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Crazy rich Nigerians

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It centers on the life of the son of a Nigerian billionaire who after his fathers demise he comes back from the states to take over from his father but things do not go his way and he has to create a skim trust involves the love of his life

Drama / Other
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My heart was racing really fast and I could feel the rush of adrenaline mixed in my blood as I struggled for air .
Wake up baby “ he kept repeating.
My eyes snapped open almost immediately and my breath hitched for a second .
I was still trembling,the shock still very evident in my eyes .
I scanned through the room with my big okpolor eyes rolling like a desperate thief .
Nothing seemed out of place to me except the pair of big black eyes that were now peering directly at my face .
“Baby what happened?he asked in his yankee accent .
“Are you okay ? Timi asked again ,with concern and worry laced in his voice .
“Awful dream papi “I mumbled and he sighs in relief
He leaned toward me and whispers
“We never even land and you don Dey dream bad team “he asked jokingly .I managed to return a half hearted smile .
“We’re landing soon
“Don’t worry so much “ he finally assures me and after a good fifteen minutes of enjoying the feeling of Timini’s body against mine ,I finally heard the words I had being hoping not to hear
“Welcome to Nigeria”

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