy can one person be?

Emily is so heartless and selfish. She always gets what she wants. It doesn't matter who's life she destroys, she has to get what she wanted and always do. I just couldn't allow her to continue to ruin his life, the same way she did mine.

Imagine my surprise when I found out she's married and was cheating on her husband with mines. I could care less about my husband, she can have him but what about hers. Whether he's a good person or not, no one deserves to be treated like that. I know first hand how it feels and wouldn't wish it on anyone.

And I planned on telling him everything, but as subtle as I can. How nicely can you tell someone that their spouse is cheating on them anyway? There isn't a good or bad way in this case, but at least they would know the truth. Even if you use the nicest words in the dictionary, it will still be upsetting to hear.

I know it is not my place or responsibility to tell him or anyone anything. But... the vindictive part of me refuse to leave. I have never thought of myself as vindictive but with everything they've put me through, I am done with being nice. I want them to feel the way I felt for all these years of putting up with their bullshit. I know I sound bitter and that's because I am. They have stripped me clean of my values and self-respect, leaving me bare, vulnerable and just plain angry.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

My hand stood perched in the air as I was about to knock again, at the very same time the door swung open.

"I said I was coming!" A deep, baritone voice shouted, right before the door fully opens.

My mouth open to respond but then close and open again, when I see him. I just stood there motionless, staring at him like a complete fool. All words escape my mind, leaving me clueless as to what to say.

This couldn't be her husband.

Clearly, this is not what I was expecting. I was expecting. I don't know maybe I was expecting some old, creepy, unattractive man but he's quite the opposite.

The man standing before me radiates confiedence and a huge amount of sexual aura. Put together with such sinfully handsome face, he the epitome of a panty-dropper. I could feel the heat of his eyes on my skin as it slowly takes me in with such smoldering intensity, it sends a wave of arousal straight to my core.

His eyes was the first thing I notice as it connects with mines. It then moves away to further assess me from head to toe. Its blue depths reminds me of the shade of the deep, blue ocean on a hot sunny day. Thick, full brows and long lashes, accentuates the colour of his eyes perfectly, making its almost unique colour stand out even more against his slightly, tanned complexion. His nose is perfectly straight, with a small diamond stud piercing, which added sex appeal, making him look sexy as fuck. His lips.....oh my god, his lips looks so soft and kissable. I can already imgine taking a bite.

Damn! Just thinking about it makes me wet.

He then smirks at me knowingly and push away the damp, dark brown curls that fell into his eyes. This action cause his muscles to bulge, alerting my eyes to its every movement.

I loudly gulp and cleared my throat, trying to pull myself from my lust filled state. Heat flooded my senses and I began fidgeting under his piercing gaze. It penetrated deep into my being, making me even more nervous, than a few minutes ago.

"Hi! Ah.....is this the Hastings residents?" I stuttered out, feeling a bit out of depth with this one.

He folded his arms and lean on the door frame, looking at me curiously. " Yes it is... and who's asking?"

I eyes instantly fell onto his toned chest as it bulge against his folded arms. I push back my nasty thoughts, determine to say what I came here to say.

"Well....my name is Danniella Fredricks and we need to talk." I bluntly said and push past him, into his house. As I pass by him, his scent hit me full force. And damn does he smells delicious.

I know I was being rude but I couldn't think straight, with him looking at me like he's staring straight into my soul. I was already trying so hard to seem unaffected by how intimidating his aura is. It was fucking up my thinking space and being rude is the only thing I could do to break this spell of sexual attraction I was having towards this man. Taking a deep breath, I briefly look around and took a seat on the nearest couch, without waiting for him to offering me to take a seat.

He stood frozen by the door, probably shocked by my brazen action. I too was was shocked. I was never one to be this bold.

He cleared his throat. "So.....what can I do for you Mrs. Fredricks?" He ask, right before closing the door.

"I think you need to take a seat for what I'm about to tell you." I told him pointedly.

"Mrs. Fredricks, you cannot order me around in my own house!" He shot back, looking a bit irritated.

"It's miss!" I corrected him, which confused him even more.


"It's Miss Fredricks!" I don't know why I pointed that out, but my only excuse is nerves.

"Okaaay! Well Miss Fredricks, you can't order me in my house, so just say what it is you came to say and leave." He replied hotly.

My eyes followed him as he walks towards what looks like a mini bar and threw himself a drink. He gulp it down in one go and refill the glass with double the amount of alcohol. He then walk over to where I sat and took a seat opposite me, while gesturing me to speak up.

A few minutes ago, I was confident with doing this. Now the thought of breaking this handsome man's heart, didn't sit right with me. I don't know him but he seems like a nice person.

"Cat got your tongue! Miss Fredricks, you rudely barge into my house without my permission, order me around, now you're silent. I am a busy man, so please stop wasting my time and just say what you came here for!"

Well....I take that back.

"Yourwifeishavinganaffairwithmy husband!" I quickly said before I loose the courage to say it.

"What....what did you just say? His brows crease in confusion.

"Your wife is having an affair with my husband!" I say slower this time, with my eyes trained on the floor. I couldn't look at his reaction.

He took a few seconds to digest what I just told him. He then looked at me skeptically. "And how do you know this?"

".....because up until yesterday, she was at my house with my husband! Apparently they have been seeing each other for a while now."

He look deep in thought and laughs like he wasn't shocked by my revelation, a few minutes after. Out of the blue, the glass he was holding loudly shatters on the wall behind me, scaring me shitless. Tears sprung in my eyes and my hands won't stop shaking out of fear. I felt like I couldn't breathe from how rapidly my heart was beating.

Not sparing another glance in his direction, I hastily grab my purse and dash for the door as fast as my feet can carry me. I was desperate to get away from him.

"Wait!" He he call out to me, just as I open the door.

I froze momentarily and turn to look at him. His eyes were sad and glossy with unshed tears as he fights to control his emotions.

"I ah..." He cleared his throat. "I am so sorry! I really didn't mean to scare you! Its just my gut was telling me she was cheating on me but...." He loudly sigh and ran his fingers through his hair in frustration . He stopped and stare at nothing in paticular, while deep in thought. Shame and remorse overwhelmed me as I stood in the threshold of the door looking back at him.

I didn't know what to do. Should I leave and pretend like nothing happened? Or should I stay and console him? I choose the latter. Not because of him but because I felt guilty.

Gathering what little courage I could muster, I close the door and sat beside him. I couldn't leave him, knowing I am somewhat responsibile for the pain he's currently in. It was never my intention to hurt him. I thought that me saying something was still better than him not knowing at all.

It started out as a revenge plan but now its far from that. I understand what he's going through.

"I'm sorry for scaring you like that! Its just....." He apologize but I cut him off.

"There's no need to be sorry. I am the one who should be. I shouldn't have said anything because its not my place to." I said straight forwardly.

He shook his head, disagreeing with me. "Its ok! I am actually happy you did. You just caught me a little of guard, thats all. I just wasn't prepared to hear that at all." He said, right before getting up and pouring two glasses of whiskey.

He then walks over to me, hands me one before taking a seat opposite me. He loudly sigh and took a sip of whiskey, with a forlorn expression on his face.

"Are you okay?" I ask, after a few minutes of silence.

He shook his head and loudly sigh. "I had this gut feeling for a long time that she was cheating on me but I didn't think nothing of it. All the signs were there but I didn't want to believe it. How could I, when I was blinded by love. I loved her so much and wanted to believe that she loves me as much. Even when rumours of her infidelity started circulating, I still didn't believe it. How could I? Now I see how manipulating she truly is. I am such a fucking fool!" He curse and ran his fingers through his hair frustratingly.

"You are not a fool! If you are, then so am I. I knew my husband was cheating on me, but I still stayed. What other reason he had to treat me, the way he did? I did everything he ask of me, just to please him... but it was never enough." My voice cracked.

"For ten years, I have been trying to be the perfect wife but nothing I ever did was enough." Tears blured my vision and raced down my cheeks. I angrily wiped it away, but it was no use. The dam had already broken.

"For so long, I tried to be the woman he said he wanted, but he took advantage of me, of the love I had for him and used it against me. Ten years.....ten years of me giving him my all, catering to his every needs, supporting him when he needed me and this is what I get in return." I cried, finally letting everything out.

This is the first time I have ever spoken about my personal issues to or with anyone. Adrian warned me many times, of the consequences I'd face if I were to tell anyone about our marital problems. He was always overly protective of his image and how people percieve him. Not me though, he didn't care how embarrassing and disrespectful it was for me. The pitiful looks I recieved from his co-workers and business associates were so painful to stomach. They all knew he was cheating on me because he didn't care to hide the fact from them.

After all, I was only his personal maid and caregiver. I have come to accepted this position a long time ago, knowing he will never love or respect me. But that didn't make it hurt any less. I couldn't stop loving him, even though I knew I had no place in his life. If I could I would because loving him has brought nothing but pain and bitterness in my life.

"I am so sorry, he treated you like that." He sat beside me and hugged my shoulders, trying to comfort me. "Please don't cry! He doesn't deserve your tears, just like my wife don't deserve mines. The both of them have been deceiving us for so long but you know what?" He ask looking at me sympathetically.

"What?" Our eyes met as I waited for him to continue.

"They are not going to get away with treating us like this."

My brows crease in confusion, wondering where he was going with this. "But.....but they already have!"

He deviously smiles at me. "No they haven't! Up until this morning, my deceitful wife left for work, thinking I don't know anything about her affair. I have the perfect plan to get back at her....but I need your help." He said, looking at me expectantly.

"And what made you think I want to be involved with whatever scheme you came up with. I don't even know your name!"

"Very well! My name is Seth Hastings. And you can stop acting like this isn't the reason why you came here in the first place." He told me pointedly.

"You are an asshole, Seth!" I spat rudely and got up to leave.

"Wait, just let me finish!" He pleaded, gently grabbing my wrist to stop me from leaving.

I loudly sigh and turn towards him. "Okay...I'll listen, but if its anything inappropriate then I'm leaving!" I crossed my arms below my breast, freigning disinterest when I was anything but.

"Well!" He started, with a cunning smile on his face.

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